Music and a message from Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel.

About The Judean Art to Waking Up.


With families stuck together this is the perfect time to pray together. This is the time parents and children need calm strength, spiritual power, an attitude of gratitude and hope. The ancient Judean prophetic order of prayer is a medicine for us for our time.

How did the prophets of Israel start their mornings and begin their days? There’s an ancient Jewish spiritual practice that realigns us and launches us into every morning. This practice was passed down throughout the ages as an introduction to the morning prayers called “Psukei D’Zimra”- ‘Passages of Song’. It is nothing less than a spiritual technology developed and maintained by Israel for centuries. Now as we have returned to our land it is time to re-institute the practice. If you win the morning, you win the day. If you change your days, you change your life.

Excerpt from the Introduction: I have spent the last four years deep in the mountains of Judea, in the place that Kind David wrote most of the Book of Psalms. I have come daily to these mountains seeking an encounter, trying to find the inspiration that David experienced when he wrote the Psalms. Alone with my guitar, I would sing and pray his words….days after day. In this world of confusion and separation, doubts and cynicism, some of the clarity and strength I have found was discovered in moments of praise, exaltation, gratitude and worship. The melodies that emerged in those encounters became the songs in this album. This album is the journal of experiences I had in the sacred mountains and this book is a collection of the insights, tips and tactics I’ve discovered while following the guidance of ancient Israel.


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