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Freud’s Twisted View Of Jewish Origins

That Freud was Jewish is universally recognized. Not as well known is his strong and proud self-identification as a Jew. Freud was also very...

We Will One Day Rebuild The Holy Temple

Till this day, many Jewish homes continue to observe the tradition of maintaining a half-meter square patch of wall scraped clean of plaster as one enters the house. For how can we complete our houses when G-d's house lays in ruins?

Power And Politics (Part III): Early Modern Eastern Europe (1500-1800)

Through a series of expulsions, forced conversions and general violence, European Jewry looked eastward, particularly towards Poland and Lithuania for respite.

Unholy Wars: The Crusades And The Jews (Part II)

Why, though, was our remembrance not confined to the Kinot of Tisha B’Av, when we recall other tragedies? What was unique about the Crusades?

The Amazing Tale Of Morris ‘Two-Gun’ Cohen

One of the most colorful, albeit largely unknown, characters in contemporary Jewish history is Morris (Moishe) Abraham “Two-Gun” Cohen (1887-1970), a.k.a. “the uncrowned Jewish...

Who Am I?

We all try to go on the right path, we all try to set goals and go ahead and achieve them.

Righteous Lithuanians

The surviving five percent of Lithuanian Jewry owe their lives to the small number of heroic people who saved them.

Unholy Wars: The Crusades And The Jews (Part I)

Hoping to thwart the impending danger, French Jews provided soldiers with food and supplies

Reaching For The Sky

I am a firm believer that the three greatest forms of ammunition in our arsenal are truth, tefillah and emunah.

How Do We Know Froot Loops Is Kosher? What Does a ‘K’ Really...

“You have to ask a reliable kosher agency who stands behind the ‘K’ on the product,” said Rabbi Moshe Berger, operations manager at the Orthodox Rabbinical Board.

A Minor Fast Day With Major History

As Jews, we try to connect all of our daily events to the guiding hands of The Almighty. And yet, how often do we look at G-d’s connection to the world and His intervention in the public realm?

Albert Einstein’s ‘Music Of The Spheres’

Einstein once declared that while Beethoven “created” his music, Mozart's “was so pure that it seemed to have been ever-present in the universe, waiting to be discovered by the master.”

Counting One’s Blessings

The older we get, the wiser we get, and the more mistakes we have made over time, the more experience we have gained.

Sousa’s Jewish Connections

Sousa’s respect and affection for Liebling may explain why, for his time, the fiercely patriotic bandleader had a rather enlightened view of Jewish immigrants to the United States.

The Palestine Pavilion – 1924-25

They could view articles of Eastern craftsmanship, including Hebron glassware, Jerusalem pottery, Nazareth lace, Palestinian olive wood, and other locally manufactured products, including soap from the renowned Shemen company.

The Month Of Tammuz

All the suffering that has been our lot since the day the Temple was destroyed is a result of our exiled state. This is why we mourn the destruction of the Temples.

Chalav Yisrael Today: What Is It? How Is It Produced?

There are two types of chalav Yisrael farms. One is dedicated full-time to chalav Yisrael service. The second type of farm provides chalav Yisrael milk on a per-need basis.

Two New York Synagogues Mark Their Centennials

Today, both synagogues serve the entire Upper West Side community, as do so many of the other amazing other synagogues of this incredibly vibrant and competitive neighborhood.

JScreen: Wiping Out Jewish Genetic Diseases, One Swab At A Time

Over time, JScreen has expanded its testing panel and now can detect 226 diseases that are prevalent in the Jewish community, said Hillary Kener, director of national outreach and marketing for JScreen.

Ashley Blaker, Charedi Comedian, Regales Frum and Secular Alike

“I perform a show that I would not be ashamed for my rav to see, but I’m sure there are always going to be people that feel I pushed it too far.”

Losing A Special Needs Child

All of these children, including my son, take an enormous amount of physical care. It is not a simple matter. And yet, taking care of such special children is an honor.

Nathan Birnbaum, Founder Of ‘Zionism’

Zionist leader, Yiddishist, journalist, and Jewish theoretician and philosopher Nathan Birnbaum (1864-1937), who sometimes used the pseudonyms “Mattisyahu Ascher” or “Mathias Acher,” is one...

Power and Politics Feminized (Part II): Muslim Empire And Sephardic Jewry (700-1750)

Turkish Jews and Muslims would flock to her door with bribes or requests for her to exert her influence with the royals.


How do misunderstandings arise? Often the cause is a kind of egocentrism – the belief that other people think the same way we do, especially if these people belong to “us.”

From IDF Soldier To YU Shortstop

Getting shot at is tough to describe. In the moment, you revert back to your training. You do what you were taught to do. You don’t really think about it. You just react.

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