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Jewish Women’s Foundation Awards Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center

20 Kislev 5777 – December 20, 2016
According to JWF, for many survivors this may be the first time they feel they have received emotional acknowledgement or validation of their experiences.

YU Employee with Abuse Conviction No Longer At University

9 Heshvan 5774 – October 12, 2013
Yeshiva University has terminated Akiva Roth, 42, after past sexual misconduct came to light, officials said Friday.. The university admitted that it had “erred”...

YU Sex Abuse Extended beyond Boys High School

21 Elul 5773 – August 27, 2013
Incidents of physical and sexual abuse at Yeshiva University were not limited to its high school for boys, an investigation has found. The investigation commissioned...

Rabbinical Council of America Issues Guidelines on Sexual Abuse

9 Av 5773 – July 15, 2013
Orthodox Jewish institutions have been stunned by charges and evidence of sexual abuse, particular concerning children. The organization of Orthodox rabbis – RCA – has issued guidelines to prevent abuse.

Jewish Camp Counselor Admits Sexual Abuse

5 Sivan 5773 – May 14, 2013
Sheriff's officers handcuffed Kolko and took him to the County Jail.

YU Must Do the Right Thing

24 Nisan 5773 – April 3, 2013
Yeshiva University needs to admit that mistakes were made by leaders both past and present.

A Time for Zero Tolerance and a Time for Tolerance

22 Adar 5773 – March 3, 2013
When it comes to victims of abuse the overriding approach should be one of compassion and understanding. But school officials' mishandling of a situation should not automatically result in termination.

The Conundrum of Dealing with Sexual Abuse

19 Adar 5773 – February 28, 2013
There has been much reluctance by rabbinic groups such as Agudah to be more forceful in their approach to abusers. They find the allegations hard to believe.

Paris Jewish School Rabbi Indicted for not Reporting Sex Abuse

15 Adar 5773 – February 24, 2013
The principal of a Jewish school in Paris was indicted for failing to report the sexual abuse of minors. The television network RILL reported that...

Censoring Sexual Abuse

25 Shevat 5773 – February 4, 2013
If children are old enough to be on the Internet, they should be mature enough to hear the word “sex” or “sexual” in the context of discussing abuse.

Weberman’s Sentence: Justice Has Been Served

14 Shevat 5773 – January 24, 2013
No one should see Weberman's 103 year sentence as excessively harsh. Instead they should see this as a victory for the abused.

What Is Sexual Abuse?

4 Shevat 5773 – January 14, 2013
Should a university be sued because their officials at that time misread those events as relatively harmless?

An Existential Analysis

6 Tevet 5773 – December 19, 2012
If we are going to survive as a Jewish people, we must revise the system.

What Is the Biggest Problem Facing Judaism?

5 Tevet 5773 – December 17, 2012
My own view of things is that there is a tremendous amount of disillusionment in the Orthodox world.

Weberman Found Guilty

27 Kislev 5773 – December 11, 2012
Satmar Rabbi Nechemya Weberman was found guilty of 59 counts of sexual abuse in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn on Monday.

Ex-Principal of Brooklyn Jewish School Convicted on Sex Abuse

21 Kislev 5773 – December 4, 2012
The former principal of a Jewish high school in Brooklyn was convicted on 75 counts of sexual abuse against three boys.

Dealing with Adult who Sexually Abuses Children

29 Heshvan 5773 – November 14, 2012
There are clear mental dysfunction and depravity that go along with being an adult who sexually abuses children.

Working Toward Abuse-Free Yeshivas

9 Heshvan 5773 – October 24, 2012
What can a yeshiva do to institute practices that will help prevent any form of abuse? Our community has become a focal point of scrutiny for not responding with greater fervor to the allegations and occurrence of sexual abuse. Not only does this create pain and suffering for victims and their families, it greatly undermines the very institutions built to help protect them. Yeshivas are bedrocks of our community, not only for education but also as a safe harbor for our children.

A Call To Action

15 Tammuz 5772 – July 4, 2012
Ten years ago, If you had asked a victim of sexual abuse what he or she wanted most, the answer would have been, “I want my abuser to apologize, to acknowledge that it was his fault and not mine.” Today, if asked that same question, the victim would speak of prosecution and justice.

Brooklyn DA Blames Israel for Mondrowitz Scandal

12 Tammuz 5772 – July 2, 2012
If there’s any story inside the Jewish community that closely parallels the sexual abuse cover-up inside the Catholic Church, it’s the story of Avrohom Mondrowitz.

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