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Electionshpiel Special

23 Tishri 5769 – October 22, 2008
Question: For whom will you be voting in next month's presidential election?

The Right To Ask, Or Not

16 Tishri 5769 – October 15, 2008
Last week I discussed whether a close friend has a right to expect to know everything that is going on in our lives in order for them to be supportive of us.

Passing The Torch

In just a few weeks we will commemorate the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the day that, for many people, marks the beginning of the Shoah.

The Right To Know

9 Tishri 5769 – October 8, 2008
I had a very wise friend who once told me that when her kids were young, she wanted them to tell her everything that went on in their lives.

Not Only Is It The Right Thing To Do, It May Get You What...

2 Tishri 5769 – October 1, 2008
We are bombarded with requests for Tzedakah (charity) and it is our responsibility to give.

Irena’s Vow – Honoring A Tzadekes

It is customary before the Yamim Noraim, the High Holy Days, to look back at the past and strive to do better the following year, through Teshuvah.

The Nursing Home – Making Placement Easier

24 Elul 5768 – September 24, 2008
Once you have accepted that a care facility is the only way to proceed if both you and your spouse are to survive the progression of the chronic illness, and you have chosen a facility that is appropriate for your spouse, the next step is to adjust to your new role as care giver.

Brooklyn Heights

Question: What are your hopes and wishes for the new year?

When What You Can Do Changes (Part VI)

17 Elul 5768 – September 17, 2008
It is our fantasy, our illusion, our wishful thinking (supported by the movie industry and our own values) that as we age or become ill, we will be cared for by our ever-smiling and patient spouses and children, surrounded by our loving, laughing, cherubic grandchildren whose sole wish is to hug and kiss us and listen to our stories.

Conference Of Poles Caring For Jewish Heritage

The first national conference of non-Jewish Poles, who care for Jewish heritage sites in Poland, has just taken place.

The Singer Festival In Warsaw

10 Elul 5768 – September 10, 2008
For numerous reasons the most active time for Jewish events in Poland is the summer.

When What You Can Do Changes: The Nursing Home Alternative (Part V)

I have been writing about the need for caregivers to acknowledge the changes in themselves as their physical and mental capabilities change.

Private and Public Acts of Acknowledgement and Empathy

3 Elul 5768 – September 3, 2008
I have often written about the importance of acknowledging someone's pain and showing appreciation for what they have done for us.

Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn

Question: Whom would you like to see as the next prime minister of Israel?

When What You Can Do Changes (Part IV)

26 Av 5768 – August 27, 2008
Over the last three weeks I have written about caregivers needing to accept their limitations and make changes accordingly.

The Baudouina Orphanage

On Thursday August 21 an unusual ceremony took place at the Baudouina Orphanage in Warsaw, Poland.

When What You Can Do Changes (Part III)

19 Av 5768 – August 20, 2008
Well spouses need to re-evaluate often their situation and how they are relating to their loved ones.

Jewish Art In Poland

Jewish art in Poland, as in other places throughout the world, comes from two sources: art by Jews or art by gentiles about Jews.

Ave. J, Brooklyn

Question: Whom would you rather see as first lady - Cindy McCain or Michelle Obama?

When What You Can Do Changes (Part II)

12 Av 5768 – August 13, 2008
There was a time when I wore a message button daily. I wore it more to remind myself of the message than anyone else reading it.

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