Three Things to Know if You Win the Lottery

If you come into a great deal of money, your goal shouldn’t be to spend it as quickly as possible.

What a Fast Food Franchise Can Teach You About Managing Your Own Money

The best-selling book The E-Myth examines the success of McDonalds and what we can learn from it.

Do You Know The Extent of Your Own Achievements?

How do you reach the top of your profession, and are you always aware of your own talents?

Goldstein on Gelt: What’s the Best Way to Give Your Children Financial Assistance?

On today’s show, Doug examines generational giving. Learn about the tax considerations involved in gifting money to your children

Goldstein on Gelt: Do the Financial Markets Ignore the Individual Investor?

Harvard professor, Mihir Desai discusses his book The Wisdom of Finance: Discovering Humanity in the World of Risk and Return. and shares his belief that the financial system is broken and suggests how to return to a human-focused approach.

Goldstein on Gelt: How to Help Your Aging Parents with Financial Decisions

Do you want to protect the senior citizens you know from elder financial abuse? Need to have a conversation with your aging parents about protecting their finances?

Goldstein on Gelt: Will You Be the Same Person When You Retire?

Retirement can be jarring for retirees who find their routine and professional status gone. How can retirees redefine who they are?

Goldstein on Gelt: How to Make an Effective Financial Decision

Who is the best person to brainstorm and deliberate with about your financial decisions? What should you do if there is no one to talk to?

How to Keep Swinging

Author Jay Myers talks with Doug Goldstein about steering your business through a crisis.

Goldstein on Gelt: How Much Do You Need to Save to Achieve Financial Independence?

How much of your income do you need to put aside to achieve financial independence?

Gross Domestic Product: A Fair Measure of Economic Progress?

In the first part of this week's podcast, Diane Coyle, professor of economics at Manchester University and author of GDP: A Brief But Affectionate...

The Best Job for 2013 and Beyond

Sadly, people today, especially those just entering the workforce, lack the skills to lead their fellow workers.

Does a Minimum Wage Really Help the Poor?

In the second part of the Goldstein on Gelt podcast this week, Professor Walter E. Williams, economics professor at George Mason University and author...

Authors’ Lost Treasures (Podcast)

An interview with Ken Lopez, a buyer and seller of authors' lost papers.

Goldstein on Gelt: Can Momentum Investing Improve Your Investment Returns?

Learn how capital gains tax strategies can be especially useful to dual citizens who may be liable to pay taxes in two countries

Doug’s Monologue

Doug Goldstein talking to ... Doug Goldstein

Why It’s Tough to Be an American

Six good reasons why financially, life has become more difficult for American citizens living overseas.

Are ETFs the Trigger You Need to Improve Your Finances?

Offering easy to implement actionable tips to improve your finances and your life in general.

Marriage, Medical School, and Matching (Podcast, Pt.I)

The subject that brought this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics to winners Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley is pairwise matching. But what is pairwise matching, and how can it be applied to everyday life choices? Doug Goldstein interviews Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Aumann, winner of the prize in 2005, who explains what pairwise matching is and how it can be applied to life decisions, such as who to marry and which medical school to attend.

Goldstein on Gelt: Learn the Benefits of ETFs

What is an ETF, how to use them effectively in your portfolio, and why can this investment benefit American expats?

The Secret of Speaking in Public Without Fear

Sharing tips for preparing to give a talk and how to get started in the world of public speaking.

Goldstein on Gelt: How to Change Your Money Mindset

A stockbroker isn’t the same thing as a money manager or financial planner. The jobs have two totally different objectives when it involves investing your money.

Is Inflation About to Eat All My Investments? (Podcast)

Anyone who remembers life in Israel in the 1980s will cringe at the sound of the word “inflation.” Remember the soaring prices and the...

Goldstein on Gelt: Are You Prepared for a Market Crash?

Many investors don’t have the heart to hang onto a stock that was decimated in a market crash. For investors who don’t want to take their chances with the market, Doug has some safer choices.

Can Israeli Technology Create Middle East Peace?

How the use of Israeli technology and the growth of Israeli trade with Arab countries could eventually create peace in the Middle East.

Should You Sell Your Inheritance?

What did you do when you received a purple vase decorated with green stripes and gold roses as an inheritance from your late Aunt Minnie? Did you give it a place of honor in your breakfront, hide it away in the attic, or did you follow your spouse’s instructions and “sell that hideous thing because at least you might get some money for it”? Chances are that you wouldn’t dare sell the vase, simply because of its sentimental value.

Goldstein on Gelt: Align Your Spending and Investments With Your Values

An investor's money choices should align with what they value in life. Explore how to realign thinking and make smarter investments based on personal values.

Keynes vs. Hayek: Which Approach Won Over the Economies of the West? (Podcast)

Keynes and Hayek were two of the most influential economists of modern times. But how did their economic philosophies and views affect the world today?


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