Photo Credit: Tzvika Tzuk / Nature and Parks Authority
Byzantine wall was cut in half by storm

A Byzantine wall was cut in half by last week’s gale at the Palmachim Beach National Park, Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority reported Tuesday.

Palmachim beach / Yoav Dothan via Wikimedia

Palmachim Beach is one of the few remaining stretches of a wild coastline in the center of Israel, conserving part of the migratory sand dunes of the southern coastal plain. The beach is mostly sandy, rich in shellfish and coarse sand, with dolomite cliffs towering above.


In the park’s northern part there are caves hewn in the cliffs; in its southern part you’ll find the ancient ruins of Yavne Yam, a port city that flourished from the Bronze Age (middle of the second millennium BCE) to the Middle Ages.

Several burial caves have been discovered in the same cliffs.

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