Chelsea Clinton had a baby girl with her Jewish husband, and the secular Jewish world is going gaga, as they shep nachas over a Jewish tragedy. Obviously, despite the histrionics of those whose Judaism is defined by a confused amalgam of cultural/historical experiences, traditions, and folklore, this baby isn’t halachically Jewish. For that unfortunate reality, we can thank Chelsea’s husband Marc Mezvinsky, who forsook his heritage through intermarriage, and threw away any chance that his offspring would be Jewish. (To compound the sin, he also gave the baby two reprehensible maternal grandparents.) And Marc in turn, can thank his two clueless parents, who clearly gave him nothing, as far as Jewish tradition goes. Mazal Tov? I think not. This is the death of Judaism! Something to weep and tear kriyah over! After two thousand years of stubbornly clinging to Torah despite the never ending threat of the gentile sword, today’s assimilated Jew can alter history with such ease, and sleep well in the process. During the Crusades, entire Jewish communities willingly gave their lives for Torah rather then leave the faith. Once upon a time, even the most secular Jews in America bemoaned the threat of Jewish intermarriage. Not in today’s world.

A Jewish tragedy? You wouldn’t think so from many of the “Jewish reactions” out there. Consider the following article from The Times of Israel, entitled “Chelsea gives birth to (Jewish?) girl”. After sharing the happy sentiments of the parents, the article noted the following:


“ quickly seized the pregnancy as an “opportunity to share with ALL expecting parents” its various resources for new interfaith parents.”

To be fair, the general tone of the article was fairly mild. Yet the inherent bias becomes evident when the article addresses the reaction of “the other end of the spectrum”:

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, The Jewish Press chose this headline: “Chelsea Clinton Pregnant with Non-Jewish Child.” Calling the former first daughter “America’s poster child for intermarriage,” the Brooklyn-based Orthodox newspaper noted that in marrying four years ago the pair was “effectively pruning away that 3,300 year old Jewish branch of the (Mezvinsky) family.”

Brooklyn-based Orthodox newspaper. Has that “fanatic ultra-orthodox” ring to it, don’t you think? I imagine it is code for, extremist Jews who still follow the Halacha in the 21st century.

Kol Hakavod to The Jewish Press for unapologetically standing up in defense of yahadut and Torah. It is a badge of honor, despite what the assimilationists think. Jewish apologists who don’t want to come out in support of intermarriage often save their vitriol for those who strongly oppose it. As they see it, since they define their own Jewishness as one of “tolerance”, they maintain that one should at least be tolerant of other positions. They are embarrassed by any uncompromising position that declares Halacha to be the sole guide. Attacking the traditional Jewish position allows them to assuage their guilt by finding another target to condemn.

Chelsea and Marc are Exhibit A of the spiritual Holocaust that is consuming American and European Jewry. Intermarriage is rampant. The Conservative and Reform impotent attempts to “save Judaism” by warping the halachic criteria for conversions, and redefining “who is a Jew” has only thrown gasoline on a raging inferno. While the Reform Movement’s acceptance of patrilineal descent as a criteria for Jewish identity is more overt than the conservative approach on such matters, the Conservative Movement’s non-halachic conversions are just as disastrous in the long run. And lest the Israeli Jew think that he has the intermarriage problem solved, he should think again. The demographics are becoming ever more frightening in 2014, as non-halachic Jews are being classified as Jews under the ever changing “Law of Return”.


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Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam's rational approach to Judaism.


  1. I guess she could convert. That’s George Zimmerman. He’s mexican. Just has a Jewish father. The liberal media loved it. All you heard was Zimmerman. If you didn’t know better you’d think some white Jewish guy killed a poor kid just walking down the street. It’s just nauseating.

  2. While the USA leftwing media demonizes everything that conservative women in the USA do…
    Such as promote religion, promote pro-life, promote true marriage between men and women…

    The USA leftwing media glorifies everything liberals like the Clintons, Obamas, Kerrys, Gores, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein support…
    Removing religion from America, promote abortion, promote gay marriage.

    Just wait until USA leftwing liberal Democrats call it a hate crime not to perform gay marriage in synagogues, churches, etc.!

    The USA leftwing judges already are ruling in court cases that people are discriminating against gay/lesbian marriages by bakeries refusing to bake wedding cakes, restaurants refusing to hold wedding banquets, and photographers who refuse to service these “weddings”!!!!

  3. Im sorry but this whole "who is a jew" thing doesn't hold up to modern science which "halacha" doesn't seem to get. We get 23 genes from dad and 23 from mom. Simple science. I think its time for a "halacha" overhaul! It is rooted in the dark ages with superstitious belief as its faulty foundation. Science proves one can be a jew by mom or dad equally.

  4. Stop writing about these two !!! They are irrelevant to us .. The husband broke the laws of the Torah . The mother is not Jewish , the child is not Jewish , so who cares ?????!!!!! Stop behaving like a goyishe news rag …Don’t waste your time on this shtus .. We have real issues to deal with .. Get it ??????

  5. Astounding chutzpah and arrogance, David. Read the article. The Torah rejects the notion of genetic Judaism. Learn something about basic Judaism before you ramble about the Halacha. You are the backward one, not the Torah sages of lore who understood more about all forms of knowledge than you could possibly acquire in a lifetime.

  6. The author of this article is an incompetent fool who thinks he has the authority to determine who is Jewish. The very nation the article is anti Jewish. I have said this before and I will say it again. To be Jewish is to live by Jewish values. The rest is just a label. It is time for these self righteous leeches to leave this topic alone and actually contribute something positive to society like paying taxes and serving in the military.

  7. Donny Fuchs And your angry diatribe reply speaks volumes in and of itself! Show me where torah rejects the seed of abraham Isaac and Jacob? I know what "halacha" is and MOST jews Don't follow it! What an "arrogant" one sided closed minded and angry reply from a close minded angry "J"-hole!

  8. David Yisrael Potter You speak of anger? You are going to give yourself a stroke from the tone of your comments. I don't get the last term you used, although it intimates that you are a self-hating Jew (I presume.) You need to collect your thoughts. Again, one cannot speak about Halacha with one who has no concept of the written and oral law, which is the criteria for understanding halachic judaism. Furthermore, your generalisation of MOST jews suggest that psychology has more to do with your anger than anything else.

  9. Thank you Rabbi Levine. You belong to the Lenny Bruce school of Judaism. Study in yeshiva before exposing your ignorance. Learn something of Torah before denigrating it. You don't decide what Judaism is. Those who follow it as a Divine system do. You are irrelevant.

  10. The classical giants of Jewish Halachah determined what Judaism was way back when. Did the giants of The Great Assembly have a say in the matter? How about Ezra the Scribe? If you don't believe the Torah to be Divine, then why remain a Jew at all?

  11. The only Judaism that can survive is the Judaism of Halacha. It is not a club. Genuine converts are certainly most welcome, and we jews have high regard for genuine converts, who are the most noble of people.

  12. Donny Fuchs Oh here we go, if I dont follow the politically correct paradigm then Im labeled a self hating jew… Maybe I know MUCH MUCH more about "halacha" then you want to admit. Science and "halacha" clash! Im keenly aware of the vital areas where they clash and I know torah very well and no where in the torah does G-d give indication that one is a jew by mother and in fact the decadency is given to the patriarchs. There is NO proof an oral law was ever given at Sinai. The oral law is just a clever way to usurp the REAL torah that G-d gave Moshe. Your head is stuck in the talmud and much of the talmud contradicts known science in these areas. You not only have an anger problem but are very good and turning the table and attacking those who offer alternative thought and reason! This is an argument you cannot win! Science proves the talmud wrong in this case. Case closed! One can be jewish by mother OR father!

  13. Um, riiiight!!!!! Sure you do. Who would want to join an angry group like you? Seeing how you respond to ANYONE who disagrees with you and your "halacha" judaism! You not only discredit yourself but the faulty religious system you supposedly support! Religion has no mindless hold on me because I ask questions and seek answers. Im not a lemming following "halacha" orders! Where I am not allowed to think and question. Only when one thinks and questions can the stranglehold of faulty religions lose their grip on people. And you are as mindless as they come!

  14. An elderly lady sat in the sun talking to me outside Shul and she said to me (and I believe you can learn so much for people older than yourself), talking to me about Judaism and she said to me “Lorraine, just remember you have to be born JEWISH because it is in your heart. Converting can’t do that for you.

  15. Mr. Fuchs , I grew up in Bnei akiva , then lived in Israel , served in the army . I have a bissel knowledge about Judaism. You see I try to live a Jewish life according to Jewish values. I know many orthodox Jews who are bad people who go to shul and dozen , but the rest of the time are cheating and scamming or better yet leeching off others. You see , before you can be a good jew, one has to be a good person. The fact that one is born Jewish does not make them a good person or jew. And more importantly, one does not need to be religous to be a good jew and any good , thoughtful rabbi will tell you that. חג שמח ידידי

  16. Sad, just sad, I dated jewish boys. Married one, And my sister also. We believe in the same God. Its our children choice but I can tell you from peoplemwho think like this, judism will not be favored.God lives in your heart, not a religion. Thats our thinking.. Judism will never be lost. These intermarriages have been going on for a long time..

  17. We need to follow Torah that HAshem gave us as gift and not look at other religious ppl who do bad thing, Judaism is not religion its way of life. at the end of life we will stand infront of Hashem and answer for our sins, then we will also say, oh why religious ppl bad, stop looking at other.

  18. Mark Gadi Levine, sinc eyou have adopted (for now at least) a more civil tone, I will respond to you. Unlike David Yisroel Potter, who denigrates Talmud without having ANY understanding of its intricacies or logical system, and rambles incoherently repeatedly about science and halacha with no logical position, you at least have expressed some points that warrnat a response. “David Israel”has all sorts of red flags about him. He lacks the “knowledge” of a misguided Kaarite. His views on the Talmud are akin to what someone might find on David Duke's website or the neo-nazi Stormfront. I leave it at that.

    While my article takes a strong uncompromising stand on intermarriage as I must according to true Judaism, at no point did I denigrate people who are “less religious”. Many people who profess to be religious and act in manners that are contrary to such a true designation, are frauds. If their behavior is consistently and fundamentally against Torah, then they are not religious. What they call themselves in irrelevant. I agree that there are many Jews who do not live according to Halacha who are fine people. I count many such people as genuine friends, and my wife and I regularly host all types of Jews for Shabbat and the chagim. I count myself as fortunate to have such people as friends. Judaism is not an all or nothing system. It is a system where one strives to self-perfect as best one can. Yet the ultimate defintion of Jewish values must be the Halacha, otherwise why retain the system?. How do you define Jewish values? I am not denigrating this couple's baby, or even Chelsea and Marc for thatt matter. I am condemming this intermarriage because it is the death of Judaism. Her parents are reprehensable in my opinion. I am unaware of this couple's peronal characters and so I leave it at that. They may be fine people. The baby may very well grow up to be a good person. That is not the point of the article, and one who claims that it is either failed to read the article or fundamentally misunderstood it.
    Chag Sameach to you as well.

  19. David Yisrael Potter One who follows halachah is required to think. Proper sincere questioning is also part of intellectual growth. You are neither thinking nor questioning. One must have knowledge of a system in order to question a system. Your statements expose that you have zero knowledge of Talmud or the written law for that matter? Do you believe that the Written law, forget the oral law for a moment, is Divine? I would gather not.

  20. That is the true khana. They are more Jews outside Israel who know less about Judaism because they marry non Jews. And we see it. The Holocaust wanted to to exterminate Jews and Judaism. The intermarriage is also destroying it. Few generations more there will be less Jews in America because they will not even understand where they come from. I am glad that some non Jews are converting by option and clearly a lot of Jews and non Jews don’t understand Judaism and what G~d told us to do for a reason.

  21. I guess many don’t believe in G~d. G~d, not Judaism said that we – Jews- should not to marry non Jews, not because discrimination, but other spiritual reasons that many don’t want to understand. But if we marry a non Jew, at least they have to believe in the G~d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Ruth did it. Jews are disappearing because they are losing not only the religion, but their identity. Some even are ashamed to say they have Jewish blood. People can breaks rules, change the rules, but they can not ignore G~d’s words and the mitzvoth. If we ignore them is our freedom of choice, but we will receive our spiritual reward or punishment. The baby can convert in the future and glad the couple is happy. I only know that Hillary is not pro Israel.

  22. It is a good article, at least Someone understands. Yes Jews are disappearing mainly because intermarriage. We do not discriminate. Judaism says we have to respect the non Jews who don’t want to destroy us. People are welcome to convert if they want. We do not want to lose our identity. We have fought so much through generations and many have tried to destroy us. We have to defend what we have.

  23. Donny Fuchs You are an arrogant egotistical angry person and how you got to write for this page is beyond me. I don't find a strong desire to be attracted to anything you say believe because of your severely negative attitude! I made a comment that science and halacha doesn't match. They contradict each other. This is a fact that you nor any rabbi can change to fit your halacha mold! I know the writings very well and my original comments stands! You need to grow up and stop acting like a preschooler. You are the most unprofessional and most immature writer/person I have ever met!

  24. David Yisrael Potter I will repeat it only once more. You are the fool. The talmud is a galaxy of knowledge that you could never comprehend in a million lifetimes. Stop playing the injured card. You initiated this sad discussion ( a waste of my breath) with your vile ignorance and slandering of the talmud and generations of talmudic scholars. You have no inkling of the halachic system, yet you talk as if you are some scholar on the subject. Your charade is apparent. Judaism's definition of "who is a Jew" has nothing to do with one's genetic make-up or DNA. Can you get that through your cranium, or are you going to repeat yourself again?

  25. This article makes sense to those who appreciate and understand the system of Halacha, which is unique to Judaism alone. Marrying out destroys the perpetuation of this system. It has nothing to do with Jewish superiority or "Jewish genes". If Judaism is important then Halacha must be its lifeblood.

  26. Donny Fuchs Are you responding to Mark or me because you cant shut up about me. You think I know nothing because that is the position you need to tear me down but each time you speak, you make yourself look like a bigger ass each time. Linking me to white supremacists websites? You are full of yourself and more anger than anyone I ever met. Certainly you cannot have a deep knowledge of torah, talmud or halacha and maintain your childish hate filled demeanor. Get over yourself! Seriously little boy. Ive had enough of your crap already!

  27. Marc Mezvinsky's intermarriage is no more significant or tragic than any other example of intermarriage. It is merely unique in that it is more in the public spotlight. As such, it presents an opportunity to discuss the subject.

  28. Donny Fuchs The fool here is you! You do not show any of the great scholars in your words. You attacked me outright from the start. For no real reason other than I got your undies in a bunch over a fact that exists today. The things you say are not someone that follows G-d, it is from someone who practices religion where G-d has taken a sideline. Thats what you are doing, you do not follow G-d at all. Good bye loser, Ive had enough of this childish game you keep playing. I know the talmud very well thank you! Bye!!!

  29. Oh G-d forbid you should disagree with Donny Fuchs. It will earn you a bashing on the head and called all kinds of antisemitic names. He will even compare you to neo nazis. I already lodged a complaint against him in the hope he is fired! He doesnot have G-ds love in him, he has anger and vile thoughts to anyone who doesn't share his halachic glory! But I hear what you are saying. Too bad no one else does. Hence my comment that halacha and science contradict each other.

  30. The article makes sense to me. If you don't practice Torah as divine law, what makes you Jewish? Even if your mother was Jewish, are you Jewish if you don't practice the faith? A lot of people claim to be Jewish based on loose claims to the rich heritage, but without practicing the faith, they're little more than german-americans, polish-americans, etc. Unless they share in the ancient bloodlines (which are impossible to prove), they're not really Jewish if they don't practice the faith. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but the author seems correct. Seems logical.

  31. Following torah or talmud? The talmud is NOT torah. And science is supposed to answer some questions that could not be answered. Because G-d is not here to say what we ought to do in this matter. You cant blindly follow a religion without questioning if you follow is right and correct. No where in the actual torah of Moshe was it mentioned that a jew was a jew by mother only. Every indication in torah suggests the patriarchs are the keepers of the jewish decadency. Which is how it should be. You cant say someone is jewish by mother only because it is an ignorant statement and I care less what great rabbi came up with it. DNA science says you get 23 genes from dad and 23 from mom. Equally. Science makes discoveries of old questions and answers them. This is why people are moving to reform judaism, it has cast off the ancient idiocy and adopted a more modern stand. I also think its stupid that jews point the finger at other jews and say 'you aren't jewish'!!! What a bunch of rubbish! Again, the torah of Moshe or the talmud of people who didnt have modern science to help answer some basic and fundamental questions?!!!

  32. To Donna Hambright Glatt: Think what you will. Not that I agree with Donny, being of a more modern belief that we must all move on, I take offense with your statement that "….Jews killed it"……did you mean Jesus?? I repeat, we must all move on…..

  33. You can't make up your own rules. Halacha says you must have a Jewish mother or you must be a convert.
    And wow Reform Judaism recognizes that the child is Jewish regardless of which parent is Jewish that does not make it Halachaicly valid.

  34. Lisa Deckter I know what we are talking about. And I addressed an issue with regard to how one is affected by the other. Many of the questions the old sages and teachers had still exist today and science helps in this regard. Living in an old outdated religion due to improper understanding of human reproduction and creating laws that state who a jew is or isn't, – what this article is about – is answered with science. But stubborn closed mindedness never asks questions and never seeks answers. We've all been spoon fed this garbage for thousands of years and you have to admit, a lot of it is non sense based on a different time and different understanding on this world than what exists now. In most matters that is. The orthodox jewish movement acts worse than nazis in how they demand from people that they do as they say and dont ever question anything we ever tell you! Sorry, but I question and think and study to prove what I believe and the answers I seek, some are answered by science and not medieval or pre-historic thinking!

  35. David Yisrael Potter –
    The saddest part for you here is you have no idea how badly you are making yourself look as each word you add.
    You clearly are very angry person and are using this forum as one of your places to vent. I am mad to you vent in such poor form on the variety of topics. You may want to seek professional help for your own benefit for a happy life.

  36. Lisa Deckter Right! I have a great life thanks. Funny Im not calling the author names as he has done countless times to me. I also never accused him of being in line with white supremacists, and I never attacked his character which both of you have done for no other reason than you disagree with me. Isn't this typical fashion for the jewish people! I made a simple point is all I made and you people come out of the wood work to throw rocks like little kids! Grow up!

  37. If one believes one's faith is something worth retaining for future generations, then the fusion of two religions with different ideologies is impossible, confusing, and ultimately unfair to the child.

  38. Susan, there are different belief systems between the two faiths. This is not anti-gentile, it is merely a criteria for religious observance. Genuine converts who want to join Judaism are welcome if they wish to follow the Law and there are many , many gentiles out there who do. They are as Jewish as Moses. It has nothing to do with race.

  39. The ancient tradition of the oral law as the ancient articulation of the written law is an absolute tenet of authentic Judaism. Furthermore, myriads of examples in the written law abound which show that without a tradition for interpreting the law, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to even interpret the law. There is a reason that the later Kaarite distortion could not survive and maintain a growing community. World Jewry rejected such a notion since it was a foreign import. Theoretically, a literal law should have been easier to perpetuate. Yet it was not. Judaism historically knew what Jewish ancient traditions were. The truth survived.

  40. Ironically, the Kaarite had to create oral traditions of their own, despite their insistence on the written law being supreme. Thats why most Kaarite synagogues will not permit entry to others, since they deem them ritually impure based on unwritten traditions which define the term.

  41. It's impossible to be both Catholic and Jewish unless you have multiple personalities. And Italian people have Italian names and they usually speak Italian – Americans have this habit of claiming only the ethnicities they want. Most of us are mixed, genetically, but when it comes to religion, I don't think we can be so wishy-washy.

  42. I was born, raised and remain a Reform Jew who, although a bit reluctantly, follows my Rabbi's faith in patrilineal descent. My husband was raised as a traditional Jew and his parents would probably have sat Shiva had they lived to see us marry. Where's the right in that?

  43. Roasted Locust. My mother was born and raised in Italy. My father was born and raised in the USA. They lived in Italy seceralyeaes after the war. My mother only spoke Italian, even for a long time after coming to America. So yes, i look and speak Italian. But my father is of German heritage.I definately am a mixture. Who knows? Maybe even Jewish since my grandmother was born and raised in Lithuania. She moved during Hitlers reign to Italy. Married two Italians. One died. The other one my grandfather was my mothers father. She used her last married name as her maiden name. My daughter cant find her birth anywhere in europe.And it wouldnt matter to me if Judism accepted my family. As a Christians we love Jews. My belief in Yeshua would be our only difference when it came to anything. Compromise.I said I my name was comprised of italian and german heritage, Meaning my mother and father. .

  44. Just my opinion, which means nothing since im not jewish. But saying it anyway:) God became known to Abraham and tesred HIS faith with Isaac. He came known through Isaac and Jacob. Their wives were not mentioned or their faith seem to matter.If Abraham had lisred to Fod Iinsteae of nis wife Sarah. Then there would have been no sleeping with an Egyptian maid and thus Ishamel. Abraham slipped, big time! .

  45. Another quesrion ive always wondered. If Jacobs name was changed to Israel and his twelve sons were the twelve tribes of Israel (Jacob) then where did that leave all the other Jews ?

  46. Fuchs please quit deleting this.Roasted Locust. My mother was orn and raised in Italy. My father born and raised in the USA. They lived in Italy for many years before rerurning to America.She didnt speak english for many yeaes also. So, yes. I speak Italian, look Italian, and according to Jewish beliefs , my children would be Italian Germans. I said my name was german-italian..and they are not Jewish because of Jewish womens seed. So no problem to them..

  47. You cannot have a non Jewish mother, and have a Jewish child. Either the mother converts to Judaism or the child carries half Jewish genes but loses the Jewish faith and is considered non Jewish. The reasoning behind this is the same as for any other religion: in most families whatever the mother believes, what traditions she holds, what foods she cooks, what manners she has will be passed down to the children…. the father plays a much smaller role in that.

  48. Donny Fuchs. You must have access to the comments section. You have a lot of commemts to others, so im not understanding this statement. But thank you for commenting 🙂

  49. Donny Fuchs. Thank you for your explanation. I wasnt understanding. I wrote a comment and it disappeared to Roasted Locust. I thought you deleted it. Please accept my apology.

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