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Multiple rocket alerts sounded along the Gaza border at 12:40 AM on Saturday night/ Sunday morning.

Residents in the area of the alerts report hearing an explosion, possibly also an Iron Dome launch.


At 12:57 Am, the IDF confirmed that a rocket was shot from Gaza, and then shot down by the Iron Dome, near the city of Sderot.

According to Rotter,.net, one person was very lightly wounded from a rocket fragment.

Residents have 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter when the siren goes off. They must wait in the shelter for 10 minutes, if no additional rocket alert goes off.

The IDF attacked ten Gazan targets in three bases in response to the earlier rocket attack.

At 1:17 AM the rocket alert went off again… and another at 1:18 AM…

Residents report hearing the Iron Dome launch. 1:33 AM The IDF confirms that Iron Dome intercepted the projectile.