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January 19, 2017 / 21 Tevet, 5777
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Third Set of Rockets Found in UNRWA School

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naqba day unrwa

Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

UNRWA has found a third set of rockets in a one of their schools, according to Channel 2’s Ehud Yaari.

We’re sure they’re shocked.

UNRWA returned the first set of rockets to the  local authorities (Hamas).

The second set of rockets disappeared (presumably to somewhere over Israel).

We’re now waiting to see what happens with this latest set of rockets.

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  1. Fact Hamas yesterday executed protesters from Gaza, the Arab world is busy hating Jews and he did not want to see the truth

    Fact, I do not like to see the sights of the children of Palestine are suffering and hungry, if only you would give to Israel to help we lived near each other in prosperity but you teach currently only hatred

    Fact, Palestinians are scattered from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Iraq, Kurdistan, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Sudan… Arafat was born in Egypt … why he came to Gaza?
    Fact, Israeli Arabs are part of the great Arab nation and have no own unique national characteristics. This approach also relies on cultural similarity that exists between the Palestinian residents of the West Bank and Gaza Arabs residents of the Kingdom of Transjordan and Arabs in Egypt and other Arab countries

    Fact, Azmi Bishara, a Palestinian, said: “There is no Palestinian nation, has only Arab nation”.

    Fact, Judaism existed over 5000 years more than all another Religion.

    Fact written in the Koran: “Moses said to his people, my people, remember the grace inclined you God establish you prophets and doing you kings, and gives you had not given anyone in the Universe. My people, go to the holy land that wrote you God. Sura 5 20-21 … it is written for you in black and white in the Qur’an then why are you denying the truth that Israel was our lot before the Palestinians came here?

    Fact, we Israelis want peace and condemn all attacks on civilians and certainly not deliberately kill women and children and even take care of them our hospitals, we can not say that on Palestinians were just trying to kill, stab, kidnap and bomb the Israeli

    Fact, Hamas has fired near Shifa Hospital and due to a failure of the missile launching Hamas killing its citizens, so who does not care about innocent people? Only Palestinians

    Fact, we left Gaza a few years ago and instead the Palestinians will use it to develop infrastructure, economic, cultural and education they choose to invest in any area of terrorism and money

    Fact, Hamas, and terrorist organizations are the real problem of the Arab world withdraws the Palestinians, we Israelis solution for better living side by side in mutual development, the real problem that swept through the brain to all the Arab world and

    Fact, in the Arab world were already in government coups in Egypt, Sudan, Libya and soon Syria, if not better then Gaza residents rise up against Hamas and we’ll be the first to help them

    Fact, those who support the kidnapping, murder, stone throwing, stabbings, throwing Molotov cocktails, burning flags and endless more terrible things are Palestinians and Arabs So who’s not human? Israelis want peace but we will not hesitate to eliminate anyone who Restoration us

    Fact, you are all hypocrites and deny one truth, before you speak against us I suggest you visit here for a few days and then see who is human and who behaves like an animal

    Fact, Over Tens of thousands of Syrians have been killed in recent months. But Jews Didn’t Do it, So the Media Doesn’t Care

    Fact written in the Koran: “If you have any doubt regarding what (the Quran) you received you can asked (the people of Israel) who received and studied the book before you.” Why do you hate us if you learn a lot from us?

    Fact, we Israelis want peace and live in peace side by side with Palestinians
    Fact, the Palestinians do not want it their goal to destroy us then their punishment to suffer and live like this

    Fact, the only reason there is a siege on Gaza is because if there is no control they are will put only weapons and not supplies and necessities to Gaza residents

    Fact, once you stop hating and talk peace He also will come but you do not want to listen and keep on sending abusive messages its will not help the residents of Gaza

    Fact, before you send a message with curses, give a real solution to the situation and not as ordinary messages like Israel is not our country, give a solution where we can live side by side in true peace as all Jews want

    Fact Hamas and other terrorist organizations they are the real enemies of the Arab world, Palestinians and Jews that prevent us from living in peace

  2. San Tito says:

    maybe they wanted to tech rocket science in that so called school.

  3. Like the UN Cares. yeah, right, I didn’t think so either.

  4. I’m sure the nice UNRWA will give back what they found to their owners, Hamas.

  5. Eliran Shalev, VERY good post. Wisdom is so needed, yet too many follow emotions blinded by bitterness and anger. .

  6. Even some muslims are learning truth beyond the brainwashing of their childhood. Let’s hear it from an EX-Hamas Ex-Muslim…http://www.israelvideonetwork.com/you-wont-believe-what-the-son-of-hamas-just-said-on-cnn

  7. All true I write it everywhere to recognize the truth

  8. United Nations is finally judged to be terrorist front. Amen+

  9. noisy al Jazeera will not report this

  10. Israel will prevail….forever….

  11. Amazing! U.N. Human Rights investigators are complicit in the attacks on Israel!

  12. Karen Bryant says:

    And what are they doing with those rockets when they find them?

  13. Or they’r not shocked at all 😀

  14. Carolin Knox says:

    No one is paying me for pro-Israel posts….nor would they ever have to!

  15. Izik Izik says:

    Ahhhhhh where did that come from Daaaaa

  16. Guess they will give these weapons to Gaza too. UN is a terrorist organization. Period!!! Those of you that support the UN are terrorist supporters.

  17. And tap their childrensoldiers on the head.

  18. Will the simply return them to Hamas again?

  19. Can you believe anything in media??

  20. Thanks for sharing ELIRAN. Americans want the truth. Post all you like. We stand with Israel. It does not matter what Kerry and Obama say. We do not trust them either. GOD BLESS ISRAEL and IDF.

  21. They’ll be shocked when Israel destroys it.

  22. Bill Thomas says:

    Hope you prevented them from returning the rockets to Hamas

  23. So, detonate the damn things!

  24. Sheila Cole says:

    yah, right “shocked”!

  25. Sheila Cole says:

    yah, right “shocked”!

  26. It’s ok to store them in schools bc the school was out for the summer. (Sarcasm)

  27. The UN supports Hamas they just got caught with their pants down . Let Hamas move to the countries of the UN human rites committee . I bet those countries will love to have the rockets and tunnels as their own

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