Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

The videos from Friday’s terror attack at Kikar Ayosh show a very strange and disturbing sequence of events and behavior.

It begins with the terrorist, who had been pretending to be a journalist, stabbing an Israeli Border Policeman on Friday, and then being shot by another Border Policeman.


As can be seen in the first video, as the terrorist approaches the Border Policemen to attack them, something falls off of him and hits the floor. He then stabs the policeman from behind.

Then as the policemen and Red Crescent paramedics approach the terrorist, a policeman sees that the terrorist is wearing a suicide bomb belt.

The policeman warns everyone that the terrorist is wearing a bomb belt and to move away.

Everyone pulls back. The policeman shoots the terrorist, who still isn’t dead yet.

Now it gets strange.

What appears to be a different paramedic unit casually goes over to the body with the bomb still on it, ignoring the Border Policeman’s orders to keep back.

The PA paramedics then pick up the body and put him in an ambulance – with the bomb still strapped on him.

The press is crowding around them too.