Photo Credit: Saphira Greenberg-Tessler
Saphira Tessler-Greenberg and Aviad Greenberg, owners of Saphira Hair Products from Israel

After traveling throughout Israel, visiting chemists and factories, the young couple came up with the right combination of minerals that worked wonders on hair.  They launched their first four products at a big cosmetics and beauty trade show in Las Vegas, COSMOPROF, in 2012.  At the time, they had 1500 units of each product, all of which were sold out within a few months.

At this point, Saphira Hair Products has added several more products to their line and just landed a major distributor in New York, Adesso Salon.  For 2014 they will also have hairsprays and kerotin treatments (made only with minerals – no formaldehyde), and will continue promoting healthy products, beauty, and Israel.


“It would be much cheaper to use bottles or boxes and labels from China or America,” Saphira told The Jewish Press, “but we are committed to promoting and supporting Israel.”

“My parents live with such purpose, they do so many things for so many people,” is one of the first things Saphira told a reporter from The Jewish Press.

At the time, Saphira was describing how her parents took the family for two summers to Krakow where they worked with families who had just found out they were Jewish.  Rabbi Tessler taught these newly-discovered Jews Torah, while Saphira helped teach them the Alef, Bet.  At the end of the two year project, the new Jews came to Potomac, where Rabbi Tessler officially converted them to Judaism, so they would have no problem being accepted in any Jewish community, anywhere.

But Saphira’s description of her parents also fits her. A scholar, an actress, an entrepreneur, an advocate for young women and a  lover and supporter of Israel.  She lives with such purpose, and does so many things for so many people.

Saphira the woman and Saphira the hair products are truly among Israel’s precious natural resources.


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