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Video creator Nuseir Yassin with Aish Hatorah educator, Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen.

Over the Passover holiday, in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israeli-Arab content creator Nuseir Yassin, known by his social media handle as Nas Daily, walked into the Dan Family Aish World Center and sat down to have a four-hour conversation with senior Aish Hatorah educator, Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen.

The result is the latest video from Nuseir, who has upwards of 60 million followers from around the globe, talking about Judaism.


The video comes as the fourth installment of Nuseir’s challenge to study five different religions as well as Atheism over six months. The next upcoming religion on Nuseir’s list to be studied is Christianity, which he will also be filming in Jerusalem at some point later this month.

Nuseir and Dov Ber discussed various topics from Jewish life, Jewish learning, the origins of the religion, and common modern-day practices, as well as larger topics such as world peace.  “There are so many life-changing ideas in Judaism,” Dov Ber said after the filming was complete. “It is impossible to reduce them to one article or a video, even a Nas Daily video. My hope is that people will get a taste and want to learn more to empower your journey to purpose, happiness, and meaning in life.”

Nuseir described his excitement at filming this video and said: “This video in particular was inspiring for me as I grew up living in Israel right next to Jews and Judaism and yet I knew so little about their religion and culture. This whole spirituality challenge is inspiring, but finally learning about Judaism helped me understand the people who I grew up right next to, on a much deeper level.”

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