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Women Celebrate Completing Daf Yomi Cycle, Asking ‘Why Not?’

18 Av 5772 – August 5, 2012
On August 1, the biggest Jewish American event ever took place – the completion of the daily learning of the entire Gemara, which happens once every 7 and a half years, known as Siyum HaShas – filling of 90,000 seats at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. However, a significantly smaller, but just as intriguing group celebrated the event in skirts, scarves and a spirit of sisterhood in Jerusalem.

Daf Yomi

16 Av 5772 – August 3, 2012
A Hadran On Shas ‘Tam V’nishlam’ (Niddah 73a)

The Siyum – Postscript

15 Av 5772 – August 2, 2012
The highlight of the evening was a brief but inspiring video of the history of Daf Yomi from its inception at the first Agudah convention via until the present. Over all, The Siyum was a job well done I thought. At least here in Chicago.

If You Launch It, They Will Come: ArtScroll On The iPad

14 Av 5772 – August 1, 2012
For the Siyum HaShas in MetLife Stadium, community leaders, security officials, and even dogs (K-9 units) spent months getting ready for the close to 100,000 in attendance on Wednesday afternoon. However, members of ArtScroll have been focusing on what happens after the celebration. In honor of the 13th daf yomi cycle, ArtScroll has begun to launch its newest edition of the Babylonian Talmud – a digitized version for the iPad.

Siyum HaShas: Klal Yisrael Celebrates The Torah

The Jewish Press joins in saluting the thousands of lomdei Torah around the world who together, in countless specially designated study groups, have completed the entire Shas over the past seven and a half years in the Daf HaYomi cycle.

We’ve Learned Nothing in 2000 Years

8 Av 5772 – July 27, 2012
I have always felt that the Daf Yomi would be the leader of that "Ahavat Chinam". In all my experiences attending those various Daf Yomis across the globe, nobody ever asked me what Kashrut I observe, how big my Kippa was or if my wife covers her hair. We were all one nation, one people studying the same page of Gemara. And then it came crashing down.

Daf Yomi

8 Av 5772 – July 26, 2012
Sorrow And Joy ‘Proclaim Your Troubles So That Your Friends Pray For You’ (Niddah 66a)

A Celebration Seven And A Half Years In The Making

7 Av 5772 – July 25, 2012
With the countdown to the twelfth Siyum HaShas of Daf Yomi now down to the single digits, organizers of the event are working furiously to ensure that the massive event, for which all 93,000 available tickets have been sold, goes off without a hitch.

Daf Yomi

29 Tammuz 5772 – July 18, 2012
Self Evident? ‘What Uncleanness Is There In A Nasal Discharge?’ (Niddah 55b- 56a)

Daf Yomi

22 Tammuz 5772 – July 11, 2012
Soul Food ‘It Comes To Include A Fragrance’ (Niddah 52a)

Daf Yomi

16 Tammuz 5772 – July 5, 2012
Can’t Have It Both Ways ‘A Minor Who Reaches Maturity’ (Niddah 46a)

Daf Yomi

8 Tammuz 5772 – June 27, 2012
Rebirth Of Sorts ‘Immersing Contaminated, Emerging Pure’ (Niddah 42a)

Q & A: Chazzan And Congregation (Part VI)

Question: I understand that at a minyan, the chazzan is required to repeat Shmoneh Esreh out loud so that people who may not know how to daven can fulfill their obligation to daven with the chazzan’s repetition. What, however, should the chazzan do when he reaches Kedushah and Modim? I hear some chazzanim say every word of Kedushah out loud and some only say the last part of the middle two phrases out loud. As far as the congregation is concerned, I hear some congregants say every word of Kedushah and some say only the last part. Finally, some chazzanim and congregants say Modim during chazaras hashatz out loud and some say it quietly. What is the source for these various practices? A Devoted Reader (Via E-Mail)

Daf Yomi

2 Tammuz 5772 – June 21, 2012
The Great Switch ‘These Are The Sons Of Leah’ (Niddah 32)

Daf Yomi

25 Sivan 5772 – June 14, 2012
Lost In Translation ‘A Shesua Is A Creature…’ (Niddah 24a)

Daf Yomi

17 Sivan 5772 – June 6, 2012
A Shabbos Treat ‘Snow Is Neither Food Nor Drink’ (Niddah 17a)

Daf Yomi

12 Sivan 5772 – June 1, 2012
Somewhat Lacking ‘A Deaf Woman, An Imbecile…’ (Niddah 13b)

Daf Yomi

4 Sivan 5772 – May 24, 2012
Location, Location! ‘Alive Until Determined Otherwise’ (Niddah 4)

Daf Yomi

25 Iyyar 5772 – May 16, 2012
Spared Possible Punishment ‘Those Who Are New To The Ketores’ (Tamid 32b-33a)

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