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People are meeting at the big AIPAC convention, spouting their solutions to strengthening Israel and bringing peace. We see diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews who think they have the right answers and solutions, or, they want to hear from someone else who does. But what IS THE ANSWER to Israel and the Jewish People’s problems that we are facing today?

Every Jew that is wise, knows that our salvation only comes from G-d and His Torah, and we are all waiting for the time when we will see the Messianic era, with the Third Temple which will be for ALL Mankind. Obviously, MANKIND, has not been able to solve the tragedies of war, greed, and injustice. So what IS the solution?


Rhonda Attar, Director of the Tomer Devorah synagogue and Beit Midrash in Kochav Ya’akov, gives us the KEYS on how and why to build a Sanctuary in our hearts.

Some important tools and reminders:
Have your smart-phone remind you that G-d is watching you and with you.
Watch your speech, and how you talk.
For your mundane daily work, ask, “Will this find favor with G-d?”
Have and show appreciation to G-d by constantly thanking Him throughout your day.
YEARN to have a closer relationship with G-d. TALK to G-d throughout the day.

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