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September 17, 2014 / 22 Elul, 5774
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Update: Palestinian Diplomat Killed in Prague Explosion

Illustration image.

Illustration image.

An explosion killed Jamal al-Jamal, the Palestinian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, when he either opened the door of a safe or was moving it in his Prague apartment Wednesday.

“We are investigating the causes,” a police spokesperson told AFP. “I can only confirm there was a detonation in the residence of a Palestinian diplomat.”

A local fire department spokesperson said Wednesday’s explosion took place in the Suchdol neighborhood in the Prague 6 district.

A Prague rescue service spokesperson said one other person was taken to a hospital for shock.

The ambassador was with his family in the house as the explosion occurred, embassy spokesman Nabil el-Fahel said, CTK reported.

Jamal and his family has recently moved into the apartment, where the safe had been transferred from the former offices of the Palestinian Authority. The safe might have been rigged with a security device that automatically is triggered to destroy secret documents if someone moves the box or tries to break it open.

Another possibility is that explosives were stored in the safe, but Czech President Martin Cervicek stated, “I can say now there exists not a sole indication that would point to an act of terrorism or any other way of attacking the persons who were moving around the premises.”

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20 Responses to “Update: Palestinian Diplomat Killed in Prague Explosion”

  1. Best way to start the year :)

  2. Prague is unique because it’s just about the only central European capital that’s never been bombed or destroyed by modern war. Now look.

  3. Yechiel Baum says:

    There goes the neighborhood!

  4. Moshe Zucker says:

    Surprise they don’t blame the Mossad

  5. Moishe Pupik says:

    You guys are missing the big story.

    The local papers in Prague are saying the Palestinian diplomat was a pedophile who abused his neighbor's daughters ages 9 and 11. The neighbors went to the police, but because of his diplomatic immunity they couldn't touch him.

    Sounds like the neighbors might have done him in.

    Good riddance either way.

  6. Lisa Chow says:

    Looks more like a hit

  7. Good one less scumbag terrorist on planet earth rot with Mohammed in hell

  8. Raine Balite says:

    to call him a diplomat is a stretch

  9. Ben II says:

    can’t be a diplomat from a fake country.

  10. Ben II says:

    can’t be a diplomat from a fake country.

  11. Ben II says:

    can’t be a diplomat from a fake country.

  12. “According to sources familiar with the investigation, police examine the discovery of large quantities of weapons and explosives.”

    Czech TV: Police closed the entire area, everything indicates that in the object was found more explosives and weapons. Czech secret service had long points out that the so-called Palestinian embassy serves as a conduit for Islamist groups.

  13. What goes around, comes around …

  14. Ensuring safe vault with explosives capable of killing or injuring someone is in the Czech Republic illegal. It seems that this version is not truth, in the apartment was allegedly found weapons and explosives. Dead soco ambassador of soco Palestine is probably (according secret services) an arms dealer. Bed is, that this house is in residential area, not far as 50 meter is kindergarden.

  15. Whooaa Moishe Pupik. That's a story behind the story. Like you said…justice was done. That diplomatic immunity should be done away with. Too too many have relied on it over the years and gotten away with murder….literally. Thanks for the post! ! ! !

  16. Deniz Karadeniz says:

    @ Moishe pupik @ Fixie vangelist you two are just normal people? Look at your profile? To be honest you look more to a pedophile. Your what we need on the world since the last people behind such a murdered lie continues to spread. Hopefully sharon dies as soon as possible.

  17. Kjeld Hesselmann says:

    The “diplomat” as a pedophile? Yes, why not! At least the character had something in the closet.

  18. Edwin Schrodinger says:

    My doctor has been telling me that if I don't stop taking my work home with me, I might end up killing myself. I guess this fellow should have been given the same advice.

  19. You can't be a pedophile if you're a Muslim, it's as simple as that. Mohammed, who wrote the Koran, married Aisha, his favorite wife, when she was 6 years old. But, he refrained from having sex with her until she was 9 years old.
    So, since Mohammed was the example of the perfect man, having sex with young girls is perfectly fine, and is an expression of freedom of religion. Remember that if any Muslims move near you, be sure to keep your daughters locked up.

  20. Martin Cervicek is not Czech president. He is the Czech Police president.

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