Photo Credit: 2016 Herzliya Conference
Minister of Defense Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon

At his keynote speech at the 2016 Herzliya Conference, Lt. Gen. (res.) and former Minister of Defense Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon announced his plan to run for Prime Minister of Israel in the next elections. But he did not reveal in which party.

Ya’alon began by describing the current security situation of Israel and reviewed the different threats it is facing. “Terrorist organizations have taken the place of the nation states. War against them will be costly, not an existential threat towards Israel,” he said. Ya’alon argued that following the nuclear agreement with Iran, even though it continues to be “the number one element thriving to destabilize the region and attempt to hurt Israel through terrorist organizations,” it is not an immediate threat to the existence of the state of Israel.


“Knowing the strategic situation of Israel in detail, and the IDF’s power and capabilities, I can say that today and in the foreseeable future there is no existential threat to the state of Israel,” Ya’alon insisted. “Therefore,” he continued, “it is expected of the leadership to stop scaring the citizens of Israel and giving them the sense that we are on the brink of a second holocaust. It is a cynical attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the public, because of the perception that if the public is scared, they will forget the everyday challenges they are facing.”

“Last month I resigned my positions as Israel’s minister of Defense and member of the Knesset. In my announcement I declared my plan to return to public life. My intent is to run for the leadership of Israel in the next elections. The last few months have added and clarified for me the perceived differences between the prime minister and myself.”

“What I am truly worried about are not the weapon trucks travelling from Syria to Lebanon, nor Iran’s attempts to terrorize us – Israel can handle these threats. What I am worried about are the cracks in Israeli society, and the breaking down of fundamental values. The attempts to hurt the IDF in a way that endangers its resilience. The fact that the leadership became litigious instead of building an exemplary society.”

“The state of Israel needs change. We need a leadership that will lead Israel according to its conscience and not based on polls and radical responses on social media. We deserve a leadership that does not use underhanded tactics of ‘divide and concur,’ dividing and inciting Israelis against each other to gain an additional month in government.”

“It is the role of a state leadership to connect the different parts of society, not tear them apart. We require a leadership that would not allow attacking judges and Supreme Court. We deserve a leadership that is not busy with incitement and lashing out against judges and enslaving the media for its own survival needs. The media in Israel must be free and unthreatened, and allow people of all opinions on the right and the left to express them. We deserve a leadership that will be a model of tolerance, a leadership that will vigorously fight sexual harassments and violence against women. A leadership that will not base its survival upon hatred and incitement towards leftists, rightists, settlers, Arabs, Kibbutz members, or any other group – only to get a few more votes.”

“Israel must remain a Jewish, democratic state, and part of the family of nations. It must not allow the violent and racist discourse of a radical minority that have infiltrated the mainstream and the leadership to roll us down to the abyss.”

“A change is important for the future of the state of Israel and it is our obligation to execute it for our future. Therefore, I plan to offer an alternative to the current leadership, because we have no other country,” Ya’alon concluded.



  1. Oh no, Bogie has turned into a politician!

    This is what he said in 2012:

    Ari Shavit: If so, maybe it’s already too late. The Iranians won and we lost and we have to resign ourselves to Iran’s being in possession of nuclear weapons in the near future.

    Moshe Yaalon: “Absolutely not. It will be disastrous if we or the international community become resigned to the idea of a nuclear Iran. The regime of the ayatollahs is apocalyptic-messianic in character. It poses a challenge to Western culture and to the world order. Its scale of values and its religious beliefs are different, and its ambition is to foist them on everyone. Accordingly, it is an obligation to prevent this nonconventional regime from acquiring nonconventional weapons. Neither we nor the West is at liberty to accept an Iranian nuclear bomb. What I am telling you is not rhetoric and it is not propaganda. A nuclear Iran is a true threat to world peace.”

    Ari Shavit: But the Iranians are rational, and the use of nuclear weapons is an irrational act. Like the Soviets, they will never do that.

    Moshe Yaalon: “A Western individual observing the fantastic ambitions of the Iranian leadership scoffs: ‘What do they think, that they will Islamize us?’ The surprising answer is: Yes, they think they will Islamize us: The ambition of the present regime in Tehran is for the Western world to become Muslim at the end of a lengthy process. Accordingly, we have to understand that their rationality is completely different from our rationality. Their concepts are different and their considerations are different. They are completely unlike the former Soviet Union. They are not even like Pakistan or North Korea. If Iran enjoys a nuclear umbrella and the feeling of strength of a nuclear power, there is no knowing how it will behave. It will be impossible to accommodate a nuclear Iran and it will be impossible to attain stability. The consequences of a nuclear Iran will be catastrophic.”

  2. oh boy,
    another great delusional god of the leftists.
    can't wait to see him get shelack ed by that ugly minority of
    people fed up with those who don't care about missles being
    clandestinely shipped to our arch enemies,
    that minority of people who are fed up with the bereft left that keeps talking about Israel's fragmentation and lack of democrazy and yet the minority who seems to win elections for the right and puts the looney leftists in their place- out of politics.

    Ok, AyaYawn, do your thing but before trying to become a Pm,
    first work in a soup kitchen or for an organiztion like Yad eliezer and make some real accomplishments in life and learn really what the majority of Israelis want…….. not you!

  3. I am not an Iseaeli but I think it is fair to say that Bogie Ya-alon hasn't got a chance in hell to be elected Prime Minister. Especially if he announces that Iran is not an existential threat to Israel ! Is this guy nuts or just a very poor reader of the political "tea leaves".

  4. Boogie, I don't want you as PM. You are an elitist, who does not appreciate the contributions of the Jew's, who cannot afford to live in "tsfonyland". You opposed construction in Judea and Samaria. You have a ghetto mentality. You only want Jew's to live in the ghetto, known as the "green line".

  5. What world is Yaalon living in? The Israeli courts have become "Bleeding Heart Liberals" just like in America. They are making laws rather than defining them. And Yaalon wants to stop the people from voicing their dissatisfaction. And what about protecting our IDF soldiers instead of throwing them under the bus, as Obama does in America with anyone who disagrees with him. And when did the media in Israel change from the left leaning rhetoric to anything resembling fair news reporting. He is sounding more and more like Obama. Perhaps he should move to America and hope that maybe Obama can find a job for him as a Community Organizer.

  6. I wouldn't vote for Boged Bli-Yaalon for dog catcher.
    Fight hate the way he showed his hate for Elor Azaria and smeared his name instead of giving him a medal? Hate? His deputy chief of staff compaered Jews to Nazis on Yom Hashoa and he still has a job? No thanks.
    Ex soldiers who use the military as a platform for a political career have show what failures they are. Rabin, Sharon, Ehud BarfBag and Bli-Yaalon have shown that soliders make sorry political hacks.

  7. Could President Obama and or Hillary Clinton be again trying to overthrow the democratically elected Goverment in Israel?

    Hillary , President Obama, the left calling Donald Trump extremist, bigoted, fascist, undemocratic, hitler like, racist.

    In the last few days
    The Israeli Left , Ehud Barak , Moshe Yaalon, Isaac Herzog, calling the present Israel Goverment terms like fascist, undemocratic, extremist, fearmongering, etc. Basically demonizing BIBI, Lieberman, and Bennett

    Does this sound familiar like from the same playbook? Could there be a Obama or Hillary connection somewhere?

  8. He has my vote but I still hope the Bibi will wake up and change his tack. May I also remind the usual hard-line hot-heads that it is Israelis and Israelis alone who have the right to vote in choosing their leadership and if I had anything to do with it I would the same as the UK and deny that right to expats living abroad. All others should not spout their extremist views unless they themselves are fit for mitary service and will move permanently to Israel and join Zahal as Israel citizens. Otherwise cease your encitement provoking stupidities. I live in Israel and am a citizen.

  9. "Ya’alon rushed to condemn a soldier in Hebron for shooting to death an injured Palestinian terrorist and then rushed to defend IDF deputy chief of staff Yair Golan for comparing Israel to pre-Holocaust Germany at a Yom HaShoah ceremony. Perhaps such behavior is not such a stretch for a defense minister who oversaw Operation Protective Edge two years ago in Gaza by having the IDF retreat after suffering 70 casualties in two months, only to have the tunnels and the rocket attacks return. Maybe Ehud Barak is to be believed when he says Ya’alon thwarted a plan to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2011."

    Israel does not need such a person to lead and protect the country. Without Netanyahu, Ya´alon has caused enough damage to Israel. Good that his time has come to an end now!

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