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Mahmoud Abbas roared into the United Nations Friday with an incendiary speech against Israel that re-buried – again – the American-led “peace process,” cast Israel as a war criminal and managed to provoke a hasty and unusually angry American response that smacked his rhetoric as “provocative.”

The Palestinian Authority chairman, who carried out a brilliant world-wide diplomatic campaign against Israel after he took power following Yasser Arafat’s death in 2004, has been hell-bent on self-destruction ever since it was clear to him that he could not hijack the so-called peace process to put an end to Israel as a Jewish state.


His speech, which called Israel “genocidal,” was a statement that the Obama can go fly a kite while he relies solely on the pro-Arab U.N. General Assembly to reach his objective. Abbas’ diplomatic Kamikaze operation somewhat parallels the Arab world’s wars against Israel in 1949 and 1967. They circled the wagons and poised for a victory, but then saw blood in their eyes and banked on total annihilation of the Zionists.

A hint of what was coming at the United Nations began when Abbas entered to the United Nations Wednesday. U.N. personnel, operating under standing operating procedures, prevented Abbas’ security forces from entering through the same doors.

Abbas’ aides did what they know best to do – use violence, which didn’t work.

On Friday, Abbas spoke and everyone waited for the “bomb” that his aides said he would drop. Maybe he would demand that Israel be tried in the international court for war crimes? Maybe he would announce a new peace proposal? Maybe he would pull out a new trick to put Israel in the corner?

The bomb was suicidal.

Peace talks?

“It is impossible, and I repeat – it is impossible – to return to the cycle of negotiations that failed to deal with the substance of the matter and the fundamental question,” Abbas declared. “There is neither credibility nor seriousness in negotiations in which Israel predetermines the results via its settlement activities and the occupation’s brutality…

“During the past two weeks, Palestine and the Arab Group undertook intensive contacts with the various regional groups in the United Nations to prepare for the introduction of a draft resolution to be adopted by the United Nations Security Council on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to push forward the efforts to achieve peace….

“This endeavor aspires to correct the deficiency of the previous efforts to achieve peace by affirming the goal of ending the Israeli occupation and achieving the two-state solution, of the State of Palestine, with east Jerusalem as its capital, over the entire territory occupied in 1967, alongside the State of Israel and reaching a just and agreed upon solution to the plight of the Palestine refugees on the basis of resolution 194, with a specific timeframe for the implementation of these objectives as stipulated in the Arab Peace Initiative.”

Abbas proved he was more bark than bite because he did not even hint of a deadline “or else” for Israel to surrender.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as a peace partner?

“There is no credibility or seriousness” in the Prime Minister’s statements that he wants a “two-state solution.”

Settlers as Jews who could live in peace with the PA if they only would go back to Tel Aviv?

No. Settlers are “racist and armed gangs’ who have “persisted with their crimes against the Palestinian people.”

He said what every person with an IQ over 30 knows – “negotiations” with Israel means that that talks resume based on the “agreed objective” of “ending the Israeli occupation and achieving the independence of the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital on the entire Palestinian Territory occupied in the 1967 war.”


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. Abbas is over no more partner ship with who caused all this loos he started it by unity government and feed it by kidnap three innocent Jewish brothers and end it by war and losing 58 from our best soldiers plus 8 billion US dollar $ from our treasury and he still insist to carry on with this terror organization Hamas i suppose to target this man soon

  2. Abbas is not playing with a fool deck he brought in Hamas. He along with the UN turned children into sheilds.he is a terrorist and must be stopped by the Un and the conned Obama and Kerry. They . received what they deserved for spitting in Israelis face. According to the bible the land they want was written about as Jewish

  3. He didn’t shoot himself in the foot, he told it as it is… Point being how many in the UN got up and walked out on him? How many protested… Shot himself in the foot.n.o he is cleaver, he is testing the water and pushing his own agenda……he will get his state and Israel will suffer. Like a snake his bite is deadly!

  4. Blah blah blah….same old same old. This is getting really boring. Psalm 2 that GOD laughs at men taking counsel together against the LORD. This is NOT a problem to GOD and it should NOT be to us either if we trust the LORD. Psalm 1 says the ungodly will perish.
    Trust in GOD everyone.

  5. Abbas is a piece of !!! He is a fraud who cannot even serve his own people. Trying to look like the bastard Arafat didn't make him smell any better. Since he acts and sounds like the double-dealing Arafat who bluntly said he speaks one way to the west while saying the opposite to the palestinians; he merely proves Israel's contention that there is no one to make peace with. As I said, is and Abbas is exactly that.

  6. The person who should have most listened to the speech is PM Netanyanhu, so that he could clearly and unequivocally understand that Israel has no partners for peace in the Middle East (and possibly the world).
    Israel needs to follow the path set out by G-d in the Torah. THAT is the only blueprint for peace. Anything else is just pure nonsense and a waste of time (and peoples lives).

  7. Abbas is so afraid that someone on the Israeli side will actually say 'okay.' I mean someone who has the right to say 'okay,' not some Leftist self-hating Jews who happen to live in Israel.

  8. Abbas is laughable, but the real problem is with the US spokespeople who use lame rhetoric every time in response to such garbage. To keep repeating that "trust" (in the Hamas PA?) needs to be "restored" is ludicrous. Rather, the trust that needs to be restored is trust in HaShem.

  9. The fact that Abbas threw "Obama under the bus" gives Obama a chance to hang out with ALL the people he has thrown under the bus! It must be very crowded – all America has also been expendable in Obama's extreme agenda. As far as Abbas – his day will come – and it's going to be very nasty.

  10. Put it this way: even if Abbas Hamas and their friends the claque of Third World circus seals in the UN declare a "State of Palestine" it will not stop the conflict. That can only happen when the Arab World in general and the Palestine Arabs in particular, stop trying to destroy Israel in principle, regardless of the borders in any of their eight rejections of offers of a territorial compromise since Peel in 1937 to the latest alleged Sissi offer this September of a thousand grid squares of Sinai.

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