Lebanon’s Hezbollah-backed Al Manar satellite network claimed on Tuesday that the bombing of an IDF patrol at the Syrian border was a kidnap attack, but the terrorist organization frequently makes such claims after attacks.

Israel has not responded to the report.


However, Israeli media reported that soldiers were trying to approach and arrest a suspicious man when the explosion occurred.



  1. just Another notice, because the ratio of Israeli population and your terrorists number is 1 to 100: therefore when one Israeli got killed, My IDF will not rest till we kill 100 of the terrorists. Any one who is not part of a terrorist organisation will love this idea.

    How many terrorists, US army killed after 9/11? America is a civilised nation, so I wonder when is Israel going to be abit more civilised.

    Fact: you know your enemy will try to completely destroy Israel and kill all the Jews, TILL the coming of your messiahs.

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