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The Presbyterian Church (USA) has released what it calls a "study guide." The Simon Wiesenthal Center calls it the theological twin to the UN's 'Zionism is Racism' resolution.

“This publication isn’t an attack on particular Israeli policies, but on the very idea of a Jewish return to Zion,” Cooper explained. He said that in publishing Zionism Unsettled, the PCUSA “has deployed the nuclear option against the vast majority of Jews, calling us inherently racist and abusive.”

The SWC’s public statement denouncing the booklet called on Christian churches and individuals to denounce the “disgusting attack aimed at delegitimizing and demonizing the world’s largest Jewish community and all lovers of Zion.”


The SWC’s director of interfaith affairs, Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein chastised the PCUSA for sending interfaith dialogue back to the highly antagonistic literature of the early Church.

“Such attacks describing our core beliefs as ‘rooted’ in ‘intolerable human rights abuses’ reveals there is nothing left to talk about with such religious bigots. Jews will now regard PCUSA as a hostile church,” concluded Adlerstein.

Without even waiting to hear the challenge issued by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Mark Tooley, the president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, went public with his criticism of what he called the “elites” within the PCUSA towards Israel. The IRD is an American Christian think tank.

Tooley derided what he called “the special human rights concern” of PCUSA and its allies.

“Why the focused animosity against the Jewish homeland? Sadly, their professed concern for Palestinian suffering will have the opposite effect, encouraging Palestinian victimhood, discouraging Palestinian and wider Arab acceptance of Israel, and delaying peaceful coexistence,” Tooley write in an email to The Jewish Press. “Presbyterians can do better.”



  1. What a shame they violate their own Bible in doing this. Jesus said His would be known by their love, and that as they do it to the least of his brethren, they do it to Him. How can they love a Jewish Messiah, yet hate his own? “How odd of God to choose the Jews, but not so odd as those who choose the Jewish God yet hate the Jews.” Anti semitismhas no place among those who claim to follow Jesus.

  2. I am not a member of the presbyterian church, but I am a devout Christian and this is deeply disturbing to me and really shameful. Whoever wrote that booklet obviously has a warped understanding of Israel's history. What else that's deeply disturbing is how politically correct its becoming to be anti-semitic in academia, the media and in religious and government institutions. Israel is constantly scrutinized and held to double standards that no other country is held to. Jewish people have a right to a safe, peaceable and defensible homeland. I would urge anyone who accuses Israel of racism/imperialism to visit Israel themselves before making ignorant, biased, judgmental statements.

  3. Listen, I know what kind of nonsense I might hear, but Christianity is based on this very notion. Do a little honest reading. I’m speaking as a former Christian who studied it seriously before becoming a Jew by choice. The idea philojudaism from Christians is pretty recent, and this church is just taking the more classic form of Christianity towards Jews and thus Israel. Christians and Palestinians are gentiles. And most Christians like Jews in the same way salesmen like customers.”True followers of Christ” spent centuries murdering Jews.

  4. Loving God’s chosen people, through whom He revealed Himself historically and guided lovingly by covenant can be a complicated thing for those who were graciously grafted into the tree as Gentiles. I have prayed and will always pray fervently for God to reconcile us all to Himself through Christ and to each other.

  5. First, I have to add a correction. Your section about Messianic congregations is thoroughly off-base. I've done first-hand reporting on the matter, which you can find here: That congregation did not support evangelism. I wish it did.

    The PC(USA) is a liberal denomination. And by "liberal" we are using a euphemism for rampant unbelief. There influence is small. No one cares what they think.

    And to Joyce below, I encourage her to look up the like of Corrie Ten Boom.

  6. There are much more conservative church goers than liberal ones but people are lazy. When an authority makes a claim, if they respect that authority, they won’t do the research…I am surprised that anyone would listen to a church like that…They are already liberals and already are against Israel and very easy to persuade to hate Israel. The Nazis used people’s mistrust and the dislike for Jews to turn them against them. The Nazis used the old lie “Christ killer” to get the people to turn against them but the ones who bought into it were fake Christians or what we call a state church Christianity, which isn’t a faith at all but just attending a church, which in the war, became a Nazi meeting house, gradually replacing church members with Nazis and eliminating any true belief in G-d. Hitler was no friend of Christians either as they were killed, either turned into Nazis, if not sent to concentration camps.

  7. There sure was a vast majority of Christians, in Nazi Germany, Hungary, Poland, and most of Eastern Europe, and a little less so in western Europe, who found themselves willing to turn Jews into the Nazis. Some hated the Nazis but maybe the Jews a little bit more.

  8. There sure was a vast majority of Christians, in Nazi Germany, Hungary, Poland, and most of Eastern Europe, and a little less so in western Europe, who found themselves willing to turn Jews into the Nazis. Some hated the Nazis but maybe the Jews a little bit more.

  9. What's happening I think owes less to the specifics of the Israeli-Palestinian debate than it might first appear.

    What I think is really going on is that mainline Presbyterians are more and more anemic in their regular church attendance, substituting politics for religious practice.

    Now if you asked most activist Presbyterians on this issue to parse out the intricate details of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over the last 50 years, they would be completely incapable of doing so.

    What this is issue is, instead, is a Totem for the Other, whereby people who don't have to think too hard about specifics make a knee-jerk identification with who the international media has told them is The Victim, and extend that emotional penumbra without careful moral analysis.

    People who have no business opining on the conflict, knowing nothing, join a groundswell movement to let them sate their thirst for social justice — and trade in abstractions in the same way that many anti-GM-food marchers do.

  10. Aren't christian churches supposed to proclaim good news, not display their own xenophobic intolerance. Don't they realize that pointing a finger at Israel, that they have three fingers pointing at themselves, and their thumb askew? They should no longer have tax exemption since they have transgressed political boundaries as established by article 501c.

  11. in answer to shemayah shilioh. you are way of base, true christians put their lives on the line for the Jewish people during world war 2, my family was one of them, Israel did thank my family by giving them a trip to Israel having a plaque with the family name put up. It is Christ who made the Lord G-d of Israel known to us gentiles and who has put a love for Israel and its people into our hearts, anyone who hates Israel and its people have not listened to the Word which Christ spoke.

  12. I always want to know if anyone who calls him/herself Christian, and hates Jews, realise that they are anti Christ.
    They seem to forget that Jesus was boe=rn a Jew, was a Rabbi, preached from the Torah, and was never a Christian.

    The lie that the Jews crucified Jesus, was a lie by the Romans.
    The Romans crucified people, The Jews never crucified anyone. Those days, Rome was so powerful, that the Jews "kept out of their way"
    Rome tried to destroy the Jews, who went to Mt Msada, to escape the Romans. But Rome found the Jews, and murdered every Jew on Mt Massada.

    Time for the church to wake up and start to support the Jews.

    If the church does not wake up, it wont be long, before Islam will convert them and convert their churches to mosques.

  13. Charlie Hall Well, it is very much pertinent to the question of why are these Presbyterians anti-Israel? If you saw a political divergence between secular/Reformed Jews and Orthodox Jews you may want to mention to people the differences in belief which help drive opinions and orientation on other issues.

  14. The Christians in Europe loved the Jews, they didn't hate them. The Christians loved to kill the Jews whenever and where ever they could find them. 6 Million Jews just didn't vanish into thin air, they were surrounded, placed in ghettos, and sytematicaly killed.

  15. Cody Flecker To a believer in Jesus the term "Christian" doesn't mean much on the lips of most people. Yeah, you had a bunch of nominal Christians. Sitting in a garage doesn't make you a car. Neither does going to church or being culturally Christian.

  16. Geoff Robinson Are you saying only about 80-90% of the Christians in Europe were nominal, easy to turn into murders or helpers. Most , not all of the people who rescued Jews in Eastern Europe Were Red Communist Partisans, not Christians they did not like Jews either, but they hated Nazis more.. After the war Jews looking to return to their homes were often beaten sometimes to death when showing up at their homes. Ahhh the spoils of war. How could the freest country in the world for Jews turn their friends against them, in such a few short years. Members of country clubs, judges, police, teachers, professors, Doctors, Lawyers, merchants, scientist. they were allowed in all clubs, universities, medical or legal to get their degrees. Much of all this closed to Jews in America, you just restricted. What a small population is Christians? The truth these are their people just own it. They were even having a good run in the good old USA during the same time period until the war started, read history and learn,

  17. Aryeh Sax I'm saying by their fruit you will know them. The Dutch which had a rich and thriving Reformed Christian heritage at that point, saved a lot of Jews. Now how do you want to define "Christian"? Not Muslim and not Jewish? Goes to church due to cultural influences? I fear the problem with your argument from my perspective is that every Gentile in Europe gets lumped into the category whether they had an active faith or not. So Dietrech Bonnhoffer and Corrie Ten Boom get lumped in with Joe the Baker, who went to church due to cultural influence. Watch an interview with Ten Boom to get a feel for what I mean and ask yourself if a "Christian" turning in Jews would talk like this:

  18. Geoff Robinson We all know of many Christians, Communist, and even Muslims during WW2 who helped the Jews, the point is that the vast majority went along with the Nazi Horrors without even blinking a eye. My theory is this large group could turn on anyone with the right propaganda. Jews are a easy target, maybe it is because in the end the basic Christian belief if I except Jesus as my savior no matter my past I will be saved.

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