Photo Credit: IDF

By Yona Schnitzer/TPS

IDF jets dropped flyers on Gaza Thursday, warning citizens not to attempt to storm or damage the border fence on Friday, when Gazans are planning mass protests.


Protests had been originally planned for Tuesday, June 5, the anniversary of Israel’s victory in the Six Day War, which the Arabs mark as the Naksa (the “setback” in their plans to destroy Israel), however, according to reports, Hamas decided to switch the events to Friday, when Iran holds its annual Quds Day event, held since 1979 on the last day of Ramadan in support of the “Palestinians.”

“Citizens of Gaza, peace be unto you, may you have a blessed month of Ramadan,” the flyer opened, “a wise man is one who takes into account the consequences of his actions in advance and chooses the deed in which the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.”

The IDF warned protesters not to take part in violent riots or to try and cross the border. “Do not to let Hamas use you as pawns for its narrow interests, behind which stands Shiite Iran that has set a goal of igniting the region for its religious and ethnic interests,” the flyer read.

“You should not allow Hamas to turn you into a hostage, so that they gain political capital at the expense of the welfare and future of Gaza’s citizens in general and the young people in particular. To prevent harmful consequences – we urge you not to take part in the riots and the anarchy and not to put yourself in harm’s way,” the flyer concluded.

Over the past two months, the Gazans have held weekly violent demonstrations along the border with Israel. At least 100 rioters, most of them affiliated with Hamas, have been killed and thousands injured in the protests. On May 14, 35,000 Gazans marched on the border to protest the United States Embassy move to Jerusalem, as well as to commemorate the Nakba (tragedy) day, their term for their failure to annihilate the newly born State of Israel Over 60 people were killed, and 1,100 more injured. Hamas later admitted that of those killed, 52 belonged to the terrorist organization.

In a statement ahead of Friday’s planned protests, the IDF said it was “ready and prepared for multiple scenarios, and is determined to to protect the citizens of Israel and its sovereignty,” adding that it would “not allow damage to be done to the fence or security infrastructure which protect the citizens of Israel, and will act against all those who wish to harm the security of Israel.”