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Menacham Stark ZL

The charred corpse of Chassidic millionaire landlord Menacham Stark was found in a Great Neck trash container at the Getty gas station in Great Neck just before 4 PM Friday, according to Nassau County cops. Stark had been dramatically kidnapped outside his South Side Associates real estate office in Williamsburg on Thursday.

According to the Daily News, Stark, 39, was pushed into a white minivan after a fight with two thugs who approached him on Rutledge St. near the Williamsburg Bridge.


Surveillance video show the kidnappers binding Stark with duct tape before throwing him in their Dodge Caravan and speeding off.

“He owed a lot of people money,” one source told the NY Post. Stark had several foreclosures recently and owned about 16 vacant or run-down, drug infested properties under at least a dozen corporate names in the neighborhoods of Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy and Bushwick.

Stark a father of eight, died of suffocation, sources said. One hand was burned, as was his body below the waist. It hasn’t been determined yet whether he was set on fire before or after his death.

Stark’s business troubles included defaulting on $51 million in real estate development loans, and related lawsuits.

The gas station owner in Great Neck arrived at work early to get his fleet of plows on the road. “There was smoke coming from the dumpster,” he told the News. “Not a lot. I thought someone threw a cigarette in there and it didn’t go out. We didn’t think anything of it at the time.”

But when he returned in the afternoon, “There was a smell — it was horrible,” he said.

Investigators discovered the body in the dumpster next to the trash beneath the snow and closed the station immediately.

Slumlords in NYC buy shoddy properties, take out big loans and then default on the loan and “lose” the property. Then, using a different company, or through family proxies, they buy back the same property at rock bottom prices.

According to a police source speaking to the Post, Stark was also a cash lender, known as the “neighborhood ATM.”

Detectives and police community affairs officers arrived at Stark’s home, which is about five blocks from his offices on Rutledge St., at 1:30 PM Saturday. The extended family was huddled up inside.

According to neighbors, the Stark home was always open to visitors, the late Menachem Stark gave very generously to charity.



  1. Everyone yelling. “Mob hit!”” Mob hit!” Are freaking stupid. He was stealing from people and going into dept at the same time. Somebody did not like how that effected them so they killed him. End of story but a long list of suspects it sounds like to me.

  2. ZL Stands for zachor livracha in Hebrew. It means may the memory off his name be for a blessing. Kinda inappropriate in this particular case. It’s a term used by hasidim.

  3. Z"L
    (Zichrono Livrocho)

    For deceased Jews of good character.
    Translation: Of Blessed Memory
    Sometimes written as OBM
    The female form would have Zichrona (Pl: Zichronam for males or mixed groups, or Zichronan if an all female group)

    (Zecher Tzadik Livrocho)

    For deceased Jews of outstanding (the emphasis is on tzadik) character and behavior.
    Translation: The Memory of the Righteous is a Blessing

  4. I do feel horrible when anyone gets murdered but according to the story he was a father of 8 children and still had shady business practices. Once you become a parent you owe it to your family to be a mensch. I am sorry he's dead but no way should we forget what kind if person he was. He out his family second, money first

  5. Jerry Salit ( heartless face) there is something called a economy crisis he has 9 mouth to feed including his own do u think its easy to pay off financials these days shut up and think before you talk u !!!!!!!!!!! why dont you be a ing mentsch and write normal comments numbskull

  6. and then he also has financials from the business to payoff and has to make sure his family have normal clothes on their backs pay off car bills tuition for school health insurance the cleaning lady paying his workers then eventually they have to pay a shadchan to marry off their children and oh im sure he has boys that are 13 he had to pay for their bar mitzvah and perhaps business is a bit slow currently

  7. He Misrepresented Torah and himself . Halacah is how you walk ! You must walk and act the same . He paid the price of being a false witness and bringing shame to the community .

  8. Some of you peoples answers sounds like you're on DOPE! People are justifying the murder of this Jewish man because he stole money from people however, that is why we have a legal system! To punish the unlawful acts of people who do shameless things against society, not to mention Madoff stole more money than he I don't see anyone else talking about him. Nevertheless, he went through the process and the Jew did not instead they mercilessly killed him and ousted him from his family.

  9. Ok here is my OPINION Although he was a slumlord no one forced the people to stay there if they couldn’t afford get another job so you can afford get off your as and change the situation But nothing like this justifies aabduction and murder

  10. Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan · If you knew anything about Jewish law, you would know that death atones for the worst crimes, including murder. meaning that a Jew who has murdered, never mind stolen, and paid with his life, is most definitely forgiven and deserved a proper burial and a proper ZL after his or her name. This is why I love the Jewish Press so much, because they insist on acting like Jews.


    Man is not born good. He must become good – by learning that there is another beside him and a Creator above him.

    Evil and unwarranted hatred are a reality that exists in our world. The human being has an infinite capacity for evil that, left unchecked, can destroy the world.

    The Torah itself tells us that the “impulse of man’s heart is evil from his youth” (Gen 8:21). Man is not born good. He has to become good – by forging his character, by bending his baser instincts, by learning that there is another beside him and an Other above him.

    The Holocaust shows what can become of human beings when they permit the beast within them to control them.

    It teaches us that we must be alert to the existence of evil, both in others and in our own selves. Once we are aware of its reality, we can work to uproot it. The mitzvot of the Torah are designed to help the spiritual qualities within us dominate the beast within.

    Further, we learn from this tragedy that to be silent in the face of evil is to acquiesce in it, encourage it, and help it grow strong. History teaches us that evil triumphs when good people remain silent. But when good people rise up against evil, evil will ultimately perish and the good will prevail. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    International Holocaust Memorial Day 2014

    January 27, 2014, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland

  12. Chillul Hashem kasha mikulam……when you look like you represent Torah & you behave contrary to Torah & pple learn to hate you & your pple based on your actions,that creates Chillul Hashem'….wich is the worst avera'.r'l.

  13. The reason for this mitzvah is gratitude to God. He created us and gave us everything. How horrible would we be to act in a fashion that makes Him look bad and causes people to say, “That’s how Jews act?” or “That’s how religious people act?” The sin of making a chillul Hashem is so serious that the Talmud in Yoma (86a) tells us that neither teshuvah (repentance), Yom Kippur nor suffering can fully effect atonement for a person. A person cannot be fully cleansed of the taint of making a chillul Hashem until he has died.

    This mitzvah applies to both men and women in all times and places. It is discussed in the Talmud in the tractates of Yoma (86a) and Sanhedrin (74a-b), and is codified in the Shulchan Aruch in Yoreh De’ah 157. This mitzvah is #63 of the 365 negative mitzvos in the Rambam’s Sefer HaMitzvos and #155 of the 194 negative mitzvos that can be observed today in the Chofetz Chaim’s Sefer HaMitzvos HaKatzar.taken from

  14. am i to understnad that people here are are arguing over whether or not this person deserved to die. have we become so crass as to say this person deserved this course of action. have we become so callous to feel for what his family might be going through. regardless of what this person might have done or not done. baruch dayan emes.

  15. Don't these people believe in the US Court System anymore? Now the gangsters won't collect anything and Stark's 7 kids no longer have a dad. Anyway, Stark should have chilled out in Ohio since he could blend right into the Pennsylvania Dutch community here.

  16. For some unknown reason, you do not like Chassidic men. this man who dies was a business man who had a large family and a loving wife. Business in Brooklyn is tough. If he broke the law then he must be punished. To mock him in death, makes you out to be a very small minded person, who ought to be ashamed of herself.

  17. Were this many tears shed for Paulie Castellano, who was gunned down in front of Spark's Steakhouse (not kosher) more than 25 years ago?

    Big Paulie Castellano was not a good guy. He was a criminal. As was this piece of dreck Menachem Stark, who ripped off his tenants, his suppliers, his banks, his contractors, and God knows who else. I didn't know Stark from Adam but now that I know who he was, all I can see is what goes around comes around.

    Good riddance.

  18. while vigelante exacution is uncalled for you do agree that Stark did deserve some form of punishment for his crimes yes? because all the stark supporters seem to disagree and simply are outraged by a newspaper headline that dared to speak ill of a frumme yid.

  19. Leland LaPine while i agree he should have gone through the proper channels like civilized people i am not sorry that he got punished for his crimes. i am sorry that he was punished this way but not sorry for getting any punishment at all. and i never understood hat lashan hora thing. i mean i understand not to speak ill of someone since rumors can cause undeserved ruinatin of reputation especially if unfounded but if someone was doing bad and you had evidence of them doing bad wont you want to warn others about them? i mean would his community be so fond of him if they knew how he goth his dirty money?

  20. @ Meir, what I implied in my comment is (if) he was guilty of his crimes then it was up to the court system to punish him for it not a hired assassin. He very well have committed the crime but it wasn't anyone other than the judge who'd determine that.

  21. Oh no, I think that we (and thank you by the way) have to correctly weigh every situation and I found people here lacking that ability. Fair is fair and we have to always correctly weigh the situation, being just in reasoning is something we all need to attain.

  22. מישל פורקוביטש If the press reports are accurate, Stark was a walking anti-Semitic caricature. Too bad he didn't live 70 years ago; I would have traded him for the 6 million who were murdered.

  23. מישל פורקוביטש If the press reports are accurate, Stark was a walking anti-Semitic caricature. Too bad he didn't live 70 years ago; I would have traded him for the 6 million who were murdered.

  24. Maybe he was amazing to his fellow Satmars, even perhaps his fellow Hasids, He was also amazing to the poor people who lived in his buildings, amazingly bad. Tell that to the folks who were evicted by the New York City Board of Health from their apartments because they were dangerous to health, and who tried to get their security deposits back. Sometimes as much as 4 months worth. Yup, he was about as "amazing" as Bernie Madoff.

  25. Dan Silagi he was amazing to all
    well your judging tenants side to the story he prob ha dto take out loans cause his tenants owed him $$$ so with no money no honey u dont pay u cant play

  26. Dan Silagi he was amazing to all
    well your judging tenants side to the story he prob ha dto take out loans cause his tenants owed him $$$ so with no money no honey u dont pay u cant play

  27. One can make an analogous argument to the Palestinians who harbor terrorists in their midst, then bellyache (a gross understatement) when the Israelis return fire, and non-combatants are killed. The terrorists have a responsibility to their families, and since they put non-combatants at extreme risk, one can only believe that's their plan; they want them to be "martyred." Same with Stark. If he had any feelings towards his wife and 8 kids he wouldn't have behaved the way he did; he would have been a mensch.

  28. Dan Silagi he hasnt hurt me his wife took me shopping then we had sushi together we had fun together and he was a gentlemen im not damaged im sure he didnt mean to damage you

  29. At the same token, the Jewish community must also embrace the abrupt question as to how this crime came to happen and what it is about Stark or their community that may have incited such behavior in the first place or whether it was just the lonesome act of a madman who may have facilitated such behavior?

    As much as any one of us has the right to believe and act in any way that we wish or affirms our belief system one ought to also be aware that sometimes there are points of views and retributions when it comes to transgressive behavior… something that the community ought to be willing to discuss.

  30. Cody Flecker thank u cody help me shut these evil people up im fed up he was a great person beyond great he crosses my mind every second of the day im very shocked and hurt

  31. Forgive me. You claim that you're a follower of the BeShT and a defender of his followers. Would he or his followers wish you to employ foul language? Make a kiddush H' and not a xilul. Even a plain, non brand affiliated Jew MUST guard his language and mouth. I'm sorry to admonish you in this public forum, but you've foreclosed standard private channels. Be well. Be cool in the midst of your anger.

  32. Dan Silagi Menachem was always keen on complimenting people."פּארוואס נישׁט?" ("Why not?") he'd ask. You can make someone happy so easily!
    He was particularly adept at complimenting parents on their children. Especially difficult children. "do you have any idea how happy that makes them?"

    Menachem knew that chesed and tzedaka can be done with and without the wallet. He excelled at both! he worked very hard to satify everyone as much as possible

  33. Adam Green Yori wrote an excellent article, which I disagree with, about why Stark deserves an OBM, since he was punished during life (by being killed). As there are plenty of no-goodniks who die a quick, painless, natural death, I gotta believe that you might get punished or rewarded in the afterlife.

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