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Chocolate and a note from Neve Daniel.

On Tuesday, the residents of Neve Daniel in Gush Etzion, sent a message of love and support to the residents of the Zayit neighborhood of Efrat, the friends and neighbors of the Dee family.

Dealing with the shock of the murder of their neighbors by terrorists, the Efratians found chocolate and a much-appreciated heartfelt message of support on their doorsteps from their neighbors on the other side of the highway.


To the families in the Zayit neighbor of Efrat,

“For these I weep…”

Dear Family,
In these difficult times, when a much beloved family member of your community experienced a personal and national tragedy, we the residents of the settlement of Neve Daniel join in your sorrow and in the sorrow of the entire State of Israel.
We embrace you
We support you
We cry with you
We love, and we’re concerned
And we pray that God gives you the strength to support the Dee family and to be strong for them, in these days and those to come.

With love,
The Residents of Neve Daniel

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