The frequent road terror attacks that have plagued Israeli drivers traveling Highway 60 and other routes in Judea and Samaria have reached into the heart of Jerusalem.

A driver was attacked after the Sabbath on Saturday night when a large rock smashed the windshield of a vehicle being driven along Haneviim Street in the capital. The driver was treated at the scene for shoulder injuries and police have opened an investigation into the attack.


The attack took place against the backdrop of escalating attacks around the capital as final status negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority wind to a close. The release of a fourth tranche of 26 terrorist prisoners being held in Israeli jails, which was to include 20 Israeli Arabs, did not take place Friday as scheduled.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned the White House that his government coalition would be in serious danger of collapsing if the release were to go through, due to the lack of corresponding cooperation on the part of Israel’s so-called “peace partner” in the talks.

Over the weekend, PA officials told media that Israel has offered to free another 400 terrorist prisoners in order to keep the PA at the negotiating table, but Israeli government officials have not confirmed the report.



  1. Will the Muslim in the WH ever speak the truth that Jerusalem is Israel's capitol, that it must never be divided?
    That it has never been the capiyol of any other people.?
    That there is no way that the terrorists will take over the Old Citty and not allow Jews to pray at the Kotel?
    And Israel is labelled an Apartheid state.
    But we have the eye oyed General Dayan to thank for giving the Muslims full control of the Temple Mount after the IDF recaptured our Holy city.
    I think he was blind in the other eye as well.

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