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Sarkozy in Neck and Neck Fight with Socialist Challenger

28 Nisan 5772 – April 20, 2012
A sluggish economy and a rising popular hostility to conservative President Nicolas  Sarkozy's "American" style do not bode well for the French incumbent in...

All Three Major Contenders Disqualified in Egyptian Presidential Race

23 Nisan 5772 – April 15, 2012
Al Ahram reports that the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) on Saturday disqualified 10 contenders from Egypt’s anticipated presidential elections, including Salafist Hazem Salah...

Santorum Quits

19 Nisan 5772 – April 11, 2012
Former Senator Rick Santorum, who was trailing Candidate Mitt Romney in delegates and had very little hope of catching up to him in the...

New Jersey Governor Has Warm Words for Israel

12 Nisan 5772 – April 3, 2012
When asked how he felt about the warm reception, the governor responded “it’s a little disorienting. I just got here 9 am this morning and did not expect to meet Americans from Tennessee, Minnesota, California, and New Jersey.” Chants of “2016” could be heard among the crowd, referring to the governor’s potential bid for the next presidential election in four years time.

A Year Later, ‘Arab Spring’ Ushering In an Islamist Egypt

10 Nisan 5772 – April 2, 2012
It's not as if no one in the West has been warning about it; and it's not as if Egyptians, exposing themselves to violence while demonstrating gallantly in a relentless effort to topple a corrupt, repressive regime, weren't aware of the possibility of it; nevertheless, the prospect of an imminent takeover—albeit using democratic means—by the radical Muslims is terrifying.

Obama Off-the-Record: I Will Have Greater Flexibility on Foreign Policy After Presidential Election

4 Nisan 5772 – March 27, 2012
President Obama was unaware that he was within microphone range at the Seoul Nuclear Summit when he made the comments to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Sarkozy Grants Merah’s Victim a Posthumous Wedding

3 Nisan 5772 – March 26, 2012
It may seem a bit macabre, but the terrible tale of multiple killings of innocents in Toulouse continues to yield messages of hope, peeking through the scenes of blood and gore. It began with the heartfelt plea for increased light that was issued by widow and grieving mother Chava (Eva) Sandler. Now the pregnant girlfriend of one of the Toulouse gunman's victims has said she will marry her murdered partner in a posthumous ceremony.

Video of Putin “on Trial” Goes Viral

24 Shevat 5772 – February 17, 2012
The minute-long video appears at first glance to show a packed courtroom with Vladimir Putin standing in the cage-like enclosure for defendants, with his head bowed, facing trial on charges of theft and terrorism.

French President Sarkozy Meets With Gilad Shalit

16 Shevat 5772 – February 8, 2012
According to a statement released by the president's office, Sarkozy saluted Shalit for his exemplary courage.

Obamacare And That Religious Exemption

The Affordable Health Care Act is the official title of what has become known, primarily to its opponents, as Obamacare. It provides for a variety of changes in the American health care system and has generated enormous controversy, some of which will be the focus of the Supreme Court in the next few months.

Cracker Barrel – Or Crackpot?

3 Tevet 5772 – December 28, 2011
Why have the media for the most part been so reluctant to expose the long documented fringe positions – including a clear and deep animus toward Israel – articulated by Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul?

King David Hotel Named One of World’s Top 100

10 Kislev 5772 – December 6, 2011
Jerusalem’s historic King David Hotel is being called one of the top 12 “iconic hotels” and one of the world’s best 100 by Fodor’s.

No Thanksgiving Pardon for Jonathan Pollard

26 Heshvan 5772 – November 23, 2011
US President Barack Obama has issued the traditional presidential pardons this Thanksgiving, but did not add Jonathan Pollard to his list.

Lieberman Scaled Political Heights, But Wants Shabbat To Be His Legacy

10 Av 5771 – August 10, 2011
WASHINGTON - Call Joe Lieberman the unlikely evangelist. The Independent senator from Connecticut - and the best-known Orthodox Jew in American politics - is probably more cognizant than most of his Jewish congressional colleagues about rabbinical interdictions against encouraging non-Jews to mimic Jewish ritual.

President Palin?

3 Adar II 5771 – March 9, 2011
Last week's column, on the declining popularity of several of talk radio's most prominent conservative hosts, seems to have ruffled more than few feathers. Even some readers who in the past have agreed with the Monitor virtually down the line took issue this time - but, interestingly enough, not on the subject of talk radio hosts.

Daniel Schorr’s Big Lie

1 Elul 5770 – August 11, 2010
The passing last month of veteran journalist Daniel Schorr brought forth all the expected media testimonials, but to the Monitor Schorr essentially was a liberal pamphleteer who attempted to hide his biases under an unconvincing fa?ade of "objective journalist."

Facing A Changed Game: The ‘Obama Doctrine’ And Israeli Strategic Planning

18 Tammuz 5770 – June 30, 2010
The high-minded centerpiece of Barack Obama's still-emerging strategic doctrine is "a world free of nuclear weapons." Although plainly misconceived -this presidential policy expectation is both unattainable and undesirable- Israel can hardly ignore it. On the contrary, planners in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv will now have to self-consciously fashion and possibly reconcile Israel's own strategic doctrine with the new American ideas.

Is Obama At A Tipping Point?

12 Tammuz 5770 – June 23, 2010
Hurricane Katrina. Hostage crisis. Tet Offensive. Is Barack Obama's presidency at a similar tipping point? The relevance of the question exemplifies the gravity of Obama's crisis. Obama is learning the lesson of presidents before him.

The Bloom Comes Off The Mayor

14 Kislev 5769 – December 10, 2008
Mayor Bloomberg has enjoyed the sort of adulatory media coverage that would make even Barack Obama envious. Well, maybe not Obama, but certainly any merely mortal politician. Which makes Fred Siegel’s stubborn refusal to join Bloomberg’s Hallelujah chorus all the more startling.

‘The Highest Office’

14 Heshvan 5769 – November 12, 2008
The recent presidential election has caused terrible angst for some voters and incredible joy for others.

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