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It seems that turning itself into an Obama lapdog has not worked out too well for NBC News.  The once-respected and prosperous news organization is facing cutbacks and an alienated staff. Claire Atkinson of the New York Post writes:

NBC News boss Deborah Turness is spending the last few days of the year eyeing cuts – moves that could include axing some senior on-air talent, The Post has learned.

Turness, brought on in August to shake up the moribund news division – where “Meet the Press” and “Today” had stumbled – is in the midst of a host of end-of -year buyouts and cost reductions, sources said.

The current moves are not the first time Turness has irked journalists under her command.

NBC veterans have complained privately that Turness is not serious enough, sources said.

“Instead of getting better, NBC News has been getting worse,” said one executive. “It’s a mess.”

The grumblings are centered on Turness’ more aggressive tabloid style.


Why would the network operation turn to tabloid style? Must be that people are not watching. And in fact, both Meet the Press, the most venerable program in television history, and Today, traditionally the most profitable product of NBC News, have fallen behind the competition. So revenues lag, and costs must be cut. Somehow, audiences must be persuaded to come back, and nothing sells like sleaze.

Nobody is yet mentioning the hard left turn NBC News made when Barack Obama took office. The network has become a laughingstock for its softball propagandist approach. That could have a lot to do with its decline (Fox News, in comparison, is doing just great). But that is unmentionable at 30 Rock, the network’s headquarters.

There is no way to know how much damage the leftist lunacy broadcast on MSNBC has done to the NBC News brand, but it cannot have helped. NBC News figures regularly appear on MSNBC, and the stain may not come out.

NBC News fully deserves its fate, having reneged on its duty to provide hard hitting news. But as an amateur student of broadcast history, I can’t help but be nostalgic just a smidgen. NBC, after all, invented network broadcasting in the days of radio. Working with its sister corporation, the now defunct (take heed, NBC Universal!) RCA, NBC pioneered technologically (it invented color television) and culturally.

That proud history is now lying in ashes. What a shame. The current bosses have sold their souls and sacrificed their heritage on the altar of politically correct Obama worship. Barack Obama is bringing ruin to those who backed him as some kind of messiah. There may be a lesson i n this, but those who need it most are incapable of learning it.


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  1. Well, everyone has an opinion, especially Thomas Lifson. I as well remember how it “Used to Be” in the 1960s. We changed from our 15 inch black and white Admiral TV to the newest 25 inch Bradford Color TV that we bought at WT Grant Co. in Connecticut. I remember the “colored peacock tail feathers” which were previously black and white. WOW! The assassination of JFK in 1963 was in black and white. To me, it seemed that all the issues of the 1960s were black and white. Black and white race riots were popping up all over. Fifty years later, we have not changed one single bit with Florida and Missouri taking the news! We are still polarized by a two-party controlled system. We still have tens of thousands of religions spitting at one another while the atheists are starting to split up and apply different labels to themselves. Now we have to recognize LGBT as being a wonderful and inclusive force in the American work population. Whatever happened to keeping our lives of intimacy and love and hate under wrap? Why does everything have to be OUT in the OPEN? Look at how NBC fell apart over time. Bickering and infighting destroys any organization, let alone these United States of America. We are a people that should be united though we are opinionated. In some countries, people take people’s heads off for not agreeing with their political or religious views. We, in America do that with our tongues that are sharper than any two-edged sword! Look at Washington, DC! Our U.S. House is divided and will soon fall and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men will fall when he U.S. House can’t be put back together again. And America as we knew it, as a land of freedom and liberty will be no more. We ALL have minds and hearts that want to be loved. There are no recognized political parties, no ruling religions and no superior race, sex or news channel! We ALL do our very best. Let’s all try harder to make these the “last days” of division and dissent. (End Times)

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