Photo Credit: IDF
Terrorist Muhammad Mruh Kabha's home after the demolition, Feb. 10, 2021.

The IDF and Border Police forces on Wednesday night destroyed the two floors where the terrorist Muhammad Mruh Kabha lived, in the village of Tura al-Gharbiya near Jenin.


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Esther Horgan, 52, a resident of Samaria, was found lifeless on December 20 in the Reichan forest in northern Samaria, with signs of violence on her body. The terrorist who murdered her was captured on December 24.

The demolition of the house was carried out after the terrorist’s family’s petition to the High Court of Justice had been rejected last week.

Violent riots developed during the operation, in which Arabs threw stones at the forces that responded by using means of dispersing demonstrations.

“The IDF and the security forces will continue their vigorous activities to deter anyone who seeks to harm Israeli citizens or soldiers,” the IDF spokesman said in a statement.

The preparations for the demolition:

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