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You will be as surprised as I was, when I tell you the following.

Assaf Gibor wrote an article in Makor Rishon about the imprisoned terrorists’ hunger strike.


There are 6200 security prisoners (terrorists) being held in Israeli jails. That doesn’t include regular criminals.

At the start, 1190 imprisoned terrorists went on a hunger strike. Mostly from Fatah (PLO). Israeli-Arab MK Aymen Odeh also joined them for a day.

That number began to fall as terrorists officially dropped out. That dropout rate doesn’t include terrorists like Marwan Barghouti who are sneak-eating, and there are plenty of those, according to the Israel Prison Services.

There are 890 terrorists fasting at the moment, and that number is holding steady, Gibor writes.

It’s what he wrote next that everyone needs to know.

The reason that number is holding steady is because many of the terrorists are hunger striking in rotation.

They fast for a few days, and when their turn is over, they eat, and another group takes their place. The cycle continues, and the total number of hunger-strikers stays steady, but it’s just not the same terrorists on that hunger strike!

Come on, does that really count?

Many of the terrorists are hunger striking in rotation.

What can I say…

If you can’t trust a Palestinian Authority terrorist to follow through on his threat when he says he’s willing to starve himself to death for some additional cable TV channels, then whom can you trust?


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