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Albert Einstein: Was right. Our politics are insane. We have not learned from Moshe Dayan’s inexcusable error and the consequences today. The skills of a General do not lend themselves to diplomacy.

A senior Journalist’s view: Why whatever outcome of the Netanyahu trial, the country loses.


Most Of Our Politicians: Are insincere. In the job for the wrong motives; Greed, Cudos and Perks, not for the improvement of the country and its inhabitants. The proof: Three elections in just over a year and now 36 Ministers and 16 Deputy Ministers. Largest number ever.

The Farce: And cost of two Prime Ministers resulting from disunity.

58 Years: Since the execution of the architect of the Concentration Camps. Hear Tovia Singer’s historic interview with the agent who physically grabbed Adolf Eichmann.

And: Walter’s emotional memories for Jerusalem for 6th.June 1967 Liberation Day.


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