Photo Credit: Rudi Weissenstein
David Ben-Gurion publicly pronounces the Declaration of the State of Israel, May 14 1948, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Sixty-seven years later, Israel thrives but still faces many foes in the Middle East and emerging foes in Europe and other places. They, like the rejectionists before them, oppose not the borders, but the very notion of Jewish Statehood. Time has passed but the enmity remains.

Resolution 181 and the process of Jewish statehood which it helped put into motion should be remembered as well as the lessons from that triumphant and traumatic era.



  1. And, never forget, all this was happening prior to the "occupation." Why do the USA and Europe ignore these facts – i.e., that the hate and violence against us has happened, will continue to happen, no matter WHAT we do? If we gave Israel to those barbarians today, in its entirety, and went away, the world would still invent "reasons" to hate us.

    In Slovakia, on the day that the UN vote took place in 1947, girls in a Jewish orphanage (no need to state why they were in an orphanage) lit a fire and danced around it. Their fire was doused by urine from a group of Catholic seminarians living next door. This is a good reflection of Europe's attitude when at last the Jewish people were given a country of their own. That attitude has not changed.

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