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MK Haneen Zoabi, previously ejected from the Knesset earlier, soon may become a member of jail.

MK Haneen Zoabi (Balad) has been banned from running for the 19th Knesset by the Central Elections Committee, which censured her for supporting terrorism and for denying Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic state.

Zoabi will appeal the decision.  If the appeal is rejected, the Arab party Balad will boycott the upcoming elections.


Zoabi’s name became infamous in Israel after she took part in the attempted illegal invasion of secure waters by the Mavi Marmara, a 2010 Gaza flotilla sent from Turkey which attempted to kill Israeli navy soldiers who boarded the ship in accordance with Israeli law.

When Zoabi returned to Knesset after the event, legislators erupted as she was brought to address the floor.  Outraged, Yisrael Beytenu MK Anastasia Michaeli attempted to prevent the speech with her body.  Indignant outcries gushed out of MKs Eli Aflalo (Kadima), Miri Regev (Likud), and Yoav Hasson (Kadima), and the floor descended into pandemonium.

Zoabi’s disqualification will automatically be brought to an appeal before the High Court of Justice. If her appeal is rejected, Balad plans to boycott the upcoming election. The only individual disqualification to be upheld by the court was that of Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1988.

Proponents of Zoabi’s disqualification, MKs Danny Danon (Likud), Arieh Eldad (Strong Israel), David Rotem (Yisrael Beytenu), Ofir Akunis (Likud), and Michael Ben-Ari (Strong Israel) presented before the committee, and further recommended that Balad and another Arab party, UAL-Ta’al, be included in the ban.

They cited Article 7A of the Basic Law which forbids candidates from rejecting Israel Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, inciting to violence or supporting enemy state or terrorist organization in violence against the State of Israel.

The petitions against Balad (13 for disqualification, one abstention, 16 against) and UAT Ta’al (6 in favor, 7 abstaining, 17 opposed) were rejected.

Zoabi’s disqualification passed with 19 in favor, 1 abstention and 9 opposed.


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Malkah Fleisher is a graduate of Cardozo Law School in New York City. She is an editor/staff writer at and co-hosts a weekly Israeli FM radio show. Malkah lives with her husband and two children on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.


  1. This woman is an Arab Dog and whore–she never should have been in the Knesset–and she should not have been schooled in an Israeli University!

    Did they really think allowing a Godless Muslim dog into the Knesset would bring a good result?

  2. I agree to disqualify Zoabi from running into political seat in the knesset. She does not believe nor trust this system as she should. The government of so called Isreal continue to steal palestinian lands. Making it a jewish state making it undemocratic state. You inividually and collectively keep saying Palestinian are religious radicals among other adjectives. Having a jewish state make you as wil religious radical with all the negative adjectives. You want to be part of the middle east , just stop your radical behavior and act as civalized people away from criminal activities against the Palestinian.

  3. Bravo to the Knesset, now to deport that unmentionable to Saudi Arabia so it can be among the ideology it wants to live in. The invented "palestinians" should either stand up and declare themselves as Israelis or move to 26 other countries to live as indentured servants. How are they treated in their "brethren's" countries? Like human beings? That's laughable.

  4. To Bassem – which western country are you living in and as what? Do you pay taxes to the country that adopted you? Most likely not. Do you stand and spit upon the flag of the country that allowed your sorry tuchus to come in? Most likely yes. Do you teach your children (may that not be the case) how to dislike and hate Jews, Hindus, and others (most likely yes). No wonder you write what you did. You can't stand civilization and being a part of a miracle instead you wish to condemn Israel that gives the invented people freedom. Apartheid? Only in Hamassville and Arafatland; soon to be in Egypt; soon to be in Syria, already existing in Saudi Arabia, and most of the other 57 Islamic countries around the globe. So you have a choice. No need to come to the west and be a hypocrite – better you should have gone to the other countries and live like it is the year 867.

  5. Baseem, democracy has rules and loyalty to the country in which you live is a fundamental one.
    The Palestinians were invented after the 6-day war in 1967. To prove it, you (they) the Arabs of the West Bank never wanted to have a state of their own. Why did they not proclaimed such a state between 1948 and 1967? Because they had Jordanian citizenship and their leadership dreamed to push the Jews at sea. Jews are resettling their land. The Arabs lost the land conquered from Byzantium to the Ottoman Turks in 1517…And since then they never worried about a state of their own… it was a miserable place to leave until the advent of Zionism, the Jews turn it a jewel in the messy Middle East, despite the wars waged against them…
    Nowadays Arab countries are in a mess! By pure incompetence…More, killing one another has been their sport since Mohamed… Educate yourself and read history books, it´s quite time to begin to think logically… Without the Jews, the fate of Palestine was to be a worsened Yemen… The PA is a beggar of the West; it lives only on donations and the financial support of the UN, through UNRWA…
    It´s time to stop whimpering and begin to work! There never existed a Palestinian state or a Palestinian country!
    Palestine is the denomination of a region that includes Israel, Jordan, West Bank (a disputed land) and Gaza.

    From a Jew expelled from an Arab country.

  6. It was the leftists in the legislative government and judicial system that disqualified Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1988; so, it remains to be seen what the present day leftist judicial system will do today with Zoabi. If the Arab party Balad will boycott the upcoming elections, then that whole party shows that it doesn't support the government/legislative/judicial system and should likewise be disqualified to be in the government. Any government should not have members who do not recognize the government nor go against it so as to undermine it for its own destruction.

  7. The present era seems to be time of radicalism everywhere. One side hardens its position and the other side feels it has to respond accordingly. We see this in the United States where the Republicans and Democrats are further apart than they have been for many decades. Obviously a large percentage of the Islamic world has adopted extremist views which broadly deny truths which are almost completely and objectively obvious. Though this Israeli reaction is very moderate in comparison to recent Islamic actions, I still think it is a mistake. What does it hurt to have someone in the Knesset who denies that Israel is or should be a democratic Jewish state? What does it hurt to have someone who has participated in the flotilla protest? This is similar to anti-democratic actions taken in the United States during the McCarthy era and it is, in my view, equally wrong. Neither her views nor her participation in the flotilla makes this woman a "terrorist." I am a Jewish American and not an Israeli and I won't presume to tell Israelis what their laws should be, but I would do anything possible to oppose such laws in the United States. All this does is give credence to those who say that Israel is not a democratic state.

  8. Is Israel a democratic State? Haneen Zoabi is an Israeli citizen. She is entitled for freedom of religion. Being an Israeli citizen doesn't mean that you have to be of the Jewish religion. At least if Israel is democratic. Please show me the ruling in the constitution that is guaranteeing this.

  9. You are right.
    Israel should be like the other ME Arab states.

    Any Jews in any Arab states?
    Any Jews own land in Arab states?
    Jordan and Abbas have said that any Arab who sells land to a Jew will be executed.
    Any Arab who dares to "disagree" with the Muslim/Arabs, and stands up for Israel, will never see another day.
    They execute anybody they regard are traitors.
    Hang gays from cranes.
    Israel should follow suit, after all Israel is part of the ME.

    This treasonous woman should have been executed for treason.
    Are there any Jewish judges in any Arab lands?
    so Israel is an apartheid state.

    The Arabs/ are the worst practitioners of apartheid

    Do Jews murder Arabs?
    But Muslims murder hundreds of Muslims


    Why do Israel Arabs want Israeli citizenship? because they have full freedom of religion., full rights, can appeal to the courts etc.

    Arab propaganda is by fat the best there is in the world.

    As Goebbels said. "The bigger the lie, the more often told, the more the world will believe the lie.

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