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Save Money on Coffee

23 Tammuz 5776 – July 29, 2016
Not just in Israel... A coffee shop own put up a sign for coffee. "Coffee" - 9 Shekel "Coffee, please" - 8 Shekel "Good Morning, may I have...

Low-Cost Café Offers Coffee for $1.40 a cup

27 Tishri 5774 – October 1, 2013
Hey, buddy! Can you spare 14 dimes for a cup of coffee? That is the price for a cut of caffeine at a new low-cost...

Café el-Fishawy, Cairo

14 Elul 5773 – August 20, 2013
Some 240 years ago, a man named al-Fishawy began serving coffee to his friends in an alley of Cairo's Khan al-Khalili district each evening...

Don’t Drink Alone

21 Heshvan 5773 – November 6, 2012
It occurred to me that with so much of this website being devoted to politics and the Islamist threat, we should probably use some...

Upside-Down Coffee

6 Heshvan 5773 – October 22, 2012
This is a normal cup of Israeli coffee, the kind you can order practically anywhere. This particular shop, in fact, is usually associated with...

Looking Up

13 Tishri 5773 – September 28, 2012
In the hustle and bustle of New York City, it’s nearly impossible to stop and slow down - even for a second. The gulps of coffee, swish of a lipstick, and the tying of your shoelaces need to be accomplished in a matter of minutes. The clock is ticking. Everyone is perpetually on the go, not appreciating the present because the future is waiting impatiently. Though I am a New Yorker through and through, I’ve never stopped to ponder this hasty way of living.

Fit And Trim

28 Elul 5772 – September 14, 2012
Dear Tanya, There are some diet delivery services that are kosher. Do you recommend I try them? In the past, one of the reasons I had a hard time sticking to a diet was because I hate preparing for myself, and when life gets hectic I just don’t have the time.

Coffee and Me

23 Adar 5772 – March 16, 2012
I love coffee, but I cannot drink it. This has been the case since my doctor issued the verdict last month - no coffee and no milk. I was quite disappointed to hear that as I love coffee, but I was determined to follow expert medical advice. That conviction, however, did not last more than one week into a new semester with a full course load.

Hachnossos Kallah of Greater Miami to Hold Benefit Tea

18 Shevat 5772 – February 10, 2012
South Florida’s Lana Ditchek Goldberg Hachnossos Kallah will observe its 28th anniversary with a delightful evening featuring Israeli singing sensation Rachel Factor. The women-only event will include delicious sushi, dessert buffet, coffee bar, boutique and raffle prizes.

Fine Wines For Rosh Hashanah

22 Elul 5770 – September 1, 2010
The blast of the shofar carries loudly and clearly over long distances. Because of that, it was often blown in biblical times as a means of communication - to announce times of danger or the onset of peace. Today the shofar is sounded in connection with the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. In fact, the only specific biblical commandment for the upcoming Rosh Hashanah holiday (in these times) is the sounding of the shofar.

You Know Your Date’s A Mentsch If…

13 Sivan 5770 – May 26, 2010
While some people have the extreme mazel of knowing within an hour of their date that the person sitting across from them is the "right one," the vast majority of those on shidduch (blind) dates aren't so lucky. I would guess most first dates are parve - with the consensus being, "I had a nice time, but not amazing."

Sweating the Small Stuff

10 Heshvan 5770 – October 28, 2009
Very often when we can't face our big hurts or big loses we focus on the little ones. We can discuss those. We can cry over the small loses, be angry at the smaller hurts even though it may look trite and sound ridiculous to others.

It’s Not Just A Collection; It’s El Al

22 Adar 5769 – March 18, 2009
Aside from a poster depicting the 40th anniversary of El Al that greets visitors immediately, and a couple of El Al coasters on the coffee table, there is not much in the living room of the Upper West Side home of Marvin Goldman to suggest that he is an avid collector of El Al material and paraphernalia.

Kosher Tidbits from Around the Web – March 17, 2009

Is there a more perfect way to end your day then with a bowl of soup?  They soup is comfort food - even during...

Kosher Tidbits from Around the Web – March 17, 2009

Is there a more perfect way to end your day then with a bowl of soup?  They soup is comfort food - even during...

Pesach – Let My People Cook!

15 Adar 5769 – March 11, 2009
Pesach. Ahhh. All that scrubbing, all that shopping, and most of all, all that cooking! How is it possible to keep Pesach costs to a minimum, while still maintaining a wide variety of foods that are both tasty and attractive? And how is it possible to keep Pesach cooking (relatively!) healthy, delicious, and even matzo meal and gluten free?

Title: Festival of Lights – A Delightful Collection of Handmade Chanukiot

28 Heshvan 5769 – November 26, 2008
Filled with full-color photos of the author's collection of Chanukah menorahs, chanukiot, Festival of Lights - A Delightful Collection of Handmade Chanukiot could make a delightful gift this winter.

Acknowledgement And Empathy; The Caffeine Of Emotions

When we are exhausted but must continue doing whatever it is that needs to be done, we can usually rely on a jolt of caffeine to keep us on task.

Over the Rainbow – Efrat

19 Av 5768 – August 20, 2008
Things I've done in Efrat that I would never do in Jerusalem:

Sophisticated Java

15 Kislev 5767 – December 6, 2006
The coffee bean has an interesting and varied history.

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