Photo Credit: Yoram Hamo, Israel Nature and Parks Authority
Paran River floods highway 90

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority on Thursday issued flood warning and safety rules in light of the weather forecast which predicts floods in the country’s southern and eastern rivers.


The Nature and Parks Authority calls on travelers to observe the safety rules and refrain from taking unnecessary risks. It is absolutely forbidden to enter all the riverbeds and drainage basins where there is a risk of flooding, as this poses serious mortal danger.

In addition, the entry and crossing of the streams on foot and in vehicles is forbidden until the water level is completely reduced.

Please act with discretion, and do not take unnecessary risks that will endanger you. Please fully comply with the traffic and safety directives of the safety teams in the field, including police, firefighters and, of course, inspectors working for the Nature and Parks Authority, who are deployed in nature reserves and streams in the area, and who are familiar with the area and its dangers.


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