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On this tough show, come with Yishai into the mourning house of the Ariel family in Kiryat Arba and hear from the grandma and aunt of Hallel Yaffa Ariel – the 13-year-old girl who was murdered in her bed by a sadistic Jihadist. Then, join Yishai as he talks with three capable young women who dedicating their life to helping others make Aliyah, that is, move to the land of Israel and make it!


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  1. Sadly, Ellie Wiesel, the conscience of the Holocaust and of the world passed away recently. I recall that he once said the opposite of love is not hate but is rather, indifference. How true these words are when we think of the brutal murder of a sleeping 13 year child, in her home,by a Palestinian terrorist.
    Despite the fact that she was an American citizen, her death saw no statement or comment whatsoever by either President Obama or Mrs. Clinton. Indifference! Sometimes one learns of an individuals moral compass not by what they say but rather by their silence. Shame!

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