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The post that likely got me banned from the Times of Israel. I say likely because I cannot be certain that it was this post and not another. One day I had a blog. I posted this piece and several hours later my blog was gone. My wife thought it was a glitch. I laughed at her and noted that they probably terminated my account. So I contacted them politely and informed them politely that I couldn’t log into my blog account. A while later I received a curt email informing me that my account was terminated for violating their policy against disseminating hatred. Evidently, rudeness as well as a religious commitment to selective censorship prevented them from informing me initially. A disclaimer at the bottom of the email noted that I am probably prohibited from publicising the content. No matter, since I had no intention of doing so. Nevertheless I did send them the following email. I neither expect a response nor care to.
If you would, could you specify what I wrote that constitutes hatred? Seems more like typical leftist censorship for those who don’t march to your Bolshevik beat. Personally I don’t know what I might have written that agitated you so. I’m sorry that the Times of Israel is yet another example of media censorship for those who truly love Am Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel. I for one will not change my position nor sanitize the words of survival that need to be said. Knowing your position on the matter, it is my pleasure to have been banned from your forum. 
I then added a “good evening”. Because I am not rude. And because unlike my censor, I prefer to reserve my anger to those who want my people destroyed. Political correctness be damned. And so I loudly and proudly declare to all who will listen.
“I was banned from the Times of Israel. And I am proud of it!” 
End of theatrics. Now let me vent about Obama. Everything applies except that Tisha Baav has come and gone and please G-d, may we see the Messiah before the next one comes around.
Most of us who view Barak “Hussein” Obama as a malignancy agree on a few things. He hates America and white people. He hates Israel. And he hates Jews. Some people believe that he is a closet Muslim. Personally, I don’t think he believes in any sort of a creator. I agree that he has a soft spot for Islam, not the theology per se (although his moral relativism sees Islam as a glorious faith) but rather because he shares the Arab/Islamic hatred for America and Israel. In that sense, it would be fitting for him to put a keffyah on his head. And while he practiced Islam in his early years, and spent years attending church, I believe that he is thouroughly godless. Nursed on communist, radical ideology, Obama wants to undo both the U.S. And Israel. “Rules For Radicals” is his holy book. The genocidal Arab/Muslim world is his greatest ally.
So it’s useless to tell Obama to read the Old Testament. If he’s a communist, it means nothing to him. If he’s a Muslim, then the Old Testament is the fraudulent Jewish infidels’ perversion of the prophets, as these usurpers would have it. Nevertheless, those of us who believe in the one and only Torah understand that The Almighty created the world and designated the Land of Israel as our eternal Jewish inheritance long before the pagan Arab world discovered an illiterate war-monger named Muhammad. And those of us who are uncompromisingly Jewish, will scream it out loudly and proudly. G-d gave us the land. Deal with it. If only our leaders had the kishkes to talk like this.
He’s Not The First
President Obama would never have happened were liberals honest enough to call a racist black man a bigot. Liberals love to quote Martin Luther King and his vision of a color blind society where men were judged “by the content of their character” rather than the color of their skin. But in practice, a racial double standard exists. The media whitewashed Obama’s ties to his bigoted preacher several years back during his first campaign against John McCain. Could you imagine if John McCain had attended a church for 20 years where the preacher was a white supremacist who regularly spewed racism from the pulpit? Imagine that this same bigot married McCain off to his wife, and that McCain considered him a mentor. McCain would have been rightfully and completely ostracized from politics and labeled a racist. He wouldn’t have been able to become head dog catcher in Arizona. Yet Obama went on to become President of the United States. Twice.
Other anti-Semites have become President of the United States. FDR, Carter, and Clinton are just a few whose policies led to the slaughter of Jews. Yet Obama is one of the worst, a dangerous man who spends so much time facilitating Israel’s destruction. Neither a crumbling U.S. economy (trillions in debt), rampant unemployment, plummeting ratings, nor the nuclear aspirations of a genocidal bent Iran concern him. America is being eroded from within by illegal immigration because the western border is like swiss cheese. Americans in the U.S. and abroad have been murdered by Muslims becase of his policy of releasing terrorists and failure to properly protect the nation and fight Islam. Domestically, “Obamacare” has left millions with expensive, little or no medical care. And still, Obama finds time to harass Israel.
Since first blundering his oath of office several years ago, Obama has consistently appeased the Arab/Muslim world and offended the U.S. and Israel. And once again, in this tumultuous war with Hamas, Obama is parading his Jew hatred on the international stage. He agrees with them. We are butchers of children, women, and the elderly. We are ethnically cleansing the Arabs.
Several years ago, Obama cited the Holocaust as the reason for the creation of Israel and the alleged displacement of “Palestinians.” He blamed us. Not the Arab/Islamic barbarians who twice rejected Partition Plans and then tried to finish Hitler’s work. Not the vipers who send human time-bombs into marketplaces. Not the fiends who have an entire country under siege from constant rocket fire. Israeli occupation and “outposts” are the problem. Not the death culture of Arab/Islamic blood worship and human sacrifice.
Barack’s “former” pastor, the racist Reverend Wright must be very proud of him. This is the Obama he wanted to see. The Barack “Hussein” Obama who hates America. The Obama whose smug stoic face barely masks his contempt for Israel. And now that Obama has openly sided with Hamas, his beloved preacher can smile. Truth be told, I don’t think Obama ever severed ties with his mentor. It was politically expedient at the time to disassociate himself prior to his first election, when dozens of Youtube videos exposed Wright as a deranged, demented racist.

It annoys me when liberal Jews, upset with Obama’s anti-Israel stance, portray him as “misguided or ill-informed.” He’s not ill informed. He knows precisely what he is doing. He is calculating and crafty. Previously, he had to hide his Jew hatred if he wanted mainstream liberal Jewry to vote for him. The media hid all the nasty dirt on him, such as his friendship with former unrepentant Weatherman terrorist, Bill Ayers, and his already referenced relationship with Wright. Now, well into his second term, Obama has nothing to fear. In this latest sadly ineffectual war against the Amalekite Arabs, Barack Obama openly chose the Arabs and Hamas and kicked Israel in the teeth. Hamas is the victim. Fatah is moderate and reasonable. Abbas is a political leader, not a holocaust denying disciple of the Mufti. Only the stubborn belligerent Jews in Israel are to blame. Obama is giving insane sums of financial aid to save Hamas from destruction. He wants Israel to immediately stop fighting while the Arabs come at us with their daggers at our throats. This is an open act of war against Israel.
We’ve all read transcripts of Obama’s disgraceful conversation with Netanyahu. I understand that spokesmen on both sides are denying the conversation, but the ones who leaked the story are insisting that it is authentic. And many reputable news sources are arguing likewise. Frankly, this is precisely how the arrogant Obama speaks to anyone who questions his authority. In person, you would have seen his stupid bony finger waving in Bibi’s face, as if he were scolding a child.
Truth Will Prevail
Obama is sealing his fate. What becomes of him in this world is anyone’s guess, but as long as he breaths air he will continue to wage war with Am Yisroel. When his term is over, he will make millions traveling the world with his reprehensable wife, and like Jimmy Carter he will spread his oral version of “The Protocols” to a morally bankrupt world who still believes that we drink Gentile blood. He will certainly get his due in the next world. Perhaps with G-d’s wisdom, we will merit to see his downfall in this world as well.
The Torah promises the nations of the world, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” We Jews don’t need the world’s support. Our Divine covenant is eternal and irrevocable. And while we appreciate righteous Gentiles who support Israel with no hidden agenda, (assuming it does not abrogate Halacha or endanger the spiritual integrity of the nation, i.e. Missionizing), at the end of the day we will be fine. Our eternal covenant ensures our redemption, while the vipers of the world will have their heads crushed. But moral people in the U.S. need to heed the Bible’s promise, because it is directed to non-Jews. Obama’s path will seal America’s fate. Not merely because he is actively destroying the country. But rather, because the bible promises it. The eroding moral fabric of conservative America is proof of this, as Obama undermines the very notion of family and the sanctity of marriage, on the altar of moral relativism, sexual degeneracy and social perversion.
Today, we can see Barak Hussein Obama for who he is. The mask is gone. Let this rabid dog bark to himself in the oval office. There is no reason for Netanyahu to speak with him. Obama speaks with more respect towards the savages of Iran and the Wahhabi Saudi’s. He is the greatest friend Hamas ever had. And don’t expect the self-loathing losers of the Anti-Defamation League to defend Israel against Obama. Even if Abe Foxman comes out with some neutral, parve statement supporting Israel, Obama will remain unscathed. Too many liberal donors go gaga for this big-eared buffoon. And the ADL has a long history of showing a double standard against black anti-Semites.
Have no fear of Obama. From the Torah’s perspective, this can be viewed in a positive light. Now we have one choice. We can continue on the suicidal path of Shimon Peres and his morally bankrupt leftists, or we can turn to The Almighty and create a Torah State that both asserts our eternal right to the land, and presents the Jewish nation with the moral clarity to fight for it.
As the Fast of Av approaches and we mourn the destruction of the second Temple, the Jewish people have an opportunity to do collective, national repentance to alter our destiny. Please G-d, we will finally open our eyes and pursue the authentic Torah path, which will see the coming of the true Messiah.

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Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam's rational approach to Judaism.