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September 18, 2014 / 23 Elul, 5774
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Palestinian Authority Arabs Attack School Bus with Firebomb

The inevitable failure of the "peace talks" alreasy are exploding in Israel's collective face.
Arab violence escalated Thursday , and a firebomb narrowly missed hitting a school bus.

Arab violence escalated Thursday , and a firebomb narrowly missed hitting a school bus.
Photo Credit: Flash 90

Palestinian Authority Arab hurled firebombs and rocks at Israeli civilians and soldiers in at least two different locations in Samaria Thursday, causing light injuries to a soldier.

The firebomb attack narrowly missed a school bus that was on its way from Itamar, in northern Samaria, to Kedumim to the west. The Molotov cocktail exploded in front of the bus on the highway, and the bus driver slammed on the brakes and managed to avoid running into the flames.

Earlier in the day, approximately 40 Arabs rioters and threw rocks at Israeli vehicles in the Binyamin region of Samaria until the IDF arrived to disperse them. One soldier was lightly injured by a rock and was treated on the spot without being hospitalized.

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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32 Responses to “Palestinian Authority Arabs Attack School Bus with Firebomb”

  1. No doubt few in the media will say a thing

  2. Or just sympathize with terrorists. That’s where people have come to

  3. Ben II says:

    Coward Netanyahu will do nothing.

  4. It Will happen Temporarily, 7 years, till JESUS Returns!!

  5. Cary Cowell says:

    Solomon said their is a season for all things , it looks like a time for War .

  6. Chaiya Eitan says:

    If it's war they want…..war they'll get.

  7. I’m sure that Netanyahu will take care of it at the right time.

  8. Boom there butts once and for all who cares what the USA has to say I’m from the USA and we do not support our current government.

  9. Boom there butts once and for all who cares what the USA has to say I’m from the USA and we do not support our current government.

  10. The Arabs who throw rocks or firebombs at the Jews are making war against Israel, because they are trying to kill the Jews. It is written in the Torah, in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 20:10-18, that God commanded that, in the war, Israel kill all the enemies. Therefore, the State of Israel must kill all the Arabs who throw rocks or firebombs at the Jews.

  11. Paul W. Howe says:

    I say Israel defend & shoot those evilness. You have right to protect your fmly.

  12. Well let it explode but it will end up exploding in their face more. Which I’m totally fine with.

  13. Ron Kall says:

    Why should we keep fighting for Israel around the world when they won't even fight for themselves in Israel!?? Put a stop to arabs attacking Jews inside Israel!!! Now!!!

  14. Alan Kardon says:

    Anyone see what Barack Hussein or Kerry had to say about this?

  15. Men who target children and other innocent people are not capable of making peace. As long as their grievances are written in blood, it is neither wise nor just to sign any agreements with them.

    Imagine if the "men" who bombed churches in Birmingham, killing little girls in the process, were able to dictate the terms of the Civil Rights Act in the 60's. It's insanity to give murderers a seat at the table when they're not even fit to lick the scraps off the floor. These are not the people who should be part of peace-talks – if you want to achieve peace, you must start with peaceful people. Too bad in that part of the world, the peaceful people who open their mouths usually have their throats slit shortly thereafter. Find the peacemakers and only deal with them. If they've spilled blood, they should have no voice in any peacetalks.

  16. Ron Kall says:

    As you say, Roasted, the arabs that want to have a peaceful relationship with the Jews get killed by the other arabs! Just like the foolery of giving back the Sinai, only to see Sadat immediately murdered for signing a peace treaty that has never been more than a cease fire in reality!

  17. savage, stupid and they are not reedemable. no surprise here that they attempt to murder Jewish children.

  18. Again, the weakness of the jewish people, remember WWII, Israel spent billions of Dollars to the IDF and is not capable to through out this arabs from East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

  19. Tova Bar-chaim says:


  20. Graham Arnold says:

    Send the Army im and kill the lot of them. Thats the only way for Peace

  21. Earl W. Littlefield Jr says:

    Obama's boys are at it again……

  22. Donna Silver says:


  23. Dan Rapp says:

    I wouldn't call them "Obama's boys," but I would agree that Obama doesn't seem to give events like these any attention or consideration.

  24. Earl W. Littlefield Jr says:

    Obama said if he had a son, he would be just like Trayvon Martin…. I donate all other violent criminals to him. Obama also pays the "Palestinian? Authority?" knowing they skip paying their legitimate debts & pay convicted terrorists and terrorists in training (kindergarten on up). Obama is attempting to force Israel to bow down & submit to these terrorists, To me, that makes them "his boys"

  25. Run Guo says:

    Jewish land for Jewish people, Arab land for Arab people, only allow those Arab who loves Israel to come in, letting Israel haters in, just a slower way of suicide than the peace plan.

    It is a universal rule for criminals, jail, or execution, or deportation.

  26. Run Guo says:

    Treating human the human way, and must deal with the beast the beastly way, please do not get it mix up.

  27. Harold Kay says:

    time to put an end to this and start shotting these bastards that want to kill school children

  28. AC Stubbs says:

    You are either having language problelms or are very stupid Get someone else to translate for you

  29. AC Stubbs says:

    have not heard a word

  30. AC Stubbs says:

    ok naziboi name me one time we have ever fought for Israel?

  31. AC Stubbs says:

    name one single time we have fought for Israel? We have not

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