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December 18, 2014 / 26 Kislev, 5775
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Palestinian Police Officer, Islamic Jihad and Israeli Bedouin were involved

Bat Yam Bus Bombers Captured

The Islamic Jihad terrorist moment has infiltrated into the heart of Israel and was involved in last month’s Bat Yam bus bombing near Tel Aviv. Those arrested include a Palestinian Authority policeman and Israeli Bedouin.

The Shin Bet has arrested a Palestinian Authority policeman, four Islamic Jihad terrorists and several Negev Bedouins for carrying out last month's Bat Yam bus bombing.

The Shin Bet has arrested a Palestinian Authority policeman, four Islamic Jihad terrorists and several Negev Bedouins for carrying out last month's Bat Yam bus bombing.
Photo Credit: Flash 90

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) has lifted a gag order and revealed that security forces arrested 14 suspects, including four senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad members, in the bombing of a Bat Yam bus near Tel Aviv last month. Bat Yam Terorrist 1

The four Islamic Jihad terrorists are from Bethlehem, between Jerusalem and Gush Etzion, and Bedouin from the Negev, with Israeli citizenship, were among others who were arrested.
Bat Yam Terorrist 2

Two brothers belonging to the Islamic Jihad, Shahada Tamari (previously jailed in Israel), 24, and Hamadi Tamari, a Palestinian police officer (also previously jailed in Israel), 21, and Yousef Salamah, 22, made the remote-control bomb with four pounds of explosives and nails and screws to inflict maximum injuries.
Bat Yam Terorrist 3

The bomb was in a black bag that they gave to the fourth Islamic Jihad terrorist, Sami Harimi, 20, who took it with him to the southern Hevron Hills, where the security fence is relatively ineffective, with hundreds of Arabs bypassing it every day to enter Be’er Sheva and the coastal regions.

Screws, nails, ball bearings and other metal pieces that were inside the bomb to maximize the number of people killed.

Screws, nails ball bearings and other metal pieces that were inside the bomb to maximize the number of people injured and killed.

A Negev Bedouin, who carries Israeli citizenship, drove him to Jaffa. Harimi knew the Jaffa-Tel Aviv area well because he worked in a restaurant in Jaffa, without a permit.

The terrorists prayed in a mosque before Harimi boarded a public bus with the bag and then left it there when he got off at another stop.

He then called the mobile phone number that was attached to the bomb, setting it off.

The attack would have caused massive casualties if it had not been for three people who together saved many lives. A child told a passenger that someone had left a bag on the bus, and the passenger in turn was curious and noticed wires sticking out of the bag. He told the bus driver, who immediately cleared everyone off the bus.

Moments later, the bus blew up.

Security personnel arrested Harimi in Bethlehem several days after the attack, and he revealed that the Islamic Jihad terrorists were planning to stage a large-scale terrorist attack in Tel Aviv after the buys bombing.

The investigation by the Shin Bet and the subsequent arrests foiled a second attack, which could have caused a disaster because security personnel found an additional 45 pounds of explosive near the home of one of the Tamari brothers.

More arrests are expected.

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas said last week that he will demand that Israel release all terrorists,including those who might be arrested during John Kerry’s peace talk festival.

Kerry landed in Israel Thursday evening, less than six hours before the Shin Bet lifted the gag order on the arrests.

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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38 Responses to “Bat Yam Bus Bombers Captured”

  1. Lets save time and court room expenses and send him home to his mommy right now.

  2. kick in the doors and bulldoze not only these scum but their any friends and family. imagine thinking you can make "peace" with these sewer rats. kill them.

  3. Billy bob says:

    Obama already working to free them to ease tension with Iran. Bringing in recently released and convicted for aiding terrorists attorney for twin tower bombings to spearhead Obama campaign for immediate release.
    This is not a true story–yet

  4. Dorothy Andreassend says:

    John Kerry!! Pleased with yourself?????? How blind can you be or is there a hidden agenda which, actually is not so hidden. God bless Israel.

  5. Yaniv Baron says:

    It's not like these guys will get punished anyways.

  6. I guess Allah didn't answer their prayers at the mosque!!! And abyss demands their release!!! Is it just me or is their anyone else that can see the lunatics are running the White House, and they are demanding peace with the insane and mentally challenged Palestinians???

  7. This is what comes of releasing terrorists. Surely more will come after Kerry's pressure to make so-called peace and Israel bowing to international blackmail to isolate Israel even more if they don't release murderers.

  8. Kjeld Hesselmann says:

    The terrorist assault shows at least two things. First of all Israel has a fifth column inside Israel proper. Next, the most ridiculous thing is to deliver once convicted murderers. Spare facilities and money and do away with the scumbags captured so everybody is eventually freed of the temptation to negotiate their release.

  9. ima says:

    If the Torah commandments are the law of Jews and Judaism is a
    Roadmap for civilization, a basis for the bill of rights, justice,independence,life, liberty , why are Obama and Kerry partnering with primeval jihad. As they undermine good and Israel they are endangering America,Europe and all humanity.Shame on these two who twist the Jewish people to surrender their victory and rebirth for an unnation with devious intentions proven again and again and again. These two who seek ad force murderers release are guilty of murder .

  10. Just another example of why these individuals MUST BE SENTENCED AND THEN EXECUTED! The death penalty insures us of one very important thing: NO REPEAT OFFENDERS!!!!!

  11. Robin Erwood Watson says:


  12. Aryeh Sax says:


  13. Yechiel Baum says:

    how many times can you arrest and free the same murders?

    ab ASS will have to pay them AGAIN 50,000 dollars of American taxpayers money?

  14. What an observant child – saving a whole bus load of passengers' lives. Hopefully he will get a special prize. One has to ask 'To whom were the terrorists praying in their Mosque'? Not a God of Love obviously but a god of destruction and horrow. Wonderful he didn't succeed this time. The terrorists should be made to pay for the damage to the bus.

  15. Israel should release the terrorists express to the white house and let them do a job on the entire administration what a lesson that would be

  16. He was caught
    He will stand trial
    He will be jailed
    He will study in jail
    He will graduate in jail
    He will be released
    He will do another act
    He will be caught
    He will stand trial

    …and the cycle continues…

  17. Myriam Obadia says:

    Bibi should tell Kerry that if he wants them free, he can take them with him to the US

  18. Myriam Obadia says:

    The agenda isn't even hidden anymore.

  19. Keren says:

    This kind of terroism wont rest as the mentality of these extremists is to drive the Jews into the sea. Its hopeless and its a case of acting not just defending

  20. Chaiya Eitan says:

    These barbarians I'm sure are being applauded by the whole #BDS crowd and all the other evil anti-Semites. There is no point in continuing these so-called 'negotiations' – actually there never was a point in holding them. Send them all to Jordan and they can call it whatever they want.

  21. You got the guys.Great and thank to '' hardly nobody was injured!

  22. David says:

    Is John Kerry related to Rabshekah by any chance

  23. Stephanie Taylor says:

    Let them try and escape then shoot them so that they can not be released to danger Israelis.

  24. Abbushuki says:

    Agree with Harding and Hecht. US should pay for damages with $ that the would have given to PA.
    But here’s a new twist everyone: Apply Islamic law: e.g. a thief loses a hand. For attempted murder Israel does not hang, but why not castration? THAT might serve as a real inhibitor. After all, what would they then do with all those virgins?
    You read it here first folks. Go for it!
    It’s called returning the terror and could work!

  25. Uzi Kattan says:

    What good is arresting Arab terrorists when Netanyahu releases them? They deserve to be executed and tied in pig skin.

  26. This is what peace talks bring. More terror and from the released terrorists and the Plo Police too!

  27. AC Stubbs says:

    Sec Kerry,
    You were saying that Israel is not trying hard enough?


  29. Fred Weiser says:

    Execute them

  30. Too bad Kerry was not on that bus.

  31. what is the sense in capturing them when Israel lets them go in the "interest of peace" They will eventually be given ticker tape parades when they are let go. Does not seem to make any sense to me

  32. Talking about peace? Crazy lunatics. The point is, "do not let this psyco-maniacs come out of jail". Netanyahu should not listen to this crap.

  33. Myriam Obadia, no please! We already have Obama, we do not need more terror in our country!

  34. BTW, John Kerry should be put in jail with the terrorists, and then, hopefully, he will open his eyes and stop talking nonsence.

  35. Yehuda Sadeh says:

    the shin bet deserve a big victory those are the people who works day and night in the dark to make every one safe in Israel . about those terrorist they should be controlled by Mr ABBAS he is the one who should count responsible for those actions.

  36. Myriam Obadia says:

    Ben H Badillo don't worry, he wouldn't. Just a way to make him realize he is asking from Israel something he would never accept to do

  37. Sadly, Kerry is a blind politician who really does not care for anyone, specially our land (Israel) He is just a puppet from Obama and the government.

  38. Arnold Cohen says:

    At this point, I agree. However, what happens to all those Arabs??

Comments are closed.

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