Photo Credit: Golan Ridder / Nature and Parks Authority
A honey buzzard submerged in oxidation pond sludge.

A few days ago, as part of the ongoing monitoring by the Nature and Parks Authority, the Arava desert wildlife inspectors discovered five birds of prey––honey buzzards––that were immersed in the sludge of a wastewater oxidation pond and were unable to escape and fly away.


The inspectors rushed to rescue the birds in a complex and careful operation. After being rescued from the foul-smelling pools, the inspectors transferred the birds to the nearby Yotveta Nature Reserve for inspection and treatment by the reserve’s team of certified professionals who provided them with suitable food to restore their strength.

A few days after their rescue and treatment, the five honey buzzards underwent a physical examination and the inspectors of the Nature and Parks Authority released them back to nature so they could continue their migration to Europe.

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