Gulf states supporting Syria rebels in the civil war against Syrian President Bassar al-Assad have sent them 400 tons of arms, opposition sources told Reuters Sunday.

Most of the shipments contained ammunition for anti-=-aircraft machine guns and shoulder-fired weapons. The ammunition and arms cross into northern Syria form Turkey.


The movement of weapons for rebels reportedly has increased sharply since last week’s reports of the large-scale use of chemical weapons in Syria, where both Assad and rebels accuse each other of using chemical warfare.



  1. This has been going on forever, why is any one surprised. So Reuters you're finally printing real facts at last rather being biased to the Terrorists. Maybe world opinion will suddenly see extreme Islam is bad for us all and needs modifying or outlawing. No business done with any of them. Israel take back Senai and I am sure Israeli government realizes the advantage of doing so. Egypt has enough on her plate. Scour the Senai of terrorists patrol it yourselves.

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