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MK Haneen Zoabi, previously ejected from the Knesset earlier, soon may become a member of jail.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned the Israeli Arab sector Monday that their leaders who are inciting terror and murder will be investigated for criminal violations.

He singled out Arab Knesset Member Haneen Zoabi and the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, headed by Sheikh Raed Salah.


As he spoke, more terrorists struck and left Israelis wounded, one of them a teenager barely hanging on this life.

His speech was aimed not only at the Knesset but also at the entire country, whose citizens from border to border are under immediate threat of “lone terrorists,” most of them teenagers or in their 20s.

Netanyahu said that Arabs still have not learned they cannot annihilate Israel and called on Arab leaders to stop all incitement and decide if they want co-existence or a religious war.

He pointed out that the lies from the Palestinian Authority and the entire world that Jews have no connection with the Temple Mount and are trying to destroy Arab mosques are not new but will not live.

Prime Minister Netanyahu added:

We have no fight with Islam, but the attempt to ignite a religious war is based on a lie and is dangerous incitement that has cost lives.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority do educate for peace but incite anti-Semitism. Abbas must stop the incitement and must condemn terror attacks just as I have condemned attacks on Arabs,

We are a country ruled by law, and we will not allow anyone to break the law.

He said that legal procedures are being completed to declare the Islamic Movement an illegal organization.

The Prime Minister then turned his attention to MK Haneen Zoabi and told the Knesset that after Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin were murdered in front of their children:

A member of this house [Knesset] said, ‘The Henkin couple are settlers and you cannot refer to them as innocent citizens.’

What does that mean?

That is permitted to kill them and to kill others?

Zoabi did not restrict herself to settlers. She justified terror and said that ‘individua actions are not enough and that what is needed is an entire Intifada.’

Prime Minister Netanyahu called her remarks “unbelievable” and that when an MK calls for terrorist attacks against civilians of the country, nothing is needed more than a criminal investigation.



  1. I've been saying it for ages and people are finally waking up to the fact that Netanyahu is one of the weakest and most pathetic of leaders in living memory, a man who is constantly talking but doesn't act .He's even sermonising to Arab MKs, that 5th column sitting right there in the Knesset. So much for the leftist stupidity (all those decades back) of showering citizenship like it was confetti thrown on a passing parade on a population that despises you. To talk about “lone wolf” attacks is stupidity in the extreme. The only way to fight this co-ordinated onslaught is for a new leadership to arise which will apply overwhelming force to crush these people once and for all and bring them to their knees and by "these people" I include Abbas and the entire PA. In the tragedy that is unfolding, where Jews are being killed daily and at random in the Jewish nation, one must not forget the traitorous action of the Attorney General, a man who has played a major role in this debacle by hindering every attempt to instal strong people into various posts. Netanyahu and Ya'Alon must go but maybe Israel needs a dictatorship of sorts to get its house in order because democracy "Israeli style" clearly doesn't work. In this lunacy of a system, the leftist Attorney General virtually dictates policy to the elected Government. This is an utter disgrace and could lead Israel to disaster. The bottom line is that right now the time has come for drastic action, no more hand wringing, no more agonising about changing some law to authorise this or that, no more speeches, I simply call on Netanyahu to immediately unleash the IDF.

  2. Zoabi and any Arab Israeli and their immediate families as well as the families of the terrorists should immediately be stripped of Israeli citizenship and deported. If any of those would do that in Iran or other Arab country, what do you think would be done to them?

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