Photo Credit: Tazpit News Agency

Two Israeli women were taken to the hospital after Arabs threw a rock at their car as they were driving on Road 60. The rock smashed through their windshield.

The attack happened around 5 PM in the Binyamin area.


The two managed to get to Shiloh where they were treated by emergency personnel before being taken to the hospital.

One woman had a head injury and the other was hit in the stomach.

Both women were listed as lightly injured.



  1. Rock throwing is a life threatening endeavor. Persons throwing rocks, such as Palestinians, Mexicans, and all others should be given the recognition that their actions are a threat to life and limb. They should be treated as if they are holding and pointing a firearm at their intended victims and met with deadly, deterrent force. This is also true of those throwing Molotov cocktails. These are criminal, assaultive acts which can easily result in blindness , loss of normalcy due to a head injury or death. Firearms are indeed an appropriate response.

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