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Kol Israel is about to be shut down and re-started.

“Why? The IBA, notorious for burning public money, was suddenly concerned that Latma’s budget – funded entirely by private donors – would not be sufficient to produce the program. Unlike the IBA, Latma is in the black and never spent a shekel it did not have, but the IBA’s legal department – the same department responsible for hundreds of millions of shekels of public money lost in litigation – was concerned that Latma was not in good financial health.”



  1. It's abiut a time. The leftis take smaller part of Israel citizens, but they brainwhaed Israel on all TV and radio channels. It's time to balanced and show any view of people Israel. We have right wing government for many years, but leftis still dominate on TV, radio and press.

  2. Israel is a democracy irrespective of the leaning of its parties. This being said, the Radio is not the mouth piece of any party and should be able to remain at bay from political involvement. Stop hunting for leftist ghosts….

  3. Here is the challenge to minister Gilaad Erdan- There are many very talented pro-Judea and Samaria, Right wing writers like Caroline Glick and others that should be given a chance to express their views nationally… A democracy is pluralism of views and the ability to express them in public…If that is the definition than ARE WE A TRUE DEMOCRACY?

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