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October 2, 2014 / 8 Tishri, 5775
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Meir Panim with Soldiers 5774 Roundup: Year of Relief and Service for Israel’s Needy

Meir Panim implements programs that serve Israel’s neediest populations with respect and dignity. Meir Panim also coordinated care packages for families in the South during the Gaza War.

Yale Chaplain Blames Anti-Semitism on Israel

If Israel would just not exists, and if Jews would stop being Jewish, there would be no anti-Semitism in the world.
Growing anti-Semitism is Israel;s fault according to a chaplain at Yale.

Growing anti-Semitism is Israel;s fault according to a chaplain at Yale.

Discontent is brewing in New Haven after Rev. Bruce M. Shipman, an Episcopal chaplain at Yale, wrote a letter to The New York Times implying that Israel’s actions encourage anti-Semitism.

On Aug. 20, Deborah E. Lipstadt, an author and Jewish history professor at Emory University, published an editorial in the New York Times entitled “Why Jews Are Worried,” detailing a rise in European anti-Semitic incidents.

Shipman responded by tying rising anti-Semitism to “the carnage in Gaza over the last five years” – and encouraging “Israel’s patrons abroad” to push the Israeli government for peace as a means to stop similar attacks.

On Twitter, Lipstadt called Shipman’s response “beneath contempt” and accused him of victim-blaming.

Rabbi Leah Cohen, executive director of Yale’s Slifka Center for Jewish Life, strongly condemned Shipman’s sentiments: “We are adamantly against any justifications of anti-Semitism and hatred of any kind,” she wrote.

Shipman issued an apology Friday in the student newspaper, stating that “Nothing done in Israel or Palestine justifies the disturbing rise in anti-Semitism in Europe or elsewhere,” but reiterating his belief in the “correlation between the uptick in anti-Semitic violence in the world and the events taking place in Israel/Palestine and Gaza.”

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160 Responses to “Yale Chaplain Blames Anti-Semitism on Israel”

  1. Better to put the blame where it belongs on Satan.

  2. Exactly what kind of CHAPLAIN is he. Can’t be a Christian or one who is senile because the BIble says over and over if Israel cease to exist so will the world.

  3. So who would all the haters hate????

  4. Shipman needs to resign. Yale doesn’t need the fallout from this poor excuse of a chaplain. Shame on Shipman.

  5. Fritz Young says:

    Just because he’s called “Chaplain” doesn’t mean he’s right or true! He’s NOT!

  6. Jean Pruitt says:

    Another so-called “Christian”, that needs to pay attention to the teachings of Christ….just like the terrorists need to pay attention to the teachings of Muhammed……they have both bastardized their religions…..

  7. Cheryl McCoy says:

    Wow what an idiot now what god does he worship or claim to represent ???

  8. But Anti- Semitism is older Israel.

  9. Have him go tell Jesus that.

  10. Only an Idiot can reason like that.

  11. Still there would be….as Jews are blamed in many delusional charges, recurring participants in conspirational theories. Also, Poland that has virtually no Jewish population, still suffers from thriving antisemitism. The antisemitism exists without Jews too.

  12. Sign of swatica their flag..means satanic movement…

  13. John Dyer says:


  14. Technically, anti Semite means anti Hebrew, which includes more branches than just Jews.

  15. That’s why he’s a ” chaplain”, not a graduate!!

  16. Karen Bryant says:

    The guy is in for a real shock when he stands before his creator on judgement day. He’s brought a curse on himself. God states in Genesis 12:3 that He will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel.

  17. Good people need to balance out the misfit degenerates. This is the chore of Israel.

  18. Sue Johnson says:

    And the world would be the worse off for it! The Jews make the world better. The Muslims do not.

  19. If those pesky Jews would just drink the Kool-ade like Jonestown, there would be no Semitism.

  20. Tracy Ramsey says:

    If there were never any Jews, there would never have been any Christians or Muslims either.

  21. Da Ly says:

    his parents must have been siblings

  22. Psalms 94:14 ISR98
    For יהוה does not leave His people, Nor does He forsake His inheritance.

  23. No why don’t you make it the other way around if there was no Muslim Islam this world would be the happiest place on earth better than heaven

  24. Michael Fine says:

    Is there anything to be done. I couldn’t find him on FB to ‘respond.’

  25. Yale chaplain’s ignorance due to idiotic upbringing.

  26. And HaShem would’t be HaShem. No, we can’t accept.

  27. Loren Renee says:

    Wow. What an ass.

  28. And the Light of the world would go out, and the darkness would overcome the world …

  29. Yale chaplain is an A.H.

  30. Jea Nne says:

    Well at least hes not like your professor’s. Calling for the rape of palestinian women…..nutters the lot of ya

  31. Bruce Shipman is an idiot. If Israel did not resist–the Muslims would wipe them out and there would be no more Israel. How can an educated man be sooooo stupid.

  32. Yetta Tropp says:

    Seriously, and he considers himself a man of God?

  33. Lyn Myers says:

    You stupid man! If you didn’t exist, the world would at least have one less ignoramous!

  34. Ed Kaplan says:

    And if idiots were never born…

  35. Morry Barak says:

    The good reverend displays the common view of presbyterians and episcopalians.

  36. What an idiotic statement by an idiot, the Jews exist and they always will! Praise God for his power

  37. Ionel Onut says:

    How about we just make you disappear! ISRAEL IS HERE TO STAY!

  38. Help me!!!!People get more stupid all the time.!

  39. Lina Lina says:

    if there where no blacks, police brutality would end, if there were no kind and polite children, bullying would be over! Great philosophies for a world filled with ignorant *******s!

  40. how clever! does one need any graduation to come up with this highly intelligent conclusion?

  41. There would be some other religion or race of people that would be picked on the same.

  42. He should his complaint to Jehovah God….today

  43. Well, rev. Shipman, all I read is that you, personally, are an anti-Semite.

  44. Karin Moore says:

    So this man is SO STUPID he doesn’t know that the Jews aren’t the only semetics in the region??????

  45. This guy is stupid. Our God made them and they will Never go away no matter what.

  46. yale is anti semitic Chaplin sucks big time

  47. “How dare you act like someone I hate!

  48. Your a funny guy ! Our Israel is here forever ! Our God will protect them !

  49. If there is no American then there is no anti American

  50. Beneath contempt ………..

  51. There are those like Martin Luther in the church world sometimes – sad, pray for them.

  52. Jea Nne says:

    Not as bad as professors in israel calling for the rape of palestinian women.

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