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Uncontrollable Rage. Yesh Atid MK Debbie Biton removed by Knesset guards during a Constitution, Law and Justice Committee meeting on the planned judicial reform, at the Knesset, on June 25, 2023.

ConstitutionLaw and Justice Committee Chairman MK Simcha Rothman found himself in a strange, though perhaps not unexpected situation on Sunday at the Knesset committee meeting. [Video at the bottom of the article]

Rothman began reading a statement that was highly critical of Israel’s Supreme Court’s interference in a decision by the security establishment and its related budget as determined by the Knesset. And as he began reading, leftwing MK, Debbie Biton (Yesh Atid), began uncontrollably screaming and arguing with Rothman.


Rothman pushed through and kept reading the highly critical text, his attempts to call the enraged MK to order failed. His attempts to explain to her why he was reading the statement, and his recommendation to her to not argue, for her own benefit, fell on deaf ears. The more he tried to explain, the more loudly and uncontrollably she screamed.

Other Leftwing MKs came to her aid, saying Biton was speaking the truth, criticizing Rothman even more.

The enraged Yesh Atid MK said Rothman should be embarrassed by the statement he was reading that criticized the High Court.

At the end, Rothman explained to the room, after Biton had been expelled by the Knesset guards (and on her birthday too), that the Left had just released their uncontrollable rage against their own leader – Opposition leader MK Yair Lapid.

The statement Rothman had been reading, that had been extremely critical of the Supreme Court’s interference, had been written by none other than their party leader, Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid).

Now there’s egg on your face.

In truth, if the coalition had any marketing skills, they would be naming each of their judicial reform bills after the opposition MKs who had also promoted and supported some of the same ideas in the past.


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