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Lassana Bathily, a Muslim employee at the HyperChacher supermarket in Paris, saved the lives of 15 Jewish shoppers, when he hid them in the supermarket’s basement freezer after the terrorist, Amedy Coulibaly, entered the store and opened fire.

Bathily also had the presence of mind to also turn the freezer off.


Bathily’s heroic action is also apparently the reason for the uncertainty yesterday as to how many hostages there were in the store.


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  1. My hat is off to The Jewish Press for this article. You keep the balance and tell the truth. THANK YOU.
    By the way, this man and Ahmed Merabet, the French Muslim cop who gave his life to protect Charie Hebdo's right to free speech, although the magazine insulted his religion, are the face of the Muslim community that I know in France. Fanatics of any stripe are the problem, not any religion as taught by any of the prophets.
    "Religious fanaticism and hatred are a world-devouring fire, whose violence none can quench. The Hand of Divine power can, alone, deliver mankind from this desolating affliction….
    The utterance of God is a lamp, whose light is these words: Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch. Deal ye one with another with the utmost love and harmony, with friendliness and fellowship. He Who is the Day Star of Truth beareth Me witness! So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth. The one true God, He Who knoweth all things, Himself testifieth to the truth of these words." ~ Baha'i Writings.

  2. The man who saved the Jews is NOT an arab muslim…he might be a recent muslim convert but he is not the same type of muslim as MOST ARABS ARE!!! check that out…..I have a feeling just like there are reform jews and haradi jews and conservative and orthodox there are different types of muslim……………is this HERO a Palestinian NOPE is he a member of HAMAS NOPE! check out what he is?

  3. NOW JEWISH practice in modern times is that we reward our enemies who harm us….like we give free food/free elect/freewater/free cement (millions of tons) to make tunnels/ free metal (to make missiles to kill jews) free land free houses(from Jews we kick out)…..we give hundreds of millions of dollars to Abbas every few months…………but to those very very few people who save Jews…we give NO help no thanks no reward… that Japanese diplomat who saved ten thousand jews….and got fired for giving out visas to jews…and went back in shame and failure to japan where he lived the next 40 years in poverty…..after his death Israel said oh by the way THANK YOU to his children…..why we did not give this man a medal….and a job….and a million dollar reward in cash… beyond me and embarrasses me….and the Nazi killers even the big ones like MEGALA we let live in splendor in south America cities untouched by us….we should have had our secret agents quietly TAKE THEM OUT….instead we investigate for 20 years and then try to press charges for another 20 years and by then they have died of old age after having lived happy lives as jew killers….
    yep we are FOOLISH! NO WONDER not many people ever help jews!!!
    lets correct our mistakes! lets hunt down the killers who kill jews anywhere including france….lets give medal and trip to Israel and nice reward (hundred thousand dollars at least) to this hero……but we won't…cause we are foolish!

  4. The news casters stupidly kept saying there were more people in the store…where are they (fortunately the terrorist murders did not figure it out) why cant the newscasters SHUT their stupid mouths…..
    in fact perhaps we are foolish for even now mentioning HOW the hostages lived… time the terrorists will check the freezers! we have to learn to keep our mouths shut….we should have quietly given a medal to the hero and a trip to Israel and hundred thousand dollar reward…..all quietly……he would still appreciate it !
    now he gets nothing anyway cause we are too foolish to reward those who save us and to kill those who harm us

  5. Sorry. Read the 3 main sacred texts of Islam. The majority is about how to lie to, steal from, enslave, rape or murder the non-Muslim. This man is certainly a hero and a good man. By working with, befriending and then saving Jews, he was not being a "good Muslim". Those are just the facts. The ideology of Islam is extremely violent…no matter which way you cut it. It's clear as day.

  6. Why would FOX have any problem with that? Besides I would wait for the troughout investigation, Who can say now with certainty that the guy was not a "Jihadist Mole" who got scared and just changed his mind by realising the magnitude of the massacre about to happen?

  7. Moishe Sachs, Landsman or not, if you seriously think Fox, which is clearly an opinion, criticism, and propaganda site rather than a news site, is the least biased of all TV news media, then you truly live in an information fantasyland.

  8. The fact that there was a Muslim slain in the course of his policing duties at the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and another Muslim who has done an act of heroism at the HyperCacher hostage saga is an indisputable evident that those terrorists cannot be labelled as Muslims.When Braevek wreaked havoc and mowed down around 150 innocent people in Norway, mostly youth in their prime, no body pointed a finger at Christianity and the Christians. In the same vein, then Paris cinemas were to screen the Last Temptation, a film that depicts a sexual relationship between the Lord and Mary Magdalene, rioters almost torched those cinemas. Compare this to insisting on freedom of expression when it comes to villifying another Messenger. This is now the time for a thorough soul-searching process by the entire human reace.

  9. Barbara Evans There is no need for bias on this page from either you nor him…the issue here is not israel and palestine but rather celebrating a hero, a modern righteous among the nations, who saved some of our people…The Israel/Palestine issue should be saved for another page

  10. I do find it sad that even now, this story just emphasizes a split or difference between Jewish and Muslim. He was a human helping to protect other humans. Must there always be a distinction between people based on their religion? Of course, I see that the wording in this short article could help bigots see that being Muslim does not equate to being a terrorist, but it could also be said to be perpetuating the split.

  11. I am a TRUE muslin married to a Cristian for 7 years and we love each other and we have even a 4 month baby. i want say to the world that : if i was in that market in that moment i will do the same as lassan did. we Muslims don't believe that who do that HORRIBLE things are from us (not in our name) thanks and peace

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