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January 24, 2017 / 26 Tevet, 5777
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Roger Waters, BDS Advocate Against Israel, at 92nd St Y in April

Roger Waters, one of the biggest promoters of BDS - the economic warfare movement against Israel - is slated to appear at the 92nd St. Y in April.

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Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame promotes hatred and boycotts of Israel.

According to the Facebook Page of the 92nd Street Y, on March 22, 1874, the Young Men’s Hebrew Association was formed.  But a quick look at its current website shows that Roger Waters, former front man for the rock group Pink Floyd, and currently one of the  biggest haters of Israel outside of the Middle East, will be appearing at the 92nd Street Y late next month.

Waters is one of the best known of the small group of celebrity advocates for the economic warfare movement against Israel known as the BDS movement.  BDS stands for the boycott of, divestment from, and sanctions against the Jewish State of Israel.

Not only does Waters refuse to perform in Israel, but he also delights in placing enormous pressure on colleagues in the arts world to renege after agreeing to perform in or for Israel.

Just last year the musical superstar Stevie Wonder had agreed to appear at a fundraiser for the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces gala in Los Angeles, in December.  Suddenly, shortly before the event, Wonder cancelled his participation, with the awkward explanation being that he is a “messenger of peace for the United Nations.”

At the time, the national director and CEO of the FIDF, Maj. Gen. (Res.) Yitzhak (Jerry) Gershon, wrote in a press release that the “FIDF is a non-political organization that provides much-needed humanitarian support regardless of religion, political affiliation, or military activity.”

Many concluded that some officials at the U.N. had dissuaded Wonder from performing at the FIDF fundraiser, although restrictions are not imposed on U.N. ‘messengers of peace.’

However, Roger Waters recently bragged that he played a critical role in convincing Wonder not to perform at the L.A. FIDF benefit. Despite the Wonder no-show, that FIDF benefit raised more than $14 million.

There are also reports that the aging rock musician intends to convince others to join with him in a musical venture to promote his anti-Israel efforts.

Waters recently issued a statement, filled with inaccuracies, comparing Israel to Apartheid South Africa, and explaining why he believed Israel should suffer the same fate.  He said, according to a JTA report,

I think that the kind of boycott that was implemented against the apartheid regime in South Africa back in the day is probably the most effective way to go because the situation is that the Israeli government runs an apartheid regime in Israel, the occupied territories and everywhere else it decides. Let us not forget that they laid waste most of Lebanon around the time I started getting involved in this issue. They destroyed airports, hospitals, any public buildings they could.

The event featuring Waters at the 92nd Street Y is called, “A conversation with Roger Waters.”

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is a contributor to the JewishPress.com. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email: Lori@JewishPressOnline.com

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  1. Nanette CohenRayman says:

    may piss be upon this Jew-hating freak. So, he thinks because he had a huge hit album that he is the authority on Jews and Israel. I hope no one shows up or they boo him and hiss and throw tomatoes….DREK Waters…another dick in the wall.

  2. Jeff Kletman says:


  3. Jeff Kletman says:

    Unbelievable. It is a scary time. 2013 and we're still dealing with this crap.

  4. Michael Harris says:

    Roger's brain went comfortably numb a long time ago.

  5. shouldn't someone invite him here and show him another side of the age-old story.. rather than pouring invectives all over him? He is a great musician and songwriter and I'd prefer that he had at least a balanced opinion…

  6. Gil Gilman says:

    Waters must keep up his uninformed rant to remain in the spotlight. That is one thing all the glory hounds have in common, the need to continue somehow, anyhow to fight against sliding into oblivion.

  7. he took a lot of drugs and he was stupid to begin with. the brain damage and low IQ combination produced this miscreant.

  8. Jennifer Badani says:

    I wonder if Drek Waters has any clue about what's happen in countries like.
    Sudan. This is where there's War Children, because Arabs are taking out oil from that country and leaving the African poor. Also young African girls are being sold into slavery and sent to countries such as Kuwait and Saudi. They're forced into prostitution. But instead Drek Waters is bend on Israel.

  9. Yechiel Baum says:

    he should not be allowed entrance to the Y and if he was invided, cut all funds to the "Y" and use those funds for the betterment of Jews.

  10. Nanette CohenRayman says:

    he's a stupid man…and I am not scared of him…i am angry..he needs to crawl into THE WALL

  11. Lori… get your facts straight. If you knew anything about Roger Waters, you would know he definitely does NOT promote hated of anyone! Shoddy journalism!

  12. Lori… get your facts straight. If you knew anything about Roger Waters, you would know he definitely does NOT promote hated of anyone! Shoddy journalism!

  13. Farley Darling says:

    this article is complete hogwash..and the way the photo makes a faux emphasis on the hammer armband and loudspeaker is clearly to hint at antisemitic undertones which Roger has none of. One of the most influential and charitable people in the world attacked when they don't support Zionist beliefs is another reason to do away with the powers that be, the market forces, and those who publish such rubbish in the guise of journalism.

  14. Matt Leonard says:

    you obviously believe everything you read and have no clue who Roger Waters really is.

  15. Matt Leonard says:

    How is Roger stupid? He has no interest in scaring anyone. You have no idea what The Wall is about.

  16. Matt Leonard says:

    thats just your opinion.

  17. Matt Leonard says:

    Jeff Kletman don't believe everything you read. this article is very slanted and framed poorly. Roger is quite the opposite he just believes that Palestinians suffered enough occupation. I have no opinion on the subject but I can tell you for sure this article is not fully accurate.

  18. Matt Leonard says:

    He probably knows more about than you do. Hes been there. Have you?

  19. Matt Leonard says:

    Another thing Nanette… Rogers Dad was killed fighting the Nazis. Roger is so far from being a Jew hater. Get your facts right. You're all brave with your comments here but you wouldn't dare say it to his face. …and to piss on another human?? That's just vile.

  20. Lori Lowenthal Marcus says:

    Yonatan – he is one of the biggest proponents of BDS, he WON'T go to Israel, only to what he calls "Palestine." He not only refuses to visit Israel, but tries to convince all other artists not to do so also because of what he calls Israel's Apartheid practices. The invective didn't start until after he refused to pay attention to facts and instead decided to economically harm Israel in every way within his abilities.

  21. Lori Lowenthal Marcus says:

    Tell us, Matt, who is Roger Waters, and why does he hate Israel with such fervor that he is assembling a group of other famous musicians to falsely "inform" people who listen to their music that Israel is an evil, depraved state that deserves to be dismantled. And please, use sources specifically about his views on Israel.

  22. Matt Leonard says:

    I'll note that he's been to Israel and performed there many times before.

  23. I never liked this band anyway, so this is just another reason to dislike them.

  24. Matt Leonard says:

    He's never said he hates Israel. Where does he say that? Whats your source? He hates the oppression. He clearly states this in his concerts and most recently, The Wall. Hs believes the land that is Israel was once Palestine and historically he would be right. He is not against Jews in general.

    The fascist character and portion of The Wall that you so badly framed out of context is about the fear instilled in people because they've been told how to be, feel or act. that made up these bricks in an emotional wall built to protect himself… it turned out to do himself in and he realized it cannot go on that way. Please, do research on The Wall. Seriously. I'm not going to do your homework.

    I'll admit Roger is not clearly thinking this issue through and probably should keep ot himself, but he feels strongly enough… Roger has performed many times in Isreal in the past.

    I don't like your slant. You are being unfair and totally unbalanced. Historically speaking about Roger, he opposes oppression, period.

  25. Lori Lowenthal Marcus says:

    Well, thanks for explaining how little you know about the conflict also. Waters hasn't performed in Israel since 2005, and he won't and tries to persuade everyone else not to as well. Perhaps he (and you?) preferred it before the separation fence was built, when thousands of Israelis AND Arabs were blown to bits by terrorists – which the fence has almost completely stopped – but most people I know prefer breathing to death. I will be happy to meet with you and explain the facts when you are ready to hear them. And maybe then you can help your hero understand them also. Also, just fyi, I had nothing to do with the cover photo.

  26. Lori Lowenthal Marcus says:

    Matt Leonard: you protest too much. The lies Waters promotes about Israel constitute the promotion of hatred. The journalism isn't shoddy – find a flaw, please! The promotion of hatred of Israel by Roger Waters is what is hateful. Maybe you can help him understand the facts.

  27. Tim Riks says:

    this is sick that Roger Waters is allowed to be here, Roger Waters is the #1 enemy to the Jews in the US< why is he allowed to speak at a Jewish Y.

    Are those Jews at that Y going to allow him to speak there?

  28. Kimberly Eirdosh Caamano says:

    " he WON'T go to Israel, only to what he calls "Palestine", geez, having a problem with 'recognition' there Lori?

  29. Kimberly Eirdosh Caamano says:

    Lori Lowenthal Marcus, you are clearly uneducated on Roger's position to support the BDS movement. You are continuing to spread falsifications on the matter and your credibility is nil. To quote Roger from an article published in 2011, 'My conviction is born in the idea that all people deserve basic human rights. This is not an attack on the people of Israel. This is, however, a plea to my colleagues in the music industry, and also to artists in other disciplines, to join this cultural boycott.' In no way has Roger ever stated that he hates Israel, that is something you and your people are making up. Anyone who disagree's with Israel and supports BOTH an Israeli and Palestinian state, and I have seen this numerous times on his facebook page, automatically becomes 'anti-semitic'…this is ridiculous and false. I have attached the article so that you can have a better understanding of what Mr. Waters intentions were. Not what you have painted him as some raving nazi lunatic. You may want to retract some of your 'lunacy' that is presented in your article.
    Kind regards, ~Kimberly http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/mar/11/cultural-boycott-west-bank-wall

  30. Matt Leonard says:

    Get over it Lori. I don't care about the "conflict" nor was I talking about it. I was talking about how wrong you are about Roger. You're wrong again about Roger's last time in Israel. His last concert there was June 22nd 2006 at Neve Shalom but thats neither here nor there.

  31. Matt Leonard says:

    what lies? You're doing a lousy job at defending your lame article. You speak more like a nazi propagandist

  32. Kimberly Eirdosh Caamano says:

    here Lori, here's another article to better acquaint yourself with the situation and Roger's Neve Shalom concert in 2006: http://nswas.org/article533.html

  33. Toba Margel Scott says:

    mr. waters, please return all the money that your jewish fans have spent on your music. I would suggest that you also tell your friends who you strong arm into not performing in israel, return the money that their jewish fans have spent.

  34. Jeff Gunn says:

    will someone please ask Roger Waters in April at the lecture how he feels about 850,000 Jews being expelled from Arab lands since 1947 due to the apartheid programs / pogroms of the various Arab nations? Why does he not also speak for them?

  35. Matt Leonard says:

    His Jewish fans LOVE his music and would think youre crazy to suggest such a rediclous thing.

  36. Matt Leonard says:

    His Jewish fans LOVE his music and would think youre crazy to suggest such a rediclous thing.

  37. Micha Haklai-Zajdman says:

    On second thought I decided to erase my comment. But as a whole I do agree with Mr.Matt Leonard. HAG SAMEACH

  38. Toba Margel Scott says:

    i'm sure they love his music and i used to like mel gibson, but i wont support him anymore. you cant take with your left hand and hate with the right.

  39. Lets see who's about apartheid and racism.
    There are 8500 Jews living in the 22 Arab countries, while their are 1.5 million Palestinians in Israel.
    Jews are barred from living in every Arab country, except a few thousand Jews who live in Morocco and Tunisia.
    Jews wants to leave Tunisia with an Islamist government in power.
    I should remind people, two of the Top Tunisian clerics 2 months ago called Jews Apes and for their mass killing.
    Go to any search engine and search for,
    Tunisian Cleric Al-Suhayli Calls the Jews Apes, Prays for Allah to Annihilate Them.

  40. Hamas and the PLO derive their legitimacy by killing Israeli secretaries and high schoolers.

    Virtually all of the Palestinians killed during these past 12 years were suicide bombers, terrorists killed in gun battles, dissidents lynched by fellow Arabs for their beliefs, women and children used as human shields or foils by their “brave fighters” – and yes, dozens of people who were caught in the line of fire. Few recall that when Israel began using aircraft to destroy terrorist facilities (following the massacre of Jewish shoppers at a Netanya mall) the Jews actually publicized the targets in advance, in order to minimize Arab civilian casualties.

  41. Every morning, at least one Palestinian wakes up with a smile and the thought, “I’m going to murder some Jews today.” They strap on explosive belts and guns, and search out any soft target they can find – a city bus, a baby, a student, a jogger. Israelis do not wake up in the morning and set out to murder Arabs. In rare instances when a Jew actually injures or kills a Palestinian, he is arrested and prosecuted. Contrast this with the Arab hero who shoots a Jewish baby. This “martyr of the Terrorstinians” will be eulogized by Hamas and Fatah, his family made rich and his picture proudly displayed throughout the Arab world.

    The Palestinians have raised an entire generation to believe that the highest aspiration in life is to kill Jews. The Palestinians are engaged in an unremitting campaign of targeted murder of women and children. When the Palestinians massacre Israeli school children on buses, and babies in baby carriages, they celebrate. They have raised an entire generation to believe that the the highest cultural and religious value is the massacre of Jews. Through the Arabs hate, an entire generation has lost the capacity

  42. I don’t know Roger Waters where your silly world municipality is, but if you lived next door to people that slit the throats of babies, kill children on school busses and then pass out candy you might sing a different smarter tune. Or you might just earn a Darwin award for embracing them.

  43. Arabs CANNOT make peace with Israel. Without Israel to blame for all the death, poverty, destruction, misery and oppression across Islam, who will the Islamic people blame? Wait, they’ll blame the Mossad Shark, Mossad Vulture, the 4000 Jews who didn’t show up at the World Trade Center, and the new crazy Arab theory that Bugs Bunny doesn’t like Muslims.
    If only the Arab could put himself in the 21st century.Even the 19th century would be an improvement.

  44. ISRAEL which is defending itself against Pan-Arabism, Arab imperialism and Arabization of the Middle East – that is the “problem Roger don't like.

    The real problem is global Arab/Moslem insistence to spread hate, violence, wars, terrorism, lies, false accusations against Jews and reducing Jews to subhumans or second class citizens – slaves or servants – without any human rights.

    When you have Palestinian leaders teaching their people, If their are 10 Jews and you kill 6 of them, how many Jews are Left?

    When you have these same wicked leaders telling their people that Jews are the sons of Pigs and Apes.When you have Palestinian Mufti’s teaching in Mosques that all Jews must be exterminated, are we shocked when Palestinians celebrate butchering Jews.

    Opposing Arab colonialism and Muslim theocracy, oppression of women and non-Muslims, and supporting the free and democratic state of Israel are progressive positions.

  45. By the way, how many Muslims have been killed by Muslims this week in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Bahrain, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen? How many have been killed by Jews? Numbers please.

    Palestinians should get one thing into their heads: the world does not revolve around them. They share the blame for their situation, because they always wanted everything and never wanted to compromise. First and foremost that NOBODY, and least Israel owes them anything.

  46. Roger Waters has decided he wants to support Palestinian Nazis.

    PA TV Glorifies Terrorists Responsible for Maalot Massacre.
    PA TV broadcasts a tribute to the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, responsible for the 1974 Maalot massacre.

    The Hamas advocates Killing Jews, simply for being Jews.
    November 25, 2002.

    Fatah’s Facebook: Glorifying terror, inciting hatred, and erasing Israel.
    Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik.
    Jan. 7, 2013

    Female Palestinian terrorist does not regret murder of 15 civilians at Sbarro pizza shop that she planned.
    Oct 23, 2011.
    Ahlam Tamimi was happy to learn that 8 Israeli children were murdered at the Sbarros terrorist attack in 2001 instead of the 3 children she thought originally.
    Read her interview. Again I ask you, do the Palestinians have a conscience?

  47. Does Roger Waters have rocks in his brain to support Palestinian mass murderers.

    PA Religious Official Publicly Calls for Genocide of Jews.
    PA’s principal religious leader presents the killing of Jews by Muslims as a religious Islamic goal.
    Elad Benari

    Hamas celebrates 10th anniversary of Netanya Passover massacre.
    March 27, 2012.
    Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall seeing any Arabs protesting against this attack, or writing anguished op-eds about how a fellow Muslim could have done such a thing. No Arab groups popped up on college campuses calling for solidarity with Jews against terror. There were no UN resolutions condemning the massacre.
    But there was a PA-sponsored soccer tournament in Tulkarem named after the suicide bomber.

    73% of Palestinians Believe Jews Should Be Killed Wherever They Hide.
    Jim Hoft
    July 16, 2011,

    Abbas honors terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, killer of 37.
    This week Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas once again honored the memory of the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi – this time by sponsoring a ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of her birth. Mughrabi led the worst terror attack in Israel’s history in 1978, when she and other terrorists hijacked a bus and killed 37 civilians. Present at the ceremony were Palestinian dignitaries and a children’s marching band. Earlier this year, Abbas sponsored a computer center named after Mughrabi.
    The PA further glorified Mughrabi on the date of her birth when the Governor of Ramallah announced the naming of the “Dalal Mughrabi Square”.

    Abbas honors mastermind of Munich Olympics massacre.
    Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik.
    July 6, 2010.

    PA TV honors Sbarro pizza shop terrorists.
    Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik.
    Sept. 4, 2011
    PA TV host sends “best wishes” to “our glorious” prisoner who transported suicide bomber to attack that killed 15, including 7 children.
    These are the sadists that the left supports.

  48. http://www.palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=3351
    PA continues to teach denial of Israel's existence
    Oct 5, 2010
    Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
    Last week, PA TV rebroadcast an educational documentary that has been broadcast numerous times since 2007. The documentary describes the Israeli cities of Haifa, Acre, Ashkelon, Jaffa and the Sea of Galilee as Palestinian.

    PA Historian & Official Deny Israel's History in Land of Israel
    An Arab PA historian and a senior PLO official have denied that the Jewish nation has any historical connection to the Land of Israel.
    Yoni Kempinski

    PA TV: Western Wall area to be turned into Arab housing neighborhood.
    Palestinian Authority TV:
    Western Wall area to be turned into Arab housing neighborhood -Jewish presence in Jerusalem will be erased from history.
    Aug. 17, 2011

    Hamas MP: A Palestinian Who Kills One Jew Will Be Rewarded As If He Killed 30 Million

    Hamas Cleric Calls for Extermination of Jews
    Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
    April 19, 2009

    Karni Eldad/
    The PA is poisoning its children against Israel

    April 01, 2012
    Hamas celebrates anniversary of Haifa restaurant bombing
    Hamas newspaper Palestine Times has a featured article celebrating the ten year anniversary of the bombing of the Arab-owned Matza restaurant in Haifa, that killed 16 Israeli civilians. The article includes photos of the bomber as well as of the devastation to the restaurant, whose roof collapsed from the force of the explosion.

    Following the murderous terrorist attack on Kibbutz Metzer in 2002, the PLO cold-bloodedly stated on its official website, "We will continue to strike in any place, targeting their children as well." Five innocent Israelis, including a mother and her two little boys, were butchered in that attack, all of them, Fatah said, "Zionist colonizers" killed in a "qualitative operation in the settlement of Metzer."

    Here's how the official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jadida headlined its coverage: "Five Israelis killed in an attack on the settlement Metzer." The report continued, "A Palestinian infiltrated the settlement Metzer and opened fire on the settlers." It is not well known that the Palestinian press frequently refers to towns in Israel, such as Holon and Kiryat Shmona, as "settlements." Besides implying that all of Israel is an illegitimate colonial outpost, such references clearly are brought to justify the killings and distinguish them from terrorism.

    After the Tel Aviv massacre on January 12th 2003, where 2 Palestinian homicide bombers massacred 23 Israeli civilians. The PLO web site posted a statement — celebrating the attacks:
    "With faith in the calling of holy jihad," it said, "two suicide attackers . . . succeeded this evening to infiltrate the Zionist roadblocks and to enter the heart of . . . Tel Aviv and carried out two consecutive suicide attacks… These suicide attacks caused a large number of fatalities and casualties in the center of the Zionist occupation of our land. We swear before our people that additional suicide operations will occur."
    That is a view with which much of Arab opinion concurs. ArabicNews.com, for example, datelined its story on the Tel Aviv attack "Palestine-Israel," and reported that the bombings had killed "23 Israeli settlers."

    One day after the Ramallah lynching of two Israelis, Ahmad Abu Halabiya, a member of the PA-appointed Fatwa Council, called on listeners to find and butcher Jews “no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them.

  49. What sickens the Jew haters like Waters is that Jews can now fight back.
    So killing Jews for sport and slitting the throats of sleeping Jewish babies is no longer consequence free.

  50. Who says Golda Meir wasn't right.
    These are the child abusers Waters supports.
    Just google, Hussam Abdu 72 virgins.

    Fatah promised the boy $22 and 72 virgins if he blew himself up.
    Sent To Die (March, 2004).

    If you needed more evidence of Islam's vile and heinous nature, the cover story from the March 25, 2004 edition NY Daily News certainly obliged. For $22.00 and the promise of 72 virgins in Allah's paradise, a mildly retarded Palestinian boy was coerced into becoming a human bomb by Islamic clerics. Compelling young children to do their dying for them seems to have become a favorite tactic of the Islamic fundamentalists in control of Yasser Arafat's political party called Fatah.

    Islamic Imams and warlords are cowards, hiding behind little boys. They corrupt, coerce, and recruit children with promises of perverted rewards, while they themselves remain in the comfort and safety of their mosques and madrasas. No doubt they know Muhammad's dogma is fraudulent and morally bankrupt and that Islam is simply a means to wealth and power.

  51. http://www.palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=8636
    UK Parliament debates hate incitement and UK funding of PA, based on PMW findings.
    by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik.
    Mar. 17, 2013

    UK Parliament scrutinizes Palestinian hate incitement, terror glorification and British funding of PA in debate examining PMW findings.

    MP Ellman: "The matters… are truly shocking and put a question mark over the status of the Palestinian Authority as a partner for peace".

    MP Henderson: "No peace agreement will be able to guarantee…peace if a generation of Palestinians is growing up indoctrinated to hate Israel, Jews and the West".

  52. http://blog.camera.org/archives/2012/04/wheres_the_coverage_palestinia_1.html
    Palestinian Authority Hands Down Death Penalty for Land Sale to Jews.
    April 27, 2012.

    The PA was established in May 1994. The first law it adopted defined selling land to Jews as a capital offense. Shortly thereafter scores of Arab land sellers began turning up dead in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria in both judicial and extrajudicial killings.

    Leaders of the Jewish community of Hebron wrote a letter to international leaders this week asking them to intervene with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and demand that he cancel Shahala's sentence. They addressed the letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy, the director-general of the International Red Cross, Yves Daccord, as well as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres. In it they wrote, "It is appalling to think that property sales should be defined as a 'capital crime' punishable by death.

    "The very fact that such a 'law' exists within the framework of the PA legal system points to a barbaric and perverse type of justice, reminiscent of practices implemented during the dark ages."

    They went on to make the reasonable comparison between the PA's law prohibiting land sales to Jews to Nazi Germany's Nuremburg laws that constrained and finally outlawed trade between Jews and Germans. The letter concluded with the question, "Is the Palestinian Authority a reincarnation of the Third Reich?"

  53. The images of Hamas thugs lynching a supposed informer and dragging his body through the streets of Gaza last November behind a motorcycle. As it turned out the people Hamas murdered were just rivals of Hamas.
    Roger Waters the hypocrite says nothing.

    Hamas victim dragged through the streets of Gaza City Tuesday by motorcycle was no collaborator, widow says.
    It was a sight that shocked the world — the corpse of Ribhi Badawi being dragged through the streets of Gaza City Tuesday by a motorcycle as Hamas gunmen fired into the air.
    Comments (26)
    Matthew Kalman
    NOVEMBER 26, 2012.

  54. http://jcpa.org/article/talking-to-hamas-%E2%80%93-increasing-expressions-of-genocidal-intent-by-hamas-leaders-against-the-jews/
    Talking to Hamas? – Increasing Expressions of Genocidal Intent by Hamas Leaders Against the Jews.
    Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi, January 3, 2011.

    Hamas' official position paper on the destruction of Israel.
    Khaled Meshal, Hamas' "political" leader who is touted as being more moderate than his colleagues in Gaza, has published a major position paper for Hamas to explain its political positions.
    March 21, 2013.

    It adds very little to what we already knew.
    The paper lists nineteen positions, which include:

  55. What would it take for you to criticize this man? Anything? Basically, he is excusing the brutalmurder of the Fogelbaby by Islamic murderers, the shooting of thousands of rockets, against Israel and the thousands of terrorist attacks against Israel prior to the 1967 War. Have you ever heard this idiot speak? He is a moron and your comments show how clueless you are.

  56. Matt Leonard , your post is pathetic for its gobbledy gook and nonsensical stupidity. Like all committed leftists, you use catch phrases like oppression, the fascist character and portion of the wall, the nonsense (as if you were R's psychotherapist) you spew such as""He(Roger) opposes oppression,period". How do you know what he really believes? Do you have tea leaves.

  57. Lori Marcus- How's this: I also do not hate Israel. However, I do hate most of the ways it has dealt with the non-Jewish people who were living there when the modern state was being formed and ever since. I hate the Wall, and how it has been built right through towns, farms, and family compounds. I hate the fact that a people (of which I am extremely proud to be a member) survived the Holocaust and seemingly learned not to hate all genocide and ethnic hatred, but only that directed toward "us." I hate much about the policies and actions of the Israeli government since 1948. And, if you think that equates to hating Israel, I am ashamed for you.

  58. Bruce Levine says:

    Matt, if you would like to hide behind Roger Waters' Dad, then it's your nickel. Roger Waters stated in an interview with Electronic Intifada (no lover of Israel as you know), that the American media is being instructed not to report negative things about Israel. Here's the article below. I think it's sad that people like you have to rush out to defend a Roger Waters with a reference to the Nazis. That's just typical and classic and that some supporters of Israel may have used anti-semitism too much should never–nay never again–be used to sugarcoat the racism of a has-been performer–just because his Dad, like many brave Britons, was killed by the Nazis. On the other hand, I disagree with the apparent decision of the 92nd Sreet Y to cancel Mr. Waters' visit. I'd like to see the Jew hater in person, wouldn't you?http://electronicintifada.net/content/boycotting-israel-way-go-says-pink-floyd-legend-roger-waters/12287

  59. Ken Kelso says:

    What do you think Israel should have done, seeing there civilians are being blown to bits by Palestinian suicide bombers, who are deliberately targeting elderly Holocaust survivors at Passover Seders, teenagers in pizza parlours, buses, disco's, cafe's and restaurants.

  60. And what happened first, the crap of which you speak, or the crap the Israelis did from 1945-1970?

  61. Nanette CohenRayman says:

    Matt: how do you know what I would say to Waters in person? and what his Dad did has NOTHING to do with what this idiot is doing…so, according to your logic, his Dad and he are the same person? pffft…..go read up on it, you tool.

  62. Nanette CohenRayman says:

    How do you know what I know about The Wall….get it through your amoeba brain. He ditzes Israel and wants the world to boycott Israel. That proves that HE and YOU don't know history or current events. NOW shut your piehole….kay?

  63. Lori – Hating things that Israel does is not the same as hating Israel, or that a point too subtle for you to grasp?

  64. Paula Thompson says:

    More people should stand against oppression at each level of society. Wanting to stop modern day colonial projects and speak truth is not dismissing any other events in the past. I argue that it is in fact condemning all such acts.

  65. Bob Harris says:

    Why is a Jewish organization inviting Roger "Little Hitler" Waters? I think we need to BDS Waters and his bigotry. Please contact the Y and urge them to cancel this shameful bastard's appearance.

  66. Bob Harris says:

    Why is a Jewish organization inviting Roger "Little Hitler" Waters? I think we need to BDS Waters and his bigotry. Please contact the Y and urge them to cancel this shameful bastard's appearance.

  67. Bob Harris says:

    Here is contact information for the Y's executive office:

    Please call Heather Jakub at 212-415-5470 or email her at hjakub@92y.org.

  68. Bob Harris says:

    Who gives a crap, Matt? You are a fan boy of this Jew hater. Noted.

  69. Jeff Gunn says:

    thank you to Lori lowenthal marcus for bringing this to my attention. I see the event at the 92Y has now been postponed.

  70. Yulia Kushner says:

    Roger Waters is an attention seeking bigot, willing to go for about anything to clinch to "fame", since his "music" talent is no longer hot. Personally, I would deny this swine anything that comes from Israel, including medication invented there, technology, Bible, etc. let him rot and die in a cave, where he and his "music" belongs in the first place. I would certainly not give his a stage at a Jewish event.

  71. Yulia Kushner says:

    Roger Waters is an attention seeking bigot, willing to go for about anything to clinch to "fame", since his "music" talent is no longer hot. Personally, I would deny this swine anything that comes from Israel, including medication invented there, technology, Bible, etc. let him rot and die in a cave, where he and his "music" belongs in the first place. I would certainly not give him a stage at a Jewish event.

  72. All who hate Israel will see 'the writing on the wall' someday, hopefully sooner than later

  73. Pepe Israel says:

    S. John 8:32; Isaiah 29:22(jacob is not and will never be a nation of pale face people); Ezekiel 36:5(pale face caucasian race coming in to israel claimin to be jews) Revelation 2:9; Titus 1:14; Jeremiah 14:2(jew comes from the word judah. The real jews are black); Hebrews 7:14; Daniel 10:5, 6(color of brass is brown); Revelation 1:1, 14, 15(woolly hair is nappy hair. Caucasians dont have nappy hair); Job 30:30(job a hebrew man describes is skin color) Jeremiah 8:21( jeremiah a hebrew israelite jew describes his skin color) Exodus 4:6, 7( The Most High Yah shows us what skin color moses is who is an hebrew israelite) Lamentations 4:8( describes the jews skin color. We lost our identity, we dont know that we are the children of israel, but as you can see that we're WAKING UP to the truth!) Lamentations 5:10( when brown ppl dont eat they turn darker, when pale caucasians dont eat they turn even more pale) I John 4:1(Dont believe everything u see around the world, but prove them according to the bible).

  74. Matt Leonard says:

    Philip Weinstein how are my posts pathetic for its gobbledy gook? You know nothing about Roger Waters.

  75. Matt Leonard says:

    where did you learn to type? bite the hand that feeds me? what the hell are you talking about? spare me. I could care less who you support or not. Bottom line, it would seem you're making assumptions and drawing conclusions about a person you know nothing about solely based on this completely crooked, one sided article. Shame on you

  76. Matt Leonard says:

    How is Roger a bigot? Can you provide any evidence apart from him not wanting to play in Israel (which certainly does NOT define bigotry) I see more hate coming from the Jewish side of the fence in this debate. Not once have any of you provided solid evidence that Roger Waters is what you accuse him of.

  77. Matt Leonard says:

    The event was rescheduled because Roger had a prior commitment. There is nothing to bring to your attention. Lori is the one fanning the flame of hatred for ultimately no reason. Lori is grossly misinformed about the person she accuses.

  78. Matt Leonard says:

    or better yet… Y don't you spend your energy on more important issues like how Israel and Palestine can co-existing instead of blowing each other up for the betterment of humanity!

  79. Matt Leonard says:

    (rolling my eyes) i won't even dignify this with a response

  80. Matt Leonard says:

    that really has nothing to do with anything but why don't you muster up the balls and ask him yourself.

  81. Roger is such a wonderful, kind, intellect. He's stating his opinion, which he has a right to do. Some are showing their true colors, throwing hatred around just because they don't agree…

  82. He doesn't hate any country. He just doesn't agree with injustices, as any good person should. Lori, you seem to be a hater, with one sided story…crap journalism.

  83. Yulia Kushner says:

    Based on the quantity and quality of your posts I believe you are a troll, so it is not a debate in the first place.

  84. Perlitha Azucena Torres Martinez says:

    Roger Waters is much more better than this…
    All of you people shouldn't talk about someone you don't know, and the press is such a scum

  85. Duff Moses says:

    Like the red-baiters of my childhood who cynically conflated social justice with Bolshevism, those who insist the policies of a sovereign government must represent the ancient glorious faith of Judaism seek to paint any criticism of state behavior as anti semitic. And it is working beautifully.

  86. Jeff Gunn says:

    where is their perpetual refugee status? who is returning their 100 billion dollars in lost land and property? @matt leonard – get lost troll!

  87. Matt Leonard says:

    The quality? haha, wow, you are blind. I've been respectful with my debate, and yes, its a debate. Whats so wrong with that? You're the one of the others here resorting to name calling and pointing fingers without knowing the facts about Roger. I have a right to post here as much as you or anybody else.

    So anybody against Israeli policies is a bigot? How so?
    You still haven't explained how Roger is a bigot… because you can't. Believe what you want, I don't care. At least be able to back up your statements with facts and ditch the disrespectful name calling and bigotry yourself.

    When an article is spewing lies and untruths, I need to step up and say something. I have that right and its the right thing to do.

  88. Yulia Kushner says:

    Kindly refer to my original reply to you.

  89. Ryan Clarkson says:

    not saying he is right or wrong. but he never has anything bad to say about jews, just israel.

  90. Matt Leonard says:

    nice… you have no point so you resort to insults. grow up. Oh and as long as you keep addressing me, i'll be around.

  91. Matt Leonard says:

    yeah, and? you really have nothing to say to support your side of things apparently. you cannot answer any of my questions. you have no point. you just follow the heard. HA!

  92. Yulia Kushner says:

    Kindly refer to my original reply to you.

  93. Matt Leonard says:

    yeah, and? hahaha

  94. Jeff Gunn says:

    find an incredible irony in the fact that once palestine becomes a recognized state it will be an apartheid nation so roger is supporting a de facto apartheid future regime. it's just the stench of hypocrisy spewing from roger's mouth …

  95. Kenny Pnkfloyd Bates says:

    ha ha I'm going!

  96. Kenny Pnkfloyd Bates says:

    maybe one day these leaders from both these nations, would just come together hug each other and work as one! its pathetic that I have to hear about these 2 countries on the news everyday. just like children. " oh that's my tree house, no its not its mine and I'm building a fort around it so you cant come it" this sand is my sand, this land is my land" anybody ever hear about the concept of SHARING and preserving life and the life of innocent people! just pathetic! get a job, love your family friends, and yes NEIHBORS! A GREAT MAN ONCE SAID"LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF! well what the hell is going on down there! people are just scared to know one another! I don't get it! stop building walls, stop bombing, share the land, get to know one another, and stop being morans!

  97. Kenny Pnkfloyd Bates says:

    gil you are soo wrong. "the wall " concerts speak for themselves. believe me his music that speaks to everyone will keep roger in the spotlight forever! roger just hates war, fighting, and innocent people getting killed. i hope that one day there will be a great change , down in this region , where both countries can get along and try to come to a compromise, love each other, and work together. hell if the usa can do it(many many people from different cultures here) the isreal can do it.

  98. Kenny Pnkfloyd Bates says:

    God I hate politics. I am more a person who strives for people to get together, who loves seeing people love each other, I am a fan of working things out, etc etc. I hope one day that this fighting would stiop, no more bombing on either side, and everyone to get along with each other. I wish people could just tear down their own walls and get to know one another and just talk things out and to trust each other. believe me, I would love to go to isreal , palestine, etc but with all of this stupid fighting, I am not loosing my life, because of stupid, old style, leaders that cant trust one another. I pray for peace over there always. SCREW POLITICS AND EMBRACE LOVE! KEEP HATE ON THE WAISTSIDE!

  99. Matt Leonard says:

    Oh, so you're a soothsayer now? Give me a break!

  100. It's Israeli Officials Who Are Terrorists:

    The Gaza Massacre

  101. Imagine the joy of killing at will. Imagine the pleasure of wiping out a family with a single shell. Imagine the ecstacy of toddlers crying to their dead mothers. Imagine the sorrow of being an eternal victim. Imagine the pride of being a Jew.
    — Matt Giwer, 2009


  102. I support Israel as a nation, but as an Evil Empire, I think they should be on their own.

  103. So, all over the globe, governments and groups are doing bad things to minorities. And historically, governments have stolen land (that is, North America). And your argument is, unless we concurrently condemn all outrages (current and historical), we cannot legitimately criticize Israel?

    OK. I condemn all current and past atrocities. Can I now say a few things about Israel?


  104. There's always a shill who will post the same old "poor Israel" rhetoric. It is designed to shame those who ask legitimate questions by burdening them with the guilt of supposed racism.


  105. Pls join me in liking this page pls pls pls –> CJPME

    "Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East"

    The belief all positions should respect international law
    The belief all parties in a conflict must be held to the same standard
    The belief violence is not a solution


  106. The 'apartheid wall'

    There are few places in the world where governments construct a web of nationality and residency laws designed for use by one section of the population against another.

    Apartheid South Africa was one. So is Israel.


    Comparisons between white rule in South Africa and Israel's system of control over the Arab peoples it governs are increasingly heard.

    Opponents of the vast steel and concrete barrier under construction through the West Bank and Jerusalem dubbed it the "apartheid wall" because it forces communities apart and grabs land.

  107. Regina Van Cott says:

    well why be above it when you can just last moment cancel events and say it was Roger and be equally, as biased…sheesh.

  108. A note from Roger.

    "There has been some chatter about the cancellation of my interview at 92Y. By way of clarification, here is what I know.

    I was invited by 92Y to take part in an interview at the Theresa L. Kaufmann Concert Hall on the 30th April this year. I checked out a couple of previous talks on YouTube, and as they appeared to be serious and measured discourse, I accepted the invitation to take part.

    Things were complicated when the Opera House in São Paulo, Brazil requested my presence for four full productions of Ça Ira, my opera on the French Revolution, around conflicting dates. In the end, the date for the dress rehearsal of Ça Ira fell on the 30 th April, and so, reluctantly and very apologetically, I asked the team at 92Y if my appearance could be re-scheduled. Assistant Director Jennifer Hausler, who had been helping all along, couldn’t have been more understanding, gave me some alternative dates in June and I accepted June the 19th. Everyone was happy. Well, perhaps not quite everyone.

    On April 3rd, my publicist in NY received a phone call from Susan Engel, the Director of Lectures at the 92Y, cancelling my re-scheduled engagement without explanation. She did leave a telephone number which we called, but it was only an answering machine with the message that 92Y was closed for Passover. We left messages asking to talk to Susan Engel but have so far received no reply.

    I have since been made aware of rumblings on the net suggesting that resistance in the local Jewish community to my coming engagement may have had something to do with its cancellation. If that be the case it saddens me. In these troubled times, opportunities for serious, measured discourse are too precious to be discarded on the altar of sectarian prejudice. Not to talk is not an option.

    Also our conversation at the 92Y would not necessarily have needed to be restricted to our hopes for just and peaceful outcomes for both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. I have other interests, we could have talked about how Pink Floyd got its name, or whether David and I will ever get back together (sorry, irony) or suicide rates among returning veterans or Las Madres de Malvinas, or the missing in Mexico, or the concept of Us and Them.

    To bundle up in our dread beliefs serves us not at all.

    Not to talk is not an option.

    Roger Waters 7th April 2013".

  109. god's chosen terrorists.

  110. god's chosen terrorists.

  111. god's chosen terrorists.

  112. god's chosen terrorists.

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