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Nissan: The Month Of Redemption

Did all those broken and hurt people expect the last words of Yosef – “And G-d will surely redeem you from here,” which he uttered on his deathbed – to come true?

Happy Pi Day!

The Jewish Press decided to join math lovers the world over in celebrating Pi Day, observed every year since 1988 on March 14.

Preparing For Pesach Spiritually, Not Just Physically

We all know that cleaning the house for Pesach is a mitzvah, but what are our thoughts as we fulfill it?

Results Reveal Foolishness

When I first encountered the idea of omitting pictures of women, I could, grudgingly, understand the logic.

The Connection Between Purim And Pesach

What do hamentaschen and matzahs have in common? What connection could there be between Pharaoh and Haman, Moses and Mordecai, Miriam and Esther?

Billy Graham And The Jews

Jacob Baal-Teshuva, an authority on Marc Chagall and one of the most distinguished international editors, appraisers, and critics of modern and contemporary art, served...


After nearly three weeks, the miracle we had hoped for faded.

A Tale Of Three Dresses (A Story For Pesach)

My vintage black design still elicited wows and universal admiration. This time around, it was a perfect bubby dress, a smashing success.

Medical Clowning

Empathy, humor, and imagination are the magical threads that bridge the gaps wrought by age, culture, experience, and pain and foster connections between clown and patient.

Venahafoch Hu

It’s doing the right thing even when it might seem like it’s the opposite of what everyone else is doing, even though you know, that it’s the right thing.

A Feud For The Ages: A History of the Jews and the Church...

There is no question that relations between the Jews and the Church have improved immensely since Vatican II.

Mom Is Not Crazy

The only inkling I had that something was amiss was that sometimes when I would greet she responds and other times she doesn't.

Paul Robeson And The Soviet Purge Of Russian Jews

More than 40 years after his death, Robeson retains his status as an American cultural and political icon, but he also leaves behind a sad legacy as a hero who betrayed his Jewish friends.

My Beloved Land

The entire world is like a body or a vessel, and Israel is the soul that makes the body run.

Tio Benny

My uncles took cover on the bimah, and cries of "Mazel Tov" pierced the air.

Dom Bruno Of Belgium: The Heroic Priest Who Saved 400 Jewish Lives

Dom Bruno was clearly a courageous man, risking his own life to save four hundred Jewish lives, most of them children.

On The Bookshelf

Some of the most famous and important works of literature contain passages and themes that are immodest in nature. May a G-d-fearing Jew read these works for the good they contain, or must he forgo reading them entirely?

Herzl’s Two Trips To Eretz Yisrael

Herzl never set foot again in Eretz Yisrael during his lifetime, but he did return decades after his death in 1904 at the tragically young age of 44.

Portugal Actively Seeks A Greater Jewish Presence

“We want a Jewish presence in Portugal,” said Mendes Godinho, “and we look to Jewish investment.” Citing low unemployment and calling Portugal the “third most peaceful country in the world,” she stressed the importance of bringing Jews to visit and live in Portugal.

Gratitude – Hakarat Hatov

All of us go through challenges in our lives. One can just let one’s imagination run wild wondering how many tests and challenges a person might experience in the course of 20 years.

Personal Thoughts On The Chagim

Like the threads on a loom, the chagim weave a thick, rich tapestry of faith and kedusha.

Piercing The Darkness Of Substance Abuse And Suicide, Amudim Offers Ray Of Hope With...

An upbeat promise of hope, Set Me Free is a reminder that even those who feel trapped by addiction can take control of their lives and liberate themselves by seeking professional help.

Fifth Annual Kosher Halftime Show Kicks Off On Nachum Segal Network Feb. 4

Anyone who appreciates a mix of football, unique commercials, and Jewish music will be thrilled with our KHS 2018 presentation.

Napoleon, Eretz Yisrael, And The Jews

In the summer of 1798, Napoleon conquered Egypt and, leading an army through the Sinai Peninsula into Eretz Yisrael, took control of Jaffa and commenced a siege of Acre (1799), hoping to provoke a Syrian insurgence against the Ottomans and threaten British rule in India.


My special needs child was in the car and it was a very cold and rainy morning. These two officers didn’t leave my side for more than 2 hours.

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