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Tweets from supporters are drowning out the anti-Semites.

Very little escapes the Twitterverse these days, including a new war on neo-Nazis and their own war on the Jews. Recently the Nazis developed a new software which automatically places triple parentheses around the usernames of likely Jews, thereby targeting them for harassment, or worse.

But what the Nazis didn’t count on was a decision by Twitter’s creators’ to mess with their vicious attacks and the mass response by tweeters in the Twitterverse who have also had “enough.”


The campaign began Saturday (June 3) with Jewish journalist Jeffrey Goldberg from The Atlantic, and then Yair Rosenberg of The Tablet, who slyly tweeted, “Want to raise awareness about anti-Semitism, show solidarity with harassed Jews & mess with the Twitter Nazis? Put ((( ))) around your name.”

(((Jewish Press))) also, of course, joined the campaign in solidarity with fellow Jews, as did this journalist.

It’s a thing. It’s also a great way to confuse the neo-Nazis and white Supremacists who are desperately trying to figure out who is Jewish and who is not, who is a “legit” Jew and thus a real target — and who is just messing around.

To join in, click on your personal photo, go to “edit profile” and then to your name, place three parentheses around the left and right side. And voila! You are instantly an honorary or (if genetics are present) a real Jew, and a ‘Member of the [Twitterverse] Tribe.’

NOTE:  Do be aware that some of those haters may actually be attempting to target accounts with these parentheses — so if you choose to participate you are also choosing to stand with the objects of their hatred and possible hacking, etc.



  1. Count me in. More Dead [Figuratively-Speaking] Neo-Nazis, and maybe some GreenVILEians. The latter couldn't hack their Grandmothers' accounts].
    Signed … (((Yousseff))). That's my name in Aramaic, and the only word I know. I'm fairly sure I spelled it correctly.

  2. If you are going to do this then at least know your subject, for instance, the 'blue bird'(s) at the top of this story is the 'tattoo' commonly used by the so called "Aryan Brotherhood" to identify themselves…as for the islamics: "They Must Go!"

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