Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson's Unit
Ammunition confiscated during raid

Israeli security forces captured 15 Arab suspects in operations across Judea and Samaria late Tuesday night (April 18) and into the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

Two of the suspects were arrested in the Arab village of Beit Ummar, along Highway 60 in Judea. In the sprawling Hebron suburb of Yatta, two more suspects were captured as well. Two alleged Hamas operatives were arrested in the city of Hebron itself, and one Palestinian Authority citizen was detained in Beit Ula, a village northwest of Hebron.


Further north, at least four suspects were arrested in Arab villages along the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Two more were detained in the town of Silwad, near the Palestinian Authority capital city of Ramallah. Israeli forces discovered a rifle and other arms in the vehicle with those suspects, according to Israel Police spokesperson Luba al-Samri.

At least one weapon and a quantity of ammunition was also confiscated during a raid in the area of Tulkarem, in Samaria.