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August 28, 2014 / 2 Elul, 5774
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State Dept. Can’t Explain Why Kerry Used ‘Apartheid’ Word

Kerry’s mouth is too big for him or his spokespeople to put their foot into it.

U.S. Secretary of State John "Apartheid" is too smart to use the "A" word when referring to Israel, or isn't he?

U.S. Secretary of State John "Apartheid" is too smart to use the "A" word when referring to Israel, or isn't he?
Photo Credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash 90

The State Dept.’s Excuse Branch was not able to answer a reporter’s question on Monday if it was wise for U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to use the word “apartheid” when referring to Israel even to a possible situation in the future.

Kerry said on Friday, as reported here, that Israel could become an “apartheid” state if it doesn’t follow his script to give the Palestinian Authority whatever it takes so that the globe-trotting secretary can score at least one artificial success before the Obama administration goes home in two years.

One reporter asked spokeswoman Jen Psaki, the director of the Excuse Branch, if Kerry really thinks Israel is an apartheid state.

Gosh, no, she said. “Israel is a vibrant democracy,” Psaki explained, and hastily added that former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert – you know, the one convicted for bribery – and his former defense minister Ehud Barak – you know, the one who is married to the military-industrial complex – have made similar comments.

Associated Press reporter Matt Lee then stepped up to the mike and asked specifically if it was wise for Kerry to use the “apartheid” word, even if he was referring to a future situation in which the word could be applied to Israel.

The Excuse Branch director danced around the questioning until she finally was pinned in the corner, where she simply ruled that it was time to move on to less interesting subjects, such as the American concern for Egypt’s “preliminary death sentences against 683 defendants and the upholding of death sentences against 37 defendants from a March 25 decision.”

Lee asked, “Can you acknowledge that using ‘apartheid’ is offensive for many,” including Israelis? “Is the Secretary aware of this?”

Psaki went back to the defense that Israeli officials have used the word, but Lee argued, “You are supposed to be neutral” and asked if any other American officials ever used the “A” word during negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Doesn’t Kerry understand that using the word, whether referring to the past, present or future, would cause “angst and indignation.” Lee asked.

After Psaki’s comment that she has “no other comment,” Lee turned the tables and argued that from the Palestinian Authority point of view, Israel is an apartheid state..

“Kerry is getting it from both sides” and was it really “smart” for Kerry to use the word,” he continued.

Lee was followed by Said Arikat, correspondent for Al-Quds, who asked why Israel cannot be defined as an apartheid state since it has checkpoints [then again, so does the United States and every other normal and even abnormal country] and separate roads [which is rarely true except where the Palestinian Authority decides who can use the highways].

Psaki then abruptly put an end to the discussion and stated, “I think we are ready to move on.”

So the questions still stands:

If Kerry really did not mean that Israel is an apartheid state, didn’t he understand that using the “A” word is not very smart?

After all, he is Secretary of State of the United States of America and therefore is very smart.

Isn’t he?

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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95 Responses to “State Dept. Can’t Explain Why Kerry Used ‘Apartheid’ Word”

  1. Ken Figa says:

    Time for him to quit his job…

  2. Because he is an idiot!!!

  3. Because he is an idiot!!!

  4. I agree with both of you. And that he never should have been hired in the first place.


  6. He is an incompetent fool. #supportIsrael

  7. Paul Weiss says:

    because he’s even more stupid than the lying idiot that he is!

  8. Paul Weiss says:

    because he’s even more stupid than the lying idiot that he is!

  9. Dale Brooks says:

    The man is as stupid as his boss….

  10. He cant get what he wants, and because of that he is angry.in his head he saw himself as the man who brought peace, the great mr.kerry himself brought peace
    Thats what he want.well mr.kerry why dont you listen to HASHEM. You cant break jerusalem in two pieces, and dont you no why?

  11. Kerry doesn’t understand Anything.

  12. Hank Lukas says:

    He is absolutely stupid. He might the worst Secretary of State, he is worst person to get involved with peace talks because he has a bias.

  13. Lurch is an incompetent Fool.

  14. Idiot. doesn’t know the meaning of the word??

  15. Idiot. doesn’t know the meaning of the word??

  16. Two idiots one president one Secretary of State

  17. Two idiots one president one Secretary of State

  18. Mark Gregg says:

    I have a strong dislike for mr. Kerry

  19. Helen Woolley Because he is an idiot!!!
    Gefällt mir · Antworten · 4 · 47 Min
    Ken Figa Time for him to quit his job…

    time to call you HITLER ??

  20. at least – for sure – maybe – a great member of NAZI (in former times only known for Germany) – if there may be a real party in Israel – after all ..

  21. Tom White says:

    His hummingbird mouth is writing checks his cardboard ass can’t cash!

  22. He has learned how to “Verbally” assualt Righteousness!!!

  23. He is not as smart as he thinks he is

  24. Give a human any sort of power, and they seem to not only abuse it, but grow less mentally capable of controlling their impulses both psychologically and physically. In other words, these people become psychotic, if they weren’t already.

  25. He is sick, send him out.

  26. Peggy Green says:

    That is a racist comment and he should be removed from office!!!!!

  27. I want an explanation as to why this nobody jerk is Secretary of State!!

  28. His daughter married an Iranian-american with close ties inside Iran. Does that help explain him? If not how about this;

  29. nice that he showed his true person and color—anti-Israel.

  30. Peter Resz says:

    These are the people this President CHOOSES to surround hiomself with.

  31. He’s an arrogant dunce.

  32. He’s a liar just like his boss!!

  33. Because he’s an idiot, demonicRAT libTURD:///

  34. I didn’t know this, but it explains sooooo much:///

  35. See comment just below yours!!

  36. More of a libTURD, demonicRAT, socialistic, nazi than a conservative problem!!

  37. It’s an ancient hatred against G-d’s Chosen People…..

  38. He is most definitively lacking.

  39. Alan Saul says:

    Because he is stupid

  40. Thank you Helen. My words exactly

  41. Is it big enough to put all of congresses mouths in it? Im sick of hearing about Kerry. Kerry Kerry Kerry. WTF does he have anything to say about Israel or Jewish anything?

  42. Jerry Bowers says:

    That makes him look Anti-Israel. How can you have a mediator who favors you enemy. Put pressure on the Arab countries. Leave Israel alone.

  43. John Kerry is a twat.

  44. because he is pro palestenians…

  45. Helen, you got that right.

  46. The mouth speaks what the heart feels.

  47. The mouth speaks what the heart feels.

  48. What a moron, does not know what apartheid really is or he would not have made that stupid statement!

  49. Probably for the same reason that David Ben-Gurion used that word.

    Post Columnist Hirsh Goodman grew up in Apartheid South Africa. In his book, “Let Me Create Paradise, God Said to Himself” (2005), Hirsh writes of his 36 hour military home-leave around the Six-Day-War.

    He turned on his bedroom radio: “Then David Ben-Gurion came on with his chirpy little voice, his sentences clipped and hard.

    ‘Israel, he said, better rid itself of the territories and their Arab populations as soon as possible. If it did not Israel would soon become an Apartheid State. Demography, he said, was a greater danger than not having the territorial depth the right wing was always claiming Israel needed to defend itself.’

    That phrase, ‘Israel will become an Apartheid State,’ resonated with me. In a flash I understood what he [Ben-Gurion] was saying.” (P. 78)

  50. Ira Abramson says:

    Freudian slip as to his true thoughts.

  51. Armand Levy says:

    Dumb Ass with huge Mouth …..

  52. This entire administration is chock full of morons and slugs!!

  53. all l Can Say as an outsider looking at the American government l get the impression they are all Jew hating anti Semites bent on destroying Israel

  54. because he is doing all he can to undermine ISRAEL!!!

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