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August 31, 2016 / 27 Av, 5776
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Hitler Honored in Upscale Instanbul Mall

Turkey is now not only openly hostile to the Jewish State, but also to the Jewish people.

Hitler's poster in an Istanbul mall.

Hitler's poster in an Istanbul mall.


People who have been paying attention know that relations between Israel and Turkey have been eroding, but not many realize that Turkey is now not only openly hostile to the Jewish State, but also to the Jewish people.

On Friday, January 11, a Turkish citizen took a picture which shows exactly how belligerent Turkey has become.  The picture is of a huge poster with the words, “Who Would You Like to Meet if You Could?” and the last name, and only photograph, is of Adolf Hitler.  The other choices include Suleiman I, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Napolean Bonaparte, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Vladimir Lenin, Boris Yeltsin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jackson.  But only Hitler warranted a picture, a huge one at that.

According to Ege Berk Korkut, an active Turkish writer and blogger, the sign was placed in the Sapphire Mall by the owners, a group of Turkish businessmen who are devoted to Erdogan. Korkut explained to The Jewish Press that the Sapphire is an ultra-upscale mall in Levent, the wealthiest neighborhood in Istanbul. The Sapphire building is one of the tallest buildings in Europe.

Korkut said that while a few people have complained about the banner – and the management has refused to remove it – most shoppers just glance at it and continue shopping.  Ho-hum, nothing startling or even mildly interesting about a huge photograph of Adolf Hitler hanging in the Turkish equivalent of Via Bellagio in Las Vegas or The Shops at Columbus Circle in New York City.

And it is not only Israel and the Jews towards which Turkey has turned its back.

The Iranian Ambassador to Turkey, Bahman Hussein Pour, discussed the close and ever-increasing Iranian-Turkish relations in an article in the January 14 MehrNews.com, an Iranian news agency.

Hussein Pour pointed out that while Western countries, “especially the U.S.,” have been pressuring Turkey to reduce economic relations with Iran, “Iran-Turkey trade volume exceeds $21b this year for the first time.”  The Iranian Ambassador concluded that Turkish-Iranian relations are irreversible.

In addition to the trade relations between the two countries which has more than quadrupled since 2008, Hussein Pour also explained that “more than 15 Turkish provinces have become sister provinces with Iranian ones.”

The timing of the statements is important, as many had predicted that relations between the neighboring nations would deteriorate over the violence in Syria, which also shares a border with Turkey. Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan has repeatedly called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, while Iran is the principle backer of the Assad regime.  Nevertheless, Iran has benefited greatly from Turkey’s import of Iranian oil, and Turkey has prospered from millions of Iranian tourists.  In a move that benefits both countries, hundreds of Turkish movies have been filmed in northern Iran.

This cozy relationship has developed despite the very public love letters President Barack Obama sent to Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan.  Middle East analyst Barry Rubin wrote a telling piece in the spring about the one-sided relationship between Obama and Erdogan. In addition to recounting Obama’s amorous actions towards the leader of Turkey who has turned that giant ship away from the West and into the harbor of the Islamist world, Rubin pointed out that in 2010 Erdogan made a “deal with Iran that sabotaged the delicate U.S. drive to toughen anti-Iran sanctions.”  And despite that blow to U.S. policy and insult to Obama, the U.S. president gave Turkey a waiver on implementing the Iranian sanctions.  Rubin called it “remarkable,” others might call it alarming.

With a huge flattering photograph of Hitler hanging in the fanciest mall in Istanbul, and Erdogan inching towards BFF status with Ahmadinejad, perhaps it is time for this administration to rethink putting daylight between the U.S. and Israel, and instead start putting it between the U.S. and Turkey.

UPDATEEarly Thursday morning, January 16, Korkut contacted The Jewish Press to say that the banner was removed.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the U.S. correspondent for The Jewish Press. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email: Lori@JewishPressOnline.com

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51 Responses to “Hitler Honored in Upscale Instanbul Mall”

  1. Liad Bar-el says:

    And Sinem Tezyapar’s group of Islam Peace states that Turkey is the spiritual center of the world.

  2. I don't see the big problem with the idea of meeting Hitler. If you were to ask people who they would most like to meet, not everyone would say the person they most admire, some will say the person they most despise.

    I could understand the uproar if he was being held in esteem, but you're just jumping to conclusions.

  3. Charlie Hall says:

    I would have loved to have met Hitler — and put a bullet through his heart.

  4. Eustachy, the evidence indicates you are wrong. The Turkish blogger mentioned in the article has tweeted the article approvingly. Would he have done that if it had inaccurately portrayed the poster of Hitler? Doubt it.

  5. It may be time for a New Jewish DEFENSE League. Morsi is another Hitler in the making. OBAMA JUST GAVE HIM FREE F16 JETS AND LIBERALS THINK ALL IS WELL WITH THE JEWISH WORLD. Israel is surrounded by enemies with nuclear ambitions, a holocaust is in the making. Wake up Jews before it will be too late once again. Rabbi DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  6. Alan Kardon says:

    Anyone know if we are currently giving aid to Turkey? If so, why?

  7. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I have no agenda in trying to defend Turkey. However, I'm unsure where you're getting the information "has tweeted the article approvingly"

  8. Lloyd Bergner says:

    Lest we forget the Armenian genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks , beginning in 1915..and, oh yes, in 1909 the Turks butchering the residents of the province of Adana..Islam is truly on the march…beware Kuffars.

  9. I guess you don't read books. Ever hear of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem?

    Get educated:

    The Haj by Leon Uris
    The Source by James Michener
    Muslim Mafia by Gaubatz and Sperry
    Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel
    “Slavery, Terrorism and Islam” and “Holocaust in Rwanda” by Peter Hammond
    The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America by David Horowitz
    Ivory Towers On Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America by Martin Kramer
    The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism by Andrew G. Bostom
    The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew G. Bostom MD
    A Concise History of the Crusades by Thomas F. Madden
    The Book of Jewish Knowledge by Nathan Ausubel
    The New Moody Atlas of the Bible by Barry J. Beitzel
    The Al Qaeda Reader by Raymond Ibrahim
    Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law
    Sahih al-Bukhari (With Sheikh Humaid's article on Jihad)

  10. Dexter Van Zile And look at what this Bozo has for a Profile Picture. I think that pretty much explains where this guy is coming from. "In Solidarity With Gaza". Read the Haj by Uris and answer these posers:

    Questions for “Palestinians”:

    What year did the nation of Palestine come into existance?
    What were its national borders and what year did it cease to exist?
    What currency did the nation of Palestine use and why is there no history of it?
    Name one leader to the “nation of Palestine” prior to Yasser Arafat.

  11. Read Efraim Karsh's recent article on the Armenian Genocide. It's an ass kicker; now if I can only find the damn thing. My hard copy.

  12. Here it is: Ass Kicker!

    Ankara's Unacknowledged Genocide.
    Turkey, Past and Future.
    by Efraim Karsh.


  13. This is so much fun. I love refuting the Islamists.

  14. And this is the reason I stopped buying anything Turkish. Figs, Apricots, pistachios and clothes. I also encourage merchants to stop carrying Turkish products. If you see any Jewish stores with Turkish products tell them to stop!

  15. Grace Acosta says:

    Seriously. I'd love to hear what she has to say about this.

  16. Eric Schweppe says:

    Mein Kampf is also the most popular book second only to the quran (which, by the way, shares no heritage with the Bible), so no surprises here. Now YHWH will hold the entire nation guilty of blood shed from that generation.

  17. Eric Schweppe says:

    This has been popular in Turkey for well over a decade. It was to be an eventuality that Erdigan would become leader of Turkey.

  18. No problem for God, the Turks who think Adolf is great , in the hereafter, God will turn the Turks into Jews, put the Star of David on them, and hand them all over to Adolf, and things should be just fine.

  19. Nina Rena says:

    please share it with me, when you do.

  20. As the child of parents who survived the concentration camps I have dedicated a my academic career and my clerical calling to educate the next generation to learn the lessons of the Nazi horrors. The first lesson of the holocaust is that the murder of6 million Jews in 21 nations did not begin with an edict to cast the Jews into the ovens. It began with a policy of demonizing the Jews as if they were less than human. Throughout WWII, the exiled Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al Husseini, operated out of Hitler's bunker and broadcast and rantings that called for the murder of the Jews on Nazi radio, in the Arabic language, a daily radio message that was beamed to the middle east, while the Mufti actively recruited Arabs to join SS units that systematically rounded up and executed thousands of Jewish families in the Balkans.

    Last Friday, on January 4th, 2013, Mahmood Abbas, the leader of what the UN has defined as the State of Palestine, issued a speech in which he praised the legacy of the Mufti of Jerusalem and of slew of Arabs who have murdered Jews over the past generation. To ignore Abbas's message is ignore the first lesson of the holocaust, which is that anyone who glorifies hose who murder Jews is to be held culpable in the advocacy of mass murder/.

    It is therefore incumbent on every person of conscience to condemn Abbas and to break off all relations with him and the entity that he represents.

    I await a response from the representatives of every Jewish organization and from every responsible cleric.

    There is a adage in the Talmud which is that SILENCE IS AGREEMENT. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  21. Clint Murphy says:

    I know I'm going to be hated for this. But, every American who approves of the multi-million genocide of pre-born children are no better than Hitler.

  22. Anonymous says:

    they give aid and money to you. y? only ur god knows. without money from europe, israel wouldnt hold on one day. so keep ur mouth shut.

  23. Anonymous says:

    u wont be hated. it just get acknowledged that ur stupid without any education.

  24. Anonymous says:

    ur fairy god will hold nobody responsible and if she would, it would be the jewish sect for invading other peoples countries, starting wars, for killing innocent women, men and children. for torturing people.

  25. I have lost $32,000 from 2 white Jewish people. I have not known Semetic Jews.
    (Skin is same color as mine, UK and Scadinavnavian). One boldly took $300 from me Asked if she could borrow it and I said sure and gave it to her. Asked when we could get together again and she said "Never" and disappeared among the cars.(Reyna Greenfield, probably in Israel now waiting for her messiah.) I have had a Buddhist here at the ranch 3xs. Can't out give her. You people are going to delete this, can't take the truth. You need to GIVE, not take.

  26. Sue Allen says:

    This doesn't have anything to do with being a 'giver or taker. You were a lender and the loan was not repaid. To give, you don't even expect to be repaid.

  27. Iuy Mh says:

    creepy ! 🙁

  28. William Berl says:

    Fred—you are a idiot.

  29. William Berl says:

    To protect the world from terrorists like you who try to shut our mouths.

  30. Romain Funderthal says:

    One day, Turkia will be destroy for that.

  31. This is the second time I have heard about Hitler being promoted in a Turkish commercial enterprise. I think the first one was a soap or shampoo.

    Turkey, of course, murdered a million Armenians and Hitler said he used this example to pursue his genocide.

    With a few exceptions, Turkey puts in doubt the notion that Islam in Turkey is a religion of peace.

  32. Clint Murphy says:

    I write in grammatically correct full and complete sentences. I'm the uneducated one?

  33. Clint Murphy says:

    "There are many people far smarter than you or I that truly hold beliefs that you may regard as stupid. It will not serve you well to be closed minded to the possibilities of things that you say are unprovable. You too are subject to many biases of culture, and upbringing that lead to potential delusion." http://www.un-learning.org/idontbelieveingod/

  34. What is the response of the gov't of Israel to the Abbas embrace of the Mufti?

    Will the Israeli gov't issue a condemnation? rabbi dr. bernhard rosenberg

  35. Old news… Many if not most of the supposedly "anti-Zionists" are really antisemites…

  36. As far as I am concerned Erdogan caan have the same end that Hitler had!
    In their hate of the jewish people they deserve one another.

  37. David Demir Tosun says:

    PM Erdogan's party AKP is the Turkish branch of Muslim Brotherhood organization who is an anti-democratic, one religion only organization protected by Obama Administration.

  38. Ayse Gunaysu says:

    This is a hate crime very typical of Turkey. Shame on all of us living in Turkey.

  39. Ayse Gunaysu says:

    Bakar mısınız? İstanbul'un göbeğinde! İlk iş gidip yerinde tespit etmek. Sonra da suç duyurusu.

  40. Paul Delaney says:

    There should be absolutely no doubt that islam is not any type of religion of peace. It's the reverse, but it's hard to get converts if you describe it as it is, a totalitarian political ideology of misogyny, intolerance and hatred.

  41. Vorrei scusarmi con I miei amici di facebook. Sono una principiante inesperta dell'uso dei social networks, e temo d'aver scritto senza accorgermene su Facebook, commenti in inglese ad articoli del Jewish Press, del tutto decontestualizzati e percio' privi di senso. Mi spiego, ho fatto riferimento a Istanbul perche' durante il week end scorso, nella mall piu' elegante del centro dell'antica Costantinopoli, penzolava dall'alto un grande ritratto di Hitler con sotto scritta la domanda: "Chi vi piacerebbe incontrare?" Tra I personaggi proposti ce n'era uno doc. Mustafa' Kemal Ataturk, ma gli hanno preferito Hitler. La notizia e' stata riportata su "The Jewish Press" the Lori Lowental Marcus.
    La Turchia di oggi non e' piu' quella illuminata di Ataturk (1881-1938) (che riconobbe lo sterminio degli Armeni avvenuta poco piu' di un secolo fa, ad opera del governo dei Giovani Turchi) padre della Repubblica Turca, che aveva bandito il velo e che il prof.Bernard Lewis, the storico imparziale e con grande capacita' di penetrazione psicologica cosi' descrive nel suo libro "The Emergence of Modern Turkey" del 1961: Un autocrate…dominante ed imperioso per temperamento, tuttavia mostrava rispetto per la decenza e la legalita', per I valori umani e principi politici, in aperto contrasto con il comportamento degli altri uomini di potere di maggiori ambizioni ma di minori qualita'. La sua e' stata una dittatura senza il timore di guardarsi alle spalle, o di sobbalzare nel terrore, al suono del campanello della porta, o si sentirsi minacciati d'essere deportati in un campo di concentramento. (traduzione della sottoscritta ripresa anche the Giulio Meotti sul Foglio). E' questa la Turchia, la Turchia di Erdogan che vogliamo in Europa?

  42. Hari Bo says:

    the turks who think hitlers is great are part of the antisemitic alliance. unfortunatlty, the shouting of "heil hitler!" was a common greeting in arab countries – especially in the palestinian territories. remember kamil al-husseini , religious leader and the grand mufti of jerusalem – friend of the german nazis and jew hater. I say f *** for hitler, f*** for the arab antisemitism.

  43. Liad Bar-el says:

    Glad that you think it's fun. To me it's a burden; yet, easy to do. The great sage, the Rambam, Rabbi Mosheh Ben Maimon (Maimonides), wrote a formal didactic (teaching) letter to the Yemenite Jews in 1172 informing them that Muhammad and his predecessor, Jezeus, are false prophets and insane. To go further into this subject is truly a waste of brain cells as the Islamists are a total waste of life…created only to punish those who don't keep HaShem's commandments. The best and really only way to get rid of all the crazy Islamists is to keep HaShem's commandments; then, there would be no reason for them to live except to kill each other as they are doing in Syria.

  44. You don't like the truth. You need to read the Gospels. He is it.
    The messiah you wil followl lead you to destruction.

  45. Have been telling people the 2 main problems in the world: islam and declining oil.
    But from my own close experience with 2 white Jews, they are tricky. Wake up.
    Like Japan now paying for what they did to Nanking, in 1917 Bolshevik Jews from New York took out the Russians, killing 1000s in an effort to destroy Chist and his Church. It can not be done, His Church will go through to the end. Study the Shroud of Turin and the face cloth. (and the Gospels.) Will you delete what I say?

  46. The Face Cloth, poilin traces it to Egypt. then north Africa to Spain.
    The ONLY city that was NOT conquered by the mu slimes was in the Cathedral there. G-d protected it. The Shroud: Turkey, then to Turin.

  47. Blood type the same on both Shroud and Face cloth. Negative, 3-D,
    Image not seen until photography! But both were treasured as His.
    And yet, there is no proof it covered Him! Get your self a New Testament and start reading it. There is no other hope. Russia was trerribly raped by Bolsheviks and plans on getting even. (Worse than Japan to Nanking.) Get out of Israel!

  48. The picture is put up personally by a curator of a candle sculpture exhibiton in the shopping mall to take attention -because nobody would take the picture or pay attnetion to the picture ans what's around it- if it wasn't his pics, BECAUSE it's weird to begin with- to make it to news. And the newsfeed dismisses all this info and promotes an article if there was a massive national survey and millions of people chose this piece of scum as a beloved leader, mixing it with Turkish Government's undesirable policy against 'oh the very friendly to the world' Israel. Clap Clap…

  49. Daniel Frank Katz says:

    The next time someone says we have nothing against the Jews just Zionists, you know that it's not about Israel. Rather it's all about Jews.

    Imagine what these Jew hating bastards would do if there was no Israel?

    The world has already seen what the genocidal Turks did to the Armenians.

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