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Gan Sacher

The Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Lion inaugurated the renovated Sacher Park in Jerusalem on Tuesday. Sacher Park is the city’s largest and most popular park. It is centrally located below the Knesset complex and within walking distance of the downtown area.

The City of Jerusalem developed a new playground there and added running trails, including one 1,700 meters long, sports fields, security cameras and soon a wireless Internet network will be operated on the site. Charging points for telephones were added, a 700 meter long bicycle path was also upgraded, which connects to the bicycle path “from station to station” (from Navon train station to Malcha train station), which is about 3.5 km long.


Mayor Lion said that with its upgrades Sacher Park is now the Central Park of Jerusalem. “We will spend time in it, enjoy it and be proud of it and our beloved city,” he said.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion in Gan Sacher. Nov. 23, 2021

The ceremony on Tuesday was attended by the mayor, city council members, the director general of the municipality – Itzik Larry, the director general of Harali – Eyal Haimovsky, the director general of the Moriah company – Gilad Bar-Adon, and residents of the city.

It was held in a new “happening” complex and saw musical performances, traveling musical ensembles, a Mexican band walking on circus crutches, live sculptures, a soap bubble complex, backgammon, sticks, checkers and a variety of table and floor games.

There are new seating areas, street furniture and fountains, and a new restroom facility was added. A large dog garden was also added, with dog fountains. There are also new lawns with modern irrigation systems.

There is a new sports section with sports fields and a TRX plaza, and a combined football, basketball and a skate park.

The sports complex was donated by the owner of the NFL’s New England Patriots Robert Kraft and his family. Kraft is a Jewish businessman and philanthropist who loves Jerusalem. The city noted that “his many contributions to the development and prosperity of the capital are a testament to his friendship, partnership and faith in the city of Jerusalem.”

In addition, an integrated and accessible facility has been set up in the complex for use by children with disabilities. It contains a wide range of games such as, slides, and bridges. In addition, swings of various types and varying heights were also installed, and an advanced and particularly decorative shading system.

Mayor Lion said, “The new Sacher Park is great news for all residents of Jerusalem and those who come through its gates. Over the years, the park has become one of the main symbols in the capital and a place of gathering, meeting and entertainment for all residents of the city and the country. The park centers on many attractions for all ages. The municipality will continue to work to upgrade the infrastructure and tourist sites throughout the city for the benefit of all city residents and visitors.”


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